Cushions Blankets and Throws: Top Trends this Year

While “fashionable” may not be something one usually attaches to soft furnishings, there’s no doubt that certain trends can be detected. Such trends tend to last longer than clothing, where last year’s collection can become so quickly out-of-date in the eyes of fashionistas and those with a vested interest in getting us to buy new outfits each season! So here is a round-up of the trendiest ways to brighten up your lounge, living room or bedroom using cushions, throws and blankets.

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A collection of cushions can quickly transform your living room from cold and dull to bright and chic instantly. By using warm, cosy materials like wool and lush fabrics like satin and velour, you will add some softness and warmth to the more hard-edged materials in your rooms like wood, leather and metal. A particular favourite that you’ll see more and more is the outrageously fluffy cushion, like the multi-coloured one here:







When it comes to throws, you want them to be practical as well as good –looking. It’s likely you’ll be brushing or washing your throw regularly due to spillages, pet hairs etc, so it’s got to be colour-fast and hard-wearing. You also want it to feel “homely” and comforting. Here’s an elegant snazzy cotton throw that comes in simple plain colours like sage and ruby, and because it’s 100-percent cotton it blanket will provide plenty of warmth. The texture is also something that you’ll want to be scrunching in your hand when watching a good film on the television! Throws like these never go out of fashion and are really timeless. But that’s not to say that they’re not fashionable!

An alternative throw is this Clerkenwell check chunky look from M&S. As long as the rest of your room isn’t too busy it will compliment almost any furnishings.  Again it’s the warmth and comfort that contrasts so well with the harsher brick wall or cold faux leather of the chair. Ethnic patterns and motifs are also in. They can be seen on the catwalks and in the latest designs for throws, making that rather lifeless lacklustre sofa into an Egyptian or Indian Odyssey!

Splashes of bright primary and rainbow colours on white are also big this year. As though someone with bright pots of paint has splashed them all through your bedroom. Take a look at the picture here to see what I mean!

You will add a touch of fun with this contemporary “painted look” Zandra Rhodes quilt and bed linen. Not sufficiently “out-there” to be uncomfortable, but a real spring/summer feel to your bedroom all year round.

 While we are in the bedroom it’s worth mentioning that sateen (as opposed to satin) is taking big strides forward in recent months. Particularly in bedding. Although both sateen and satin are made by using the similar weaving technique, Sateen is made from 100% cotton or rayon. It means it is more durable, and also machine washable, yet still feels silky and sensuous to the touch. If you want to up the wow factor in your bedroom, take a look at this sateen bedding outfit with the red rose of love: It cries armour, amour,amour! It’s available from Bedding.Ie.

So there we have a quick round-up of some of the cushions, throws and blankets that are going down big-time this year. Enjoy your searching and “throw” caution to the wind while “cushioning” yourself against dullness by “blanketing” yourself in a software home furnishing upgrade in your living room or bedroom!

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