Designed as a rental house for people who don’t want to be disturbed, it has all the comfort of an on-shore building. It is located by Navagio Beach, NW coast of the Greek island Zante. This self-sufficient house on the water is for nomadic life offshore. Designed as a rental house for  people who want to feel independent.  It is located by Navagio beach, NW coast of the Greek Zante island and its sun orientation was developed to maximize the use of solar energy. Strong decisions and consequence in driving its proportions guarantee the uniqueness of the design. The core, made of concrete, is combinedRead More →

Designed as an exclusive private villa, the Villa Amanzi, perched on a 197-foot-high cliff, is set in the lush, tropical headland, just south of Kamala Beach. The 8,000 sq ft luxury villa stands on a 27,000 sq ft plot. Offering uninterrupted sea views, it’s near to the beaches, town and the Phuket airport. The defining elements are the rock and the view. It seems like the home grows out from the rock. A villa was originally an ancient Roman upper-class country house. Since its origins in the Roman villa, the idea and function of a villa have evolved considerably. After the fall of the RomanRead More →

Supposedly, these are leaked photographs of “Putin’s Palace” that is built near Novorossiysk, on the Black Sea. This mansion is almost finished, judging by the pictures. Its construction is worth $1 billion, according to Russian businessman Sergei Kolesnikov who announced this number in his letter to President Dmitry Medvedev. Prime Minister’s press office denies that this building belongs to Putin. Inside this post, you can see outside and inside photos of this beautiful, luxurious and huge mansion built in Russia.Read More →

These cartoon inspired houses look gorgeous, and make you wonder why you didn’t go for them in the first place. Many people like watching cartoons, but some just take it too far. They also seem to like living in houses that have been inspired by some of their favorite cartoons. No wonder then that we have real houses that look just like the houses from famous cartoon series. Ever dreamt of having a house like the Flintstones? Ever wanted to live in a place that looked like a Barbie dollhouse? Some of these very dreamers went on to actually build houses inspired from cartoons. CheckRead More →

Each hotel has an exclusive design and is built for particular groups of guests. These are the world’s most amazing and unusual hotels. 1.Dog Bark Park Inn This hotel is built in the shape of a beagle. The interior is also decorated with dogs. 2.Hamster Hotel It seems that this French hotel was built for a huge hamster. For 99 euros per night each person can feel what it is like to be a hamster. Hotel guests can even run on the big hamster wheel. 3.Corona Save the Beach Hotel This hotel designed by German architect HA Schult is located in Italy. It is madeRead More →

The Globevill Office building, which houses the marketing and sales functions, offers an opportunity to create an architecture that has the potential to define an interesting building that would evoke curiosity from the highway. The project is located along a section of the highway gently bending north in Sriperumbudur, Chennai, India. The design was conceived as a physical experience, drawing from the arc off the highway, and rising up to the actual building which then extends back into the highway. The architectural intent is to create a building which appears to be in constant motion, complimented by the unending flow of spaces. ArchitectureRED built thisRead More →

Designers have thought a lot and then came up with the idea to build a completely transparent house. It looks really good, even great I’d say! Imagine having your coffee early in the morning and enjoying the nature around you. Mmm, little paradise . There’s one ‘but’ though, the designers didn’t really thought through the whole privacy thing, especially for the toilets.Read More →

The Green School in Bali is a particularly astonishing place for many reasons. Attendees of the Green School not only enjoy a higher-quality education than what’s normally available in their region, they do so in environmentally friendly surroundings. The school’s 75 buildings are cooled and powered with renewable energy sources like micro-hydro power, solar power, and bio-diesel. Bamboo, lalang-alang grass, and traditional mud walls form the structure of the buildings. The school was carefully built on 20 acres of land and is on an organic permaculture system, designed to work in perfect cohesion with the natural ecology of the land. A thriving organic garden toRead More →

To make a little statement and to reduce the cost of living a bit designer Daihai Fei built himself a wonderful green home. The egg-house is built on a bamboo frame, covered with various insulating materials, and is topped with a layer of stitched bag. The bags are filled with sawdust and grass seeds.  The bags themselves are filled with sawdust and grass seeds, which he sprays with water regularly, to help the grass grow faster. Inspired by the grass-covered roofs of Norway, he knows the grass will over greater protection for his home. On the inside, he has all the necessary facilities, including aRead More →

The old Catholic St.-Jakobus Church is transformed into a spacious house. The church stands inconspicuously in a street facade at the Bemuurde Weerd in Utrecht city. Since 1991 there were no longer divine services in the church and until 2007 the church was used as a showroom for antique furniture. This house is located in the Utrecht, Netherlands. In 2009, it was converted from the Saint Jakobus Church. The church was built in 1890. It has 46 ft. high ceilings and stained glass windows from the 1911 period. Also, the church was let out as meeting-place or used for small concerts. For these functions inRead More →

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