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Here’s How to Cope With 5 Common Lawn Problems

A lush, green lawn is an asset to a house, enhancing its curb appeal and giving your family a beautiful outdoor space in which to host cookouts, play with the kids and make lasting memories. But making your lawn beautiful, and keeping it that...

Why You Need to Know About Property Tax

If you own your home or another piece of land, do you ever give much thought to how much you pay in property taxes? If your property taxes are bundled in with your mortgage payment (meaning the mortgage company holds a portion of your...

Three Fun Facts About Self-Storage

Even as the tiny home movement and the minimalist mindset have taken root and flourished in the United States, Americans still have an incredible amount of extra stuff. So much stuff, in fact, that one in eleven pays for additional storage space. Self-storage facilities,...

Top Property Maintenance Tips for Landlords

Are you about to become a first-time property investor and plan to rent out the home you buy? Or perhaps your circumstances have changed, so you must rent out your personal house for a time. No matter your situation, if you’re going to become...

A How-to for Repairing Your Diving Board Before Next Summer

The arrival of fall means closing time for pool owners. In addition to covering the pool and ensuring that no debris slips inside and creates a bigger mess to clean, maintaining your diving board is a priority to prevent future issues. Your board may...

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