Ranch House was designed by Galeazzo Design, and it’s located in São Paulo, Brazil. The spacious home makes use of many different materials – bamboo and other types of wood, stone, etc. – to create a welcoming environment. “Located in the countryside, near to the city of São Paulo, this ranch house of 1900m² (20450 sq ft) was designed to be a place of leisure and meeting to several generations of a big family. For cladding were chosen natural and sustainable materials such as demolition wood to the floor and cabinetry parts, bamboo for the roof overlay and pergolas, rough stone for the fireplace andRead More →

While “fashionable” may not be something one usually attaches to soft furnishings, there’s no doubt that certain trends can be detected. Such trends tend to last longer than clothing, where last year’s collection can become so quickly out-of-date in the eyes of fashionistas and those with a vested interest in getting us to buy new outfits each season! So here is a round-up of the trendiest ways to brighten up your lounge, living room or bedroom using cushions, throws and blankets. A collection of cushions can quickly transform your living room from cold and dull to bright and chic instantly. By using warm, cosy materialsRead More →

It always baffles me when people say they don’t have breakfast or cannot stomach eating before lunchtime. I was raised on the notion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I have lived by that rule whole-heartedly my entire life. It’s the first thing I think of as I wake up; planning what breakfast treat I shall choose that day. A considerably vital part of the waking up process, I would be lost without the time spent making my breakfast and enjoying it as I fuel up for the day’s activities that lie ahead. When devouring my morning meal I likeRead More →

When a person finds himself in search of home horticulture ideas, it is essential to take into account the sorts of gardening like vegetable, organic and indoor gardening. These distinct “styles” of home horticulture ideas will simply guide you into frustration so it’s extremely important to take recognize that basic gardening ideas which are adaptable and so are appropriate for the common gardener. Ahead of everything else, one must understand regarding how to start horticulture at home so one could fully understand the notion of standard house horticulture guidelines. What’s home horticulture about? It’s a form of gardening in which house farmers may maintain themselvesRead More →

Halloween is the favorite holiday for most people. It’s one of those holidays where virtually anything can happen. Coming from classy autumn decoration with changing leaves and pumpkin wall decoration to original skeletons, black cats and witches, there’s a range of methods you may take when changing your house decoration from a summer to an autumn ambient. Listed here are 4 decorating suggestions that may help your house mimic the period of year. Scarecrows. It is especially perfect for October 31. Wear a scarecrow costume and stand on the porch to frighten the willies out of youngsters trick-or-treating on your front door. Prior to actualRead More →

In the winter, many of us are guilty of neglecting our gardens in favour of staying in our warm, cosy homes. However, when the summer rolls around, we all look for an idyllic outdoor space to relax in on a sunny afternoon or two. If your garden is looking a little unloved, here’s everything you need to know to get your space summer-ready – without breaking the bank! Patio perfection Over time, our patios can start to look a little tired and dirty. If yours is looking past its best, an easy way to restore it is to give it a good clean. A pressureRead More →

Getting a good deal on mortgages is not based on luck, as most people are wont to believe, but on research and hard work. You can end up saving loads of precious pounds by getting a cheap mortgage with terms that suit you perfectly. If you ask your building society or your bank for a cheap mortgage or re-mortgage deal, their limited range would act as a constraint for you. The following are the two options you have. Option I – The Option That Costs Money – In this option, you can go for a broker who would cost around £400/$600. However, for that charge,Read More →

Girls love fairy tales, but how many have you heard that start with ‘Once upon a time, there was a little girl with a dated, tired-looking bedroom’? We’re predicting not a lot! That’s because all little princesses deserve perfect boudoirs that are fit for royalty! Here’s how to do it: The bed A bed is central to any bedroom, but it is even more important in a fairy-tale room, so it is vital that you get it right. When it comes to selecting a bed frame, the more extravagant the better. What better way to cement your little one’s princess status than with this carriageRead More →

New York is one of the most thriving cities in the world and is a central hub of business. Recreating the sleek design of a Wall Street office in your home can create a really workable and usable space in your home. Here’s how to do it: The chair The imposing office chair is a regular feature in movies set in New York and is key to the design of your office. However, you’re not just looking for style; you’ll need practicality too. Sitting for a long period of time on an uncomfortable chair can cause aches and pains. To avoid this, you should alwaysRead More →

Denver, the Mile High City, is the largest city in Colorado as well as the state capital.  It is frequently rated as one of America’s top ten most friendly places, with a diverse night life, exotic restaurants and plenty of music venues playing everything from jazz to dance music.  Maybe best of all, it is not difficult to leave the urban sprawl behind and get back to nature.  Just take an easy half hour drive and head for the mountains. On the move Planning is essential when preparing to move out of one home and into another, and it is never too soon to startRead More →

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