Coffee Bench, a flexible and creative piece of furniture for small spaces, designed by Polish designers of the studio standards. Mobile and convertible benches made of wood can be adapted to many situations. Consisting of several elements can adapt to a wide range of functions and circumstances. Dynamic benches can be manufactured in various sizes, materials and color options, depending on the purpose – the street, private apartments and public spaces. For use in home or apartment has even a mild version of.Read More →

Strange showers There is nothing like a long, hot shower to clear the mind and clean the body or a brisk, cold shower to cool one’s ardour or wash away the lazy, sweaty sheen of a summer’s day. Showers conjure all sorts of images from towel swatting in sports change rooms, to prison jokes, to sexy naked bodies to the famous Psycho scene. Used by ancient Egyptians and improved upon by the Greeks and Romans, indoor showers fell out of widespread use, much like other practices and technology, once those empires fell. It has taken a very long time for bathing and in particular showering,Read More →

Nothing could be easier: get a bunch of junk, a couple of months on it pokolduyte – and voila, you have exclusive furniture. Do you want an unusual design chair? In the presence of talent and a knack of easily available can build a little chair – all the familiar drop dead from envy. Well, if the farm is a useless old cooker, it can turn … correctly, in the chair-couch Lounge in an Oven, as did the designers of the union WayOutHere. Despite the fact that the oven gas, still it is associated with us with a warm and homey feel, especially in winterRead More →

The satellite dish, being one of the most recognizable symbols of technological progress, gets various funny and artistic treatments from creative individuals around the world. A plain vanilla white dish seems to be just as offensive to the senses as the dumb beige of the standard PC hardware. No wonder people bring out the colors and make that “telecommunication flower” bloom all over the place. Whole city blocks seem to have joined the “psychedelic dish” movement.Read More →

Next year, we meet the Euro 2012, and in its wake in many cities there are new sports complexes and stadiums, hotels and restaurants, and creative designers full swing on a football theme. In today’s review – only a fraction of a football design, which appeared due to people’s love for this sport. Football Santa This toy would be very relevant on the eve of the new year, and looked good to the Christmas tree in the football club or fan parties. Santa Claus, too human, they also love soccer! Football Hub A useful souvenir for fans of the game, and even better – forRead More →

Designer from the Netherlands Anne van der Ley  has developed an original Dutch version of the Finnish sauna, combining the dressing room and capacity for swimming.  This large “cabinet” is made of larch wood. At the top of an opening on both sides of the wooden structure located rod for clothes, and fit the bottom of the bulk tub with built-in wall closet mixers.  Thanks to a specially developed technology, bath cabinet is waterproof in all situations. When interacting with water and steam larch, which is made from a constructive, exudes a pleasant aroma. To optimize the usability design of the cabinet is through, thatRead More →

Dutch designer Tim Vinke has created a mobile office made up of a desk and two chairs that fit together like pieces of a puzzle to form a trolley. Called Kruikantoor, the piece is made from light-weight foam and equipped with wheels. It can be swiftly packed up, transported and set up somewhere else. The portable unit also includes a light, storage and electricity connection. The ‘Kruikantoor; exists out of 2 chairs, a table, light, electricity connection and storage space.  The object is crafted from EPS Foam, covered with a coating existing of polyurea hotspray. Another interesting and creative idea.Read More →

Isn’t it amazing to read the articles in the news that tell us about how the air quality in some buildings is worse than the air quality outside? What should you do to protect yourself? Many people have eye irritation, allergies, and other problems from not having cleaner indoor air. There are many things that can be done to improve your home’s air quality. Doing these things should help with some of the problems associated with poor air in your home. The first thing that needs to be done is to seal up the windows and doors in the home better. This will not onlyRead More →

When it comes to unsightly crevices and holes on a plaster ceiling, a significant number of people actually consider having it fixed by a professional. If there are a lot of cracks, then that option is definitely one to take; however, if all we’re talking about is less than a dozen of them, you can actually do the fix yourself. Plaster is a material which can be relatively easy to work with even if it is already set. In other words, you shouldn’t be intimidated by it when you try to make some repairs on it. All you will need is a little amount ofRead More →

There may be times when you need to drill a hole in the ceramic tiles for fixing pipes or fixing water supply lines or fixing any other handles for dropping clothes. There are different types of materials and finishes in ceramic tiles, so drilling hole in a ceramic tile is bit difficult and you have to use a lubricated tile drill bit to drill a hole. First get a clean idea on what is the type of material that the ceramic tile is made off so that we can guess whether it will be easy or hard to drill the ceramic tile. In case ifRead More →

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