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House Building Trends Building a house? See our outline of the options currently trending in house building today. Bathrooms As a fundamental room, bathrooms encounter heavy duty use multiple times a day in most houses. Building bathrooms require designs that address challenges specific to wet areas such as moisture management, ventilation and fluctuation of temperatures. Trends in 2017 include luxe wood finishes that are oil treated to withstand water, tap wear that is brass, matte metallic or black in colour and vibrant, statement tiles that create contrast in this traditionally petite room.Still in the bathroom, a digital shower will ensure immediate hot water and pressureRead More →

The first thing a renovator or builder will tell you, should you ask about the importance of a home’s windows, is thatpremium windows will always add to the resale value of your home.They can also save you between 15% and 30% of your energy bill, because recent developments in efficiency technology have far surpassed the performance of windows from ten or fifteen years ago. Nowadays, although many premium windows use vinyl and aluminum for the frames, since these tend to be more weather-resistant,there are still many styles available in wood. For traditionalists out there, nothing tops an energy-efficientwindow with modern, high-performance features made by http://goldenwindows.comRead More →

Halloween is the favorite holiday for most people. It’s one of those holidays where virtually anything can happen. Coming from classy autumn decoration with changing leaves and pumpkin wall decoration to original skeletons, black cats and witches, there’s a range of methods you may take when changing your house decoration from a summer to an autumn ambient. Listed here are 4 decorating suggestions that may help your house mimic the period of year. Scarecrows. It is especially perfect for October 31. Wear a scarecrow costume and stand on the porch to frighten the willies out of youngsters trick-or-treating on your front door. Prior to actualRead More →

Switzerland is famous for it’s stunning nature, snowy mountains and luxury hotels with outstanding services. Today we will present you another wonder of Switzerland. The artwork of the two European companies, the Search from Netherlands and the Christian Muller Arc from Switzerland. The created amazing underground house under the hills of the small village of Vals.                              Read More →

A patio space is great for any home, offering you a place to relax when there’s sunny weather, spark up the barbeque and sit out to enjoy your garden. Having a patio area does not only offer an entertainment space for the family, but can also increase the value of your home and the interest from potential buyers if you put the property on the market. And, if your patio is looking a little tired, there are a number of ways that you can spruce it up for the coming summer.   1. Sweep and clear Firstly, the weather can take its toll on patiosRead More →

Isn’t it about time your lawn looked its most beautiful without the hassle and guesswork of traditional lawn care systems?  Scotts thinks so, which is why it has developed the Snap Spreader System for beautiful lawns. The Scotts Snap Spreader is the perfect solution for any homeowner who is frustrated with the old way of doing lawn care.  Custom-designed to go with the Scotts Snap Pac lawn care products, the Snap Spreader will make you wonder how you ever put up with the wasteful system you are using now. The Snap Spreader is easy for anyone to use.  Simply snap the Scotts Snap Pac intoRead More →

Modern home on wheels look like anything other than, in fact, at the house. But this statement does not apply to mobile homes ProtoHaus, created by designers Holly Ann  and Derrenom Mack. This home on wheels – a real home. House, but very small. ProtoHaus Area is only 12 square meters. Nevertheless, it is placed in the living room, kitchenette, toilet and shower. Even the stove for heating on cold days and nights there. However, and ProtoHaus is, relatively speaking, a “second floor” – it is a spacious double bed. Can fit on it and more people, but in this case it will be tooRead More →

Schonberg Residence – a unique structure of the architectural studio of American Dialect Design Architects, has long been suspended over the existing garage is quite a traditional home. The unusual house designed for the life of one family, located in Charlotte, NC and breaks all the conventions and architectural “convention” of the area. An ingenious use of simple, complementary shapes and bright colors is rather complex and creates a fresh look at the living space. The integration of built-in furniture and the library is so harmonious, that is by forming a non-trivial boundaries of the suspended home.Read More →

High in the mountains not far from the English, you can see an unusual sight, made of metal pipes. This is a amazing singing tree, which always sings when the wind blows. This tree has a height of more than 3 meters. Pipe twisted in a spiral, thus making the tree more spectacular view. The sound is always changing, because the pipes are reduced to the base of the tree-body.Read More →

In a small picturesque valley of Flims in Switzerland is conveniently located and hosts world’s first three PodHotel PodHouses. The hotel management is considering a full-extension due to the huge influx of skiing. Until the end of the season all the rooms already booked. Untouched alpine nature of Switzerland retained for centuries. The country’s authorities are trying to continue to protect the landscape and create a universal model for development of tourism with the lowest environmental impact. In the photo: A street near the fireplace Podhotel. Since 2003, Swiss companies set up shelters in the mountains for vacation travel in the winter and summer. WoodenRead More →

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