This extravagant apartment interpreting the allusion to the theme of famous literary works, covers an area about 167 square meters, which by the standards of our latitude, is quite a spacious living space in which there is an opportunity to turn creative ideas, and plan an effective ergonomics and create maximum comfort. A unique apartment located in Chelsea, contains a common space, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Home is decorated in an eclectic style with surreal retro, industrial, allusions, and steampunk elements. Upon entering the apartment you are greeted by a fragment of a submarine, and many other non-trivial elements of decor, suggestive of theRead More →

This stunning contemporary architecture and interior let in bright, spacious house, situated on a beautiful green area, the diversity of the surrounding housing and the nature of the nearby urban environment. Light, airy building – the result of a collaboration of experts from the architectural studio Xoio – professional supplier of creative visualization and animation. A small selection of images of interiors, designed studio offers many creative ideas and effective solutions to the organization of living space – both urban and suburban. Huge windows, curved walls, alternating with more functionality straight clean lines and colors that give the interior fine lines and smooth transitions fromRead More →

This retired Soviet aircraft carrier “Kiev” was completely transformed into a luxury hotel in China. Now families can relax in this hunk of steel while checking out all of its weaponry and entertaining capture the pirate water show. In 1996 she was sold to a Chinese company, and has been part of Binhai Aircraft Park, a military theme park in Tianjin since 1 May 2004. In August 2011, the ex-Kiev began welcoming guests as its new role as a luxury hotel after a multimillion dollar refit.Read More →

Architectural firm Chen and Suchart introduced his new job in Phoenix, Arizona – villa project Yerger Residence. The architects have used the main advantage gorgeous views of Mount Kemelbek and orient on the main facade of gory side. The project was implemented in the form of 2 blocks, each connected by a common hall and an outdoor swimming pool at right angles. Part of the house chipped masonry of stones, and other low-alloy clad steel. Virtually the entire residential area is made open plan with views of the mountains, and on this side of the house has 2 bathrooms and a guest bedroom. The masterRead More →

Hello Kitty – a well-known character of Japanese pop culture, a little white kitten. She came up with employees of the company Sanrio in 1974. Brand Hello Kitty was incorporated in 1976 and is now used as a brand for many products. We offer a look at the restaurant, amusement park, hotel and even a maternity hospital of the brand. According to information provided by management, the restaurant is so popular that often reserves a place in it for several weeks. There is even a hospital, decorated in the style of Hello Kitty. In the photograph – pose for photographers with a midwife babies inRead More →

The main task to be fulfilled when creating children’s rooms is that the child loved the room, that it was conducted without problems most of the day. It is necessary to create all conditions for playing and socializing, learning and sleeping. When deciding on the walls it is advisable to avoid white as it seems children are too sterile and cold. Recommended ditches or a combination of two or more pastel colors. Sunny colors such as orange, yellow and red visually reduce the space and create a pleasant atmosphere. Conversely, cool colors like blue, green and purple will visually enlarge the space. Ceilings still remainRead More →

The interior of a private villa Micheli Residence, designed by Italian architect Simone Micheli, an unusual color palette is different and unique plan of internal space. The converted historic building located in Florence. Massive white surface is interspersed with vivid fragments of architectural elements and furniture. Pink, sunny yellow, blue and green, accented neon illumination, creates an effect of air living space, completely devoid of utilitarian value. Fresh modern colors and textures give the air volume and tease the historical past of the house, built in 1800. Some elements of the past have been left in its original condition, but painted in a graceful white,Read More →

Parisians inhabit an apartment built by Swedish furniture company IKEA inside a Paris subway station for 6 days, from Jan. 9 to 14. The 581 square feet apartment is located in Auber station and equipped with IKEA items. Now all Auber metro station passers-by can see the five housemates and their daily activities from morning to night through the glass walls.  Read More →

Whistler Blackcomb is a popular ski resort among tourists. It was the site for various 2010 Winter Olympic events.Heated floors, hot tub, spa, indoor waterfall, fireplaces, guest house and guest suites, and lakeside are among Whistler Blackcomb’s notable amenities.This place is located about 125 km  north of Vancouver.This incredible property on Crabapple drive is situated on five beautiful acres, offering maximum luxury and privacy. Built in 2004, it has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.  Read More →

Some car owners love their cars so that they are willing to part with them even during rest and sleep. Here’s to such enthusiastic people and create amazing options to fulfill their dream. In our review we will just tell you about the top ten solutions to keep the house a car. Indoor parking for Lamborghini Japanese architect Takuya Tsuchida  has created a house for the owner of the car Lamborghini Countach Anniversary edition. The fact that the customer really likes this your car. So the layout of the building implies the existence of the lift, which allows time to time to raise the LamborghiniRead More →

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