Architecture of a unique home aims to develop casual and permanent relations with the external environment. The house, which has four smooth “wing”, was the most expressive object surrounding urban landscape. General shape of the minimalist structures define two intersecting axes that dictate the direction of the internal spatial organization. Living room, kitchen and bathroom are on the short vertical axis, and bedroom, and a room with tatami mats – to perpendicular to it, the “background” axis. Simple and sincere interiors devoid of decoration. The concept of environment is built on the contrast of raw concrete and dark-brown wood from which the furniture is madeRead More →

In his time on the status of inmate bed talking luxurious fabrics, drapes, tassels and gilt decoration. Today, indicators of luxury is a conceptual, minimalist and high technology. Conceptual design of the snow-white bedroom could be called decorative, decadent and futuristic at the same time. The roots of this avant-garde eclecticism grow from a few sources of inspiration – the royal canopies, the biblical story and the current trends of today. Luxurious texture, ornate patterns and inspirational historic royal bedroom is transformed here in no less sophisticated modern geometry. In place of the grand canopy beds are intended to identify the zone and create aRead More →

Small fish seem to be the most unpretentious pets. But it is only at first glance. In fact, hassle and trouble with them no end. And vodichku of me, and the temperature is regulated, and choose the appropriate aquarium. And you want to Rybkin house was still and beautiful, such as in our previous review of unusual aquariums. Unlikely to appreciate your pets estetskih manners and speak for a “thank you”, but the new housing will be pleasing to the eye. So today we offer you a new selection of the most original ideas for ornamental aquariums. Fish in the fish Your friends are sureRead More →

If you are a connoisseur of birds and adore watching birds floating high in the sky you may possibly get much closer to them if you create a sustainable habitat for them. If you have a free space nearby your home or are the owner of 30 acre farm you can make the use of landscape to build up a perfect and clean natural environment for birds and provide them shelter, foods, water, and protection they need to be a part of your functional ecosystem with Garden for Wildlife with Scotts.  Attracting the birds and creating a soothing environment isn’t just the sole purpose ofRead More →

Having a big house with lots of space to fill is lovely I’m sure. But if like me your funds can only stretch to a more low-key accomodation, there is plenty you can do with the space you do have in order to make the most of what you’ve got. Whilst you obviously can’t physically make a room bigger without some fairly major contruction work, if you follow a few simple tips it is possible to make even a small room seem much bigger and feel much more usable. So here are a few ideas to get you started: Pick light hues and soft colors:Read More →

Mankind has not abandoned their attempts to climb on foot to the skies ever since the Tower of Babel. From the Bible we remember what ended this idea, but every year the technology is advanced, people are getting smarter, and buildings under construction all the above … And then, finally, and he very concept of this ladder to the sky, an amazing skyscraper Stairscraper, designed by Spanish developers of Nábito Arquitectura and became one of the finalists Total Housing: Apartments, 2010 that was held in New York. A huge building resembling a screw or corkscrew is actually a spiral staircase on which probably could goRead More →

Mostly when people plan to go for house renovation or construction they normally, tend to give more importance to the enhancement of the home interior with Garden Sculptures from Japan. However, they fail to realize that the exterior also plays a very crucial role in the beautification of ones house. If you are in search of garden adornment ideas, then you need to checkout Japanese sites, which are dedicated to garden sculpturing. Creating Garden Sculptures from Japan is an art, which needs adequate amount of expertise. When performed with accuracy, the result can be breathtaking. Japanese have been able to master this art to perfectionRead More →

If you are in search of Luxury apartments in Barcelona, ​ ​ Spain, then you need to get in touch with Alberto Rovira and Benito Escat, who are renowned home interior designers. They together have designed some the best luxury apartment houses in Barcelona. Their home update ideas are extremely unique and they are capable of turning even a dilapidated shelter or a stable into a magnificent, grand modern apartment. They specialize in designing urban apartments and lofts. Recently, they have renovated and converted a ramshackle stable, into a contemporary extravagant apartment. They gave the huge space entirely a new look, which is fashionable andRead More →

The breathtaking design of the Fab Lab House has been created by means of organically incorporated solar panels system. This matchless architectural splendor is located in Spain and has been built by skilled specialist from Spanish Institute of Progressive Architecture. It is simple structure which has a high-tech look. The entire building was constructed only within a short time span of fifteen days and it has been built out of low cost materials. All the materials used for the decorating the home interior and exterior are environmental friendly. Unlike the simple outward design, the home interior is full of creative works of art and includesRead More →

In an unusual interior – unusual lamps, and even better – a whole series of such, have decided in the Dutch design studio Studio Job, and have designed several pieces for the Italian company Venini, masters for the production of exclusive glass products. In the end, saw the light fixtures  in the form of a ghost , vase , hat , pot and the Candlestick. The original, a little baby colorful lights – it is both art objects and everyday objects, and glass sculptures and installations. Of course, if you install them in a room a whole collection rather than individually. However, this option isRead More →

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