The Meera villa in Singapore is an example of a unique architectural splendor. Both the home interior and the exterior has been designed artistically, which makes the house highly eco friendly. In spite of being furnished with the all the modern amenities, the house is able to perfectly blend with the natural surroundings. The villa has ample amount of greenery, which in fact helps to enhance the beauty of the landscape. The house has been built on a huge area and includes a majestic lawn, right on top of the roof and a glazed crystal clear open swimming pool on the ground level. The lushRead More →

Beautiful and delicate with respect to the “neighbors” asymmetrical dwelling Ysy House, designed by the Japanese architectural studio Auau, in a picturesque woodland, on top of a small hill in the Seto.  Despite the apparent fragility and unconventional design, its minimalist asymmetrical forms are well adapted to life functions and compactly integrated into allocated for the construction site, presenting visual interest from all viewing angles. From the impression that the house itself is located inside the shell of cosmic origin. This effect is enhanced in the evening, thanks to well-planned way of highlighting, drawing attention to the entrance, to whom hospitality is a narrow stripRead More →

Majority of us have grown up reading fairy tales, fable, myths and legends. In childhood, often kids dream of living in a fairy house, which has mystical home interior. Their whole world seems to be woven around these magical tales. However, as we tend to grow up, these enchanting dreams of ours tend to fade away, while much more realistic thoughts takes their place. But, there are very few people who are able to hold on to their secret dreams, even in their grown up days. They are happy to travel an extra mile to turn their childhood dreams into reality. Building a fairy taleRead More →

Nice Australian house vaguely resembles a wooden shed, was named “White Perrin”. This villa, designed by studio Dock4 Architecture and built in Tasmania on a small hill with a magnificent view of the ocean. The house is surrounded by a terrace around the perimeter.  Read More →

Modern and comfortable environment inside the van, along with all necessary for a fulfilled life in terms of travel, provides telephone services and wireless internet. The mobile house for family trips has developed a Spanish studio Waskman Design Studio commissioned by Vodafone – one of Europe’s leading telecommunications companies. Currently, this “easy” in the literal and figurative senses of the house on wheels, equipped with solar panels, the family travels blogger Marcos Morales. Mobile structure length of 6 meters and a width of 2.5 m m, made of white polyethylene and transparent polycarbonate. Construction height of 3.85 meters and is divided into two full floors.Read More →

This fantastically bright orange cube on the banks of the Saône River in Lyon, France may look like a giant toddler’s toy, but it’s actually an office and cultural center designed to showcase architecture and design and help invigorate the docks of the river. A giant hole cuts through the orthogonal, 5-story building, opening the center up with daylighting, views and natural ventilation. Designed by Paris-based Jakob + Macfarlane, Le Cube Orange is also energy efficient and relies on a water-based geothermal heat pump and photovoltaic panels on the roof. External structure – light facade, perforated in the form of small droplets. The most noticeableRead More →

House the name of the narrow vertical conceptual level, one of grace the streets of the ancient Japanese city of Kyoto. High glazed facade, looking at the roadway in order to comply with privacy privacy of inmates, locked elegant “curtain”, which also protects the building from very bright sunlight. In the evening, night, light translucent fabric, custom tailored, misses out the mysterious light, protecting the life of the family from prying eyes. Minimalist Decor-extension corresponds to its unusual name. Snow-white interior with rounded walls and air stairs – the perfect backdrop for the next creative ideas and bright inclusions that fill the house with theRead More →

When I was a nipper my brother and I had a tree house nestling in between some ash trees. It wasn’t large but it was exciting – our own home high in the foliage. A bit like this, I’m sure you’ll know the type. I suppose we were inspired by the Ewoks. Fast forward a good twenty years and we live in ‘respectable’ houses. But what if we could live in houses like these guys…? German company Baumraum  makes specially tailored tree houses to specific requirements of the potential customer. A far cry from the hastily knocked together wooden planks most kids are used to.Read More →

Frenchman Louis Mantin received a tremendous legacy in 42 years. Since then he has lived for pleasure and died in 1905. In his will, he ordered that preserve the house exactly 100 years. To future generations saw was a real French gentleman a hundred years ago. In 2005, the house was opened. Of course, the state of things and furniture left much to be desired. The local municipality has allocated 3.5 million euros for restoration. And now the house-museum was opened to all comers.Read More →

British footballer Gary Neville  became the owner of an unusual house, built on the slopes of the Pieniny Mountains, in Bolton. With altitude, organically integrated into the natural context of a huge pyatilistny flower can be taken as a mysterious character, left to us by space aliens. When devising innovative embedded in the ground facility architects have planned quite traditional functional areas. Pyatilistny flower includes living room, four bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, spacious patio, which merged with each other by underground passages. According to the authors, the customer was actively involved in the development process, as she is a passionate patriot of the natural beautyRead More →

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