Timmelsjoch Experience – sculptural and functional composition, which is located on the border of the Ötztal Alps and Passeier lying in the beautiful Alps of Austria and Italy – the result of the architectural studio of Werner Tscholl Architects.The structure consists of two parts – a private museum and an open observation deck. The architecture of the museum, which resembles a huge boulder, seeks to harmoniously integrate into the rocky landscape, while the design as a viewing platform explicitly talks about his man-made origin. Thus, a visual and conceptual balance between human activities and majestic nature, hospitably to receive them. And at night, bright redRead More →

Hobbit House- guest house in Trout Creek, Montana – absolutely unique.There really is a house, as if intended for visitors from the Shire.Creators of the guesthouse, Steve and Christine Michaels, spent on its construction 410 000 dollars.They themselves live in a two-story house, located across the street from pansiona.Stiv and Christine Michaels near another “hobbitskogo home” – a copy of the house Torbinsa Bilbo, the hero of the book JRR Tolkien’s “Hobbit.”One night spent in a hostel will cost $ 245.There are two bedrooms and detskaya.Syuda got into the habit to come to sleep moose – because the land, even in winter warm. The totalRead More →

Most of us see our homes as our own personal sanctuaries. Home is a place where you can let loose, be yourself, and walk around in your underwear whenever you please. But for people who live in glass houses, home is more like a fish tank. While some of these glass houses seem impractical for everyday living, others serve a very real purpose. Greenhouses are constructed of glass to harness the power of the sun for growing plants. Whether they are meant for people or for plants, these houses made of glass are visually stunning. Arguably the most famous glass house is the Glass HouseRead More →

A house with a water view is a dream come true for house hunters and vacationers alike. The tranquil sound of lapping waves, the beauty of sunsets over the water, and the feeling of being in one’s own paradise retreat make beach houses and lake houses perennial favorites for everyday living and relaxing getaways. Sometimes, the proximity to the water inspires owners or architects to create homes that are truly unique masterpieces. Whether you will ever find any of these beach houses or lake houses for sale is another question entirely!  Read More →

If you are planning to go for complete home update, then don’t forget to give a face-lift to your backyard. A beautifully decorated garden can help to enhance the outward show of your house. There are lots of different ways of enhancing the look of your garden. The use of right type of odd garden sculptures can significantly boost the look of your garden. However, often, people are found to make bad choices when selecting sculptures for their garden. With the intention of giving their backyard a unique and striking look, most people often end up choosing weird statues and figurines, for their garden. SomeRead More →

Street stalls and kiosks – is often dust, dirt, poor sanitation, heat in summer and cold in winter, peeling walls and leaky ceilings. And while street kiosks – the person of the city. Obviously, the face of the city of the future must somehow differ from the face of this bleak – just for this and invented a kind of “stall dream” – a new kiosk with ecotechnology which is called – Ecokiosk. Formula derived by London Bizarreka Design, is simple: the new kiosk = green plant + solar energy + recycling . To save the solar energy will provide a translucent roof of theRead More →

3D home interior ideas can be both arresting and artistic. It leaves an empty space in the mind of the onlookers, which can be filled with ones own imagination. At times a drawing is purposely blurred, so as to allow the observer’s mind’s eye fill the gaps. In other instances, pictures, which are highly photo-realistic, are used, to create a more lifelike setting. Lilit Hayrapetyan, a renowned motion graphics stylist reveals to you different 3D home interior designs in vibrant texture and full color in addition to the presence of complex shadow and light effect. The artist has designed a set of rooms, such asRead More →

Mentougou eco valley – a draft environmental green valley in Mentugu, developed by the Finnish architectural studio Eriksson architects. Future “Eco-Silicon Valley” is built up of multi-functional structures with futuristic architecture and integrated pilot technologies. The project has been prepared to implement and is awaiting approval by the Chinese Government. As already mentioned, all objects “embedded” in the green valley, represent an experiment with a form of eco-technologies, materials and building typologies. On the territory of Mentougou eco valley will be implemented the most advanced developing energy efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings. Mentugu valley is situated in 60 kilometers west of Beijing and is aRead More →

Construction of houses has turned into a work of art. Constructors are constantly creating new ideas and designs, which will give a house an exclusive look and will make it more attractive. So, when you plan to build a house or an apartment, look for unique home construction ideas on the Internet. You can also use these rare construction ideas, in bits and pieces, to create new personal designs, which you can use during home update. Though trying uncommon construction ideas can prove to be little heavy on the pocket, but at the end it is worth. It will help to give your abode aRead More →

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