In the past, many homes were built with unfinished basements and the homeowner used those dark, bare, usually damp spaces for storage, laundry, or large collections of spider webs and dust bunnies. You may have bought one yourself and now, with the high price of new housing, you are looking to expand your current house to meet your family’s needs (do your covenants really allow 10 story ranch houses?). That unfinished basement seems be the answer! Want to do it yourself? I suggest you begin by evicting the dust bunnies! Next, we need to finish the basement walls. Easy, right? Just slap up some drywallRead More →

Ever since glass was used for windows, window cleaning has been an essential part of a building’s maintenance. Window cleaning is a necessary expense for both businesses and domestic buildings. Many high rise buildings nowadays are mostly built from steel and glass and most of the buildings are covered with windows. As time passes, building administrators need to maintain the cleanliness of these building windows, so that’s why there is a need to hire cleaning companies to do the job. Residential buildings also need cleaning providers to maintain cleanliness. When looking for a reliable service provider, make sure the company that provides the service hasRead More →

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