The Toilet-Shaped House has a very unique design, and was built by Sim Jae-duck, the chairman of the organizing committee of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association, and he hopes his toilet house will highlight the global need for better sanitation, home improvements.. The Toilet-Shaped house is in fact named Haewoojae, which signifies in Korean “a place of sanctuary where one can solve one’s worries“. Sim Jae-duck will open what is billed as the world’s one and only toilet house on November 11 to mark the launch of his World Toilet Association. The steel, white concrete and glass house, with a symbolicRead More →

The house was built from the newspapers in London. In the capital of the British house built out of free newspapers. Interactive artwork appeared in the exhibition gallery in London’s Hackney by Summer Irek and the audience, which responded to his call. Irek found a wooden frame and invited Londoners to fill it with free newspapers, which are distributed in the city. As a result, the building of the height of more than three and a half meters. Its construction has gone about 120 thousand newspapers. House to help numb the paper turning it into a “stronger and more solid material.Newspaper House is a reallyRead More →

This luxurious villa is empty for a long time, Mike Tyson lived here at the moment of his fame, when he was rich and famous, then prison, bankruptcy and all went Smarck remained empty mansion. The 60 acre property is located in a remote area of Ohio in Southington. It features a 10,000 square foot house with five bedrooms, an indoor pool and overdone bathrooms. It’s well appointed with white tiger stripe carpet, gold plating and boasts a large facility for lions that Tyson used to keep as pets. He once bragged he’d spar with them to keep in shape. The mansion was purchased byRead More →

This house is  draft a large modern house, area of 1600 sq.m. The developer of this project is the company A-Cero. The Concrete House II is a family project located in Madrid  The first impression when seeing its unusual architecture with gray concrete and vegetation ramps is that you are looking at an bunker interior. The facade reveals large windows and uncommon shapes. The roof ensures this home’s ecological features as it contains solar tubular collectors, making this residence a sustainable project.  The site also includes a beautiful garden and a picturesque lake which complete the “dreamy” image that this home inspires. A military bunkerRead More →

Ever wondered how a torch made of 500 diodes will look like? Well these pictures are your answer. Here you have pictures where the normal torch is compared with the one with 500 diodes and the difference is staggering. It is almost like a spotlight. When used indoors, the light is blinding and you can compare this to the normal one used indoors and see the difference for yourself. This is a great way to find things in the dark and you will not even notice the difference between the day and night. It is hard to believe that tiny diodes when put together canRead More →

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