In his time on the status of inmate bed talking luxurious fabrics, drapes, tassels and gilt decoration. Today, indicators of luxury is a conceptual, minimalist and high technology. Conceptual design of the snow-white bedroom could be called decorative, decadent and futuristic at the same time. The roots of this avant-garde eclecticism grow from a few sources of inspiration – the royal canopies, the biblical story and the current trends of today. Luxurious texture, ornate patterns and inspirational historic royal bedroom is transformed here in no less sophisticated modern geometry. In place of the grand canopy beds are intended to identify the zone and create aRead More →

Small fish seem to be the most unpretentious pets. But it is only at first glance. In fact, hassle and trouble with them no end. And vodichku of me, and the temperature is regulated, and choose the appropriate aquarium. And you want to Rybkin house was still and beautiful, such as in our previous review of unusual aquariums. Unlikely to appreciate your pets estetskih manners and speak for a “thank you”, but the new housing will be pleasing to the eye. So today we offer you a new selection of the most original ideas for ornamental aquariums. Fish in the fish Your friends are sureRead More →

Mostly when people plan to go for house renovation or construction they normally, tend to give more importance to the enhancement of the home interior with Garden Sculptures from Japan. However, they fail to realize that the exterior also plays a very crucial role in the beautification of ones house. If you are in search of garden adornment ideas, then you need to checkout Japanese sites, which are dedicated to garden sculpturing. Creating Garden Sculptures from Japan is an art, which needs adequate amount of expertise. When performed with accuracy, the result can be breathtaking. Japanese have been able to master this art to perfectionRead More →

In an unusual interior – unusual lamps, and even better – a whole series of such, have decided in the Dutch design studio Studio Job, and have designed several pieces for the Italian company Venini, masters for the production of exclusive glass products. In the end, saw the light fixtures  in the form of a ghost , vase , hat , pot and the Candlestick. The original, a little baby colorful lights – it is both art objects and everyday objects, and glass sculptures and installations. Of course, if you install them in a room a whole collection rather than individually. However, this option isRead More →

Nowadays, people are so overly dependant on computers that they almost have forgotten the feel of a real paper. Most of us prefer reading books and publications directly from the computer due to lack of time and also to avoid unnecessary hassle. But the launch of Sunday Lamp will definitely lure more and more people towards reading books, physically. These innovative lamps are designed by renowned artist Martin Carpelan, who strongly believes that Sunday is the only day, when individuals can afford to spend the entire day for themselves. They can indulge in a leisurely breakfast and can enjoy reading books or newspapers, till lateRead More →

Design projects, the French designer Matali Crassus sometimes can not be described simply furnished. The girl is so fond of playing with form and space that many of her works resemble installations, decorations for the interior. So, we’ve once written about her lamp system, “luminous jungle”, which received the art furnishings for the hall or lounge room. Today Matali working on a more “earthly” project, a sofa Dynamic Life, which is designed for young and active consumers, and is commissioned by Campeggi. Similar to the piano keys, but white and orange, rather than standard black and white, this sofa can not be named for aRead More →

Sofa designers have recently invented a new kind of sofa, which is ideal for people, who love to play pool, but due to lack of space cannot afford to have a pool table at home. This new sofa model can be used both for sitting purposes as well for playing pool. So now, if you have friends at home, with whom you would love to play pool then all that you need is to unfold your sofa to change into a pool table. No need for you to travel to distance places, in search of a pool parlor. This sofa cum pool table idea isRead More →

Nowadays, people are coming up with more and more innovative ideas, concerning children play gadgets, which can be easily installed outside and inside the home. They are constantly in search of latest ideas regarding children’s sandboxes, slides as well as other entertainment stuff, which are space saving and also has innovative look. These days, lots of child’s play stuffs are easily available in the market, which has unique as well as interesting designs. They tend to extremely colorful and are absolutely safe for children. You can easily set them up in your backyard and when not in use, you can even fold them and storeRead More →

The purpose of these mini rooms would be to offer a place to stay between layovers and the event of unexpected delays- saving the time, money and energy needed to book a hotel in these situations. Barcelona company Dream and Fly sent Dezeen the latest renders of their conceptual miniature hotel rooms. They propose that these pods – or bubbles – be placed in airports and train stations. The pods will come in three sizes depending on your needs: Simply Bubble is is the smallest version and it has no bathroom. A Single Bubble would be the next size up and features an en-suite. TheRead More →

The Joshua Tree Boulder House proves imagination is still alive and well. Every inch of this 1700 square foot, 2-bed / 2-bath home is intentional, and every design element is deliberate. This magical creation sits on 2.5 acres in Joshua Tree, California. The house is the brainchild of W. Garett Carlson, ASLA, a licensed landscape architect for more than 30 years.  His landscape designs grace Hollywood’s recently remodelled Sunset Marquis Hotel, as well as the gardens of celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Goldie Hawn, Johnny Depp, Blake Edwards, and more.  The house was built with sustainability in mind, using an intriguing palette of metal, wood,Read More →

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