Residential Reskin, which was a former restaurant, has been innovatively transformed into an impressive and marvelous residential building. The exterior of the house has undergone a complete cosmetic transformation in a somewhat unconventional manner. Hertl Architekten, an Austrian architectural company has given the exterior of the house a unique facelift by means of draped fabrics, folded in giant irregular rectangular patterns. Such an innovative home update reveals the artist highly imaginative frame of mind. The massive gray drapes enfold the aged building in mystery and elegance. The home interior has also undergone a huge makeover. The two restaurant floors have been beautifully transformed into twoRead More →

Nowadays, people are so overly dependant on computers that they almost have forgotten the feel of a real paper. Most of us prefer reading books and publications directly from the computer due to lack of time and also to avoid unnecessary hassle. But the launch of Sunday Lamp will definitely lure more and more people towards reading books, physically. These innovative lamps are designed by renowned artist Martin Carpelan, who strongly believes that Sunday is the only day, when individuals can afford to spend the entire day for themselves. They can indulge in a leisurely breakfast and can enjoy reading books or newspapers, till lateRead More →

Street stalls and kiosks – is often dust, dirt, poor sanitation, heat in summer and cold in winter, peeling walls and leaky ceilings. And while street kiosks – the person of the city. Obviously, the face of the city of the future must somehow differ from the face of this bleak – just for this and invented a kind of “stall dream” – a new kiosk with ecotechnology which is called – Ecokiosk. Formula derived by London Bizarreka Design, is simple: the new kiosk = green plant + solar energy + recycling . To save the solar energy will provide a translucent roof of theRead More →

3D home interior ideas can be both arresting and artistic. It leaves an empty space in the mind of the onlookers, which can be filled with ones own imagination. At times a drawing is purposely blurred, so as to allow the observer’s mind’s eye fill the gaps. In other instances, pictures, which are highly photo-realistic, are used, to create a more lifelike setting. Lilit Hayrapetyan, a renowned motion graphics stylist reveals to you different 3D home interior designs in vibrant texture and full color in addition to the presence of complex shadow and light effect. The artist has designed a set of rooms, such asRead More →

The Opposite house is a one of a kind hotel, which is product of an artistic mind. The hotel’s creative design and welcoming home interior is extremely alluring and captivating. This plush hotel is situated in Sanlitun, in Beijing. The interior decoration of the Opposite house hotel has been designed in a modern style. The ceiling, the natural wood works, the glass floor and the stone floor, all perfectly compliments each other and together they create a striking artistic effect. This exclusive property includes 99 rooms, nightclub, health club, lounge/bar and also a magnificent swimming pool. All the rooms are equipped with high speed wirelessRead More →

Design projects, the French designer Matali Crassus sometimes can not be described simply furnished. The girl is so fond of playing with form and space that many of her works resemble installations, decorations for the interior. So, we’ve once written about her lamp system, “luminous jungle”, which received the art furnishings for the hall or lounge room. Today Matali working on a more “earthly” project, a sofa Dynamic Life, which is designed for young and active consumers, and is commissioned by Campeggi. Similar to the piano keys, but white and orange, rather than standard black and white, this sofa can not be named for aRead More →

The newly inaugurated W Hotels Retreat and Spa, in Maldives has turned out to be a hot destination for vacationers, from all across the globe. The hotel offers a cozy home interior, which has been conceived by famous designer Patricia Urquiola. The hotel is situated in the picturesque island of Vieques and is built on a huge beachfront property that stretches for 30-acres. The island of Vieques is situated on the Puerto Rico coast. The hotel allows its guests to enjoy a unique luxurious stay. Its sophisticated and classy style blends perfectly well wth the natural beauty of the island. W Hotels Retreat and SpaRead More →

For car lovers, V8 hotel is the ultimate destination. This unique hotel is entirely designed with car models and automobile parts. Even the beds in the rooms are created out of various real car models, while the room interiors have fancy automobile related décor. The hotel includes 34 rooms, each having distinctive home interior. Rooms are primarily divided into 5 distinct categories, namely Double Room, Single Room, Family Room, Zeppelin-Suite and Theme Base Room.  Among all Zeppelin-Suite tends to be the most costly, since it includes a bed designed from a real Ferrari car. Others cars used for beds are Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Morris Minor andRead More →

Mentougou eco valley – a draft environmental green valley in Mentugu, developed by the Finnish architectural studio Eriksson architects. Future “Eco-Silicon Valley” is built up of multi-functional structures with futuristic architecture and integrated pilot technologies. The project has been prepared to implement and is awaiting approval by the Chinese Government. As already mentioned, all objects “embedded” in the green valley, represent an experiment with a form of eco-technologies, materials and building typologies. On the territory of Mentougou eco valley will be implemented the most advanced developing energy efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings. Mentugu valley is situated in 60 kilometers west of Beijing and is aRead More →

Tron is all set to open its doors to welcome tourists, from all over the world. This one of kind hotel is completely made up of ice and is situated in Sweden. The hotel is really a true masterpiece, which has gained immense appreciation all over the world. The incredible thing about this hotel is that not only the exterior but also the holiday home interior is designed from pure ice. Spending a night in this hotel will definitely enable you to have a rare experience, which you will treasure throughout your life. The hotel promises to offer you with all the features of aRead More →

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