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8 Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

It’s all very well and good having a beautifully decorated home, but that won’t protect your family from polluted air.Rates of asthma have been increasing all over the world, year on year, for three decades now. Although that can be partly explained by better...

11 Creative And Voguish Indoor Pool Design Ideas

Indoor Pool Design An a la mode and chic indoor pool design is a great way to create a private space in your condo for entertainment, relaxation and spending quality time. While natural outdoor pool designs are apt for summer swims and brunch get-togethers, an...

The Macau Pavilion Shaped into A Rabbit Lantern

Macau Pavilion The Macau Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo designed by Chinese firm Carlos Marreiros  will take the shape of a jade rabbit lantern and it will change colors to present a mythological world. The ‘Lantern of the little rabbit’ won the 1st prize, July...

Modern Kitchen Curtain Ideas: 10 Designs to Make an Everlasting Impact

Kitchen Curtain Ideas Kitchens are the most used rooms of our happy homes. Whether you are a food lover, an energetic 7-years old kid, a cook mum, or the helping father, kitchen is the place you have to visit most of the times. Despite having...

Outdoor Christmas Decorations That Are Affordable and Fun

Outdoor Christmas Decorations Celebrating Christmas is all about decorating your home to welcome the Holy Spirit in your beautiful house. The decorations should be arranged such that they could last the entire holiday season. You can preserve the embellishments inside the house but the outdoor...

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