New Kitchenaid(R) Collection: A Fresh Take on Brand’s Iconic Design When you think Kitchen Aid, you think quality, durability and clean lines. Engineering and design may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Kitchen Aids new collection is about to change that. Kitchen Aid is creating a fresh take on their brands iconic design. They are incorporating what you have come to love in Kitchen Aid with a new, modernized look. They have taken appliances to the next level – beginning with an industry first: black stainless steel. The look is like no other. Not only are there clean lines, a satiny finishRead More →

Though it may have passed many people may by, windows can be one of the most important features in any home. Natural lighting has the ability to turn a dark and unloved room into somewhere with a fantastic ambiance that people want to spend much of their time in. Windows also protect against the weather and offer a connection between the home and the outside world. Simply cleaning and carrying out regular routine maintenance can have homes snapped up off the property market as soon as they are viewed.   With this in mind, it is important to think of windows as key features ofRead More →

Floral motifs, usually inspired by the creative achievements of women designers. It happened this time: the competition “Rodchenko-2011” Young Moscow designer Albina Basharova submitted a draft transforming floral sofa Fiori Divano, with whom he won first prize. Attractive appearance, exactly repeating the shape of the plant, sofa Fiori Divano like women and children, and will smile at men. Oh very nice and naive as a child is a project of modern furniture. However, this does not reduce all of its advantages: recline sofa converts into a comfortable couch “boat”, and the petals give additional support to the back and serve as a kind of armsRead More →

Author of the project, the designer Judson Beaumont , a seat designed so that the form is no different from the usual, classic chairs, but also served as a secluded storage for a variety of things. The fact that the “bottom” of this chair is absolutely hollow, and is a sort of shelf that can be completed in its sole discretion. So, at this makeshift shelf can arrange toys or books, crafts, or magazines, store in slippers, chargers and remote controls on household appliances In addition, given that the “store” in the chair does not close the door, the cavity can be filled and decorativeRead More →

Now look at the ceiling only if the person so there is nothing to do, so that even the boring pastime somehow dilutes the depression. But thanks to the device Rooftop ceiling lights that phrase will gain a new, much more positive and full of meaning! Designers now, probably, than ever before have begun to pay attention to the ceiling.  This device is a board thickness of 44 mm, which is attached to the ceiling, as well as device, projecting a different image on it, mostly, different types of ceilings. That is, sitting at home and looking at the ceiling, you may well experience theRead More →

As you know, in the southern hemisphere the opposite is true: in the winter – summer in the new year – hot, people walk upside down, and the water flows down a drain, twisting counterclockwise. All these oddities are complemented by the fact that they house plants are planted too contrary – rhizome up and flourishing part down. Such a system of flower pots, called Sky Planter came up with designer Patrick Morris  from the company Boskke, which is located in Wellington, New Zealand. Sky Planter Pots equipped with a special hook at the bottom, for which they can be hung wherever is convenient –Read More →

In the modern interior living room, bedroom or office,there is always room for a small piece,and even for a few pieces of sweet pastry.So, probably,have decided in the Japanese studio Mizmiz Design,and hence showcased Tokyo design week 2011 a draft of the original table on Cake Table.The triangular shape of the table design alludes to a piece of cake,cut a huge knife from a large,whole dessert.Each piece of “cake” can be used independently or as a seat,or in combination with other triangular modules.And the more such pieces meet,the more beautiful will dessert.It does not matter in which he will form a round table or aRead More →

A collection of cast bronze furniture, richly decorated with gold leaf, produced by Dutch company Studio Job specifically for the famous New York store-gallery Moss. Five designer furniture, united title Robber Baron Collection, called the embodiment of wealth, corruption and “the dream of oligarchs,” and they are made in the form of world-famous attractions, except perhaps in some kind of interpretation of the designers Studio Job. Many point out an amazing harmony of all five elements of this shocking collection of furniture, as well as what they made in the best traditions of European bourgeois culture.  Read More →

Nowadays, odd garden sculptures have turned out to be an important part of home update. More and more people are now giving importance to landscaping as it not only enhances the beauty of their backyard but also adds to their home update ideas. People normally wish to have a unique sculpture in their garden, which will give their backyard an exclusive look. To accomplish their goal they end up selecting weird kind of garden sculptures, which make their garden look hideous, instead of beautiful. The most strange and bizarre kinds of garden sculptures, found in people’s backyard are those of wild animals, dinosaurs, sharks, scaryRead More →

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