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Unique Kitchen Design Ideas In 2015


Unique Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you interested in discovering some unique kitchen design ideas for 2015? We present the following design trends for your consideration. Perhaps these insights will spark some ideas you can use for freshening up your own kitchen.

Kitchen Aid – A Design Standout


kitchen aid

New Kitchenaid(R) Collection: A Fresh Take on Brand’s Iconic Design

Kitchen Aid

When you think Kitchen Aid, you think quality, durability and clean lines. Engineering and design may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Kitchen Aids new collection is about to change that. Kitchen Aid is creating a fresh take on their brands iconic design. They are incorporating what you have come to love in Kitchen Aid with a new, modernized look. They have taken appliances to the next level – beginning with an industry first: black stainless steel. The look is like no other. Not only are there clean lines, a satiny finish like stainless steel, but what seems impossible – a warm tone. Instead of making the kitchen feel industrial or making the appliances an imposing presence, they exude warmth, professionalism and muted accents. They supply all your needs and convenience while encouraging an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity in your cooking. The standard of excellence started with the production of their Stand Mixer in 1919. That standard of excellence has continued on to this day and can easily be seen in the seamless, sleek design of their appliances. In April 2015 the U.S. market will get a chance to make this line a part of their home kitchen. Shortly after, Kitchen Aid will be making this line available, for the first time, for worldwide distribution. The quality and durability you love in a Kitchen Aid, now available in their new kitchen collection.

This post was sponsored, but opinions are my own

Ranch House by Galeazzo Design


Galeazzo Design

Ranch House was designed by Galeazzo Design, and it’s located in São Paulo, Brazil. The spacious home makes use of many different materials – bamboo and other types of wood, stone, etc. – to create a welcoming environment.

galeazzo design

Cushions Blankets and Throws: Top Trends this Year


While “fashionable” may not be something one usually attaches to soft furnishings, there’s no doubt that certain trends can be detected. Such trends tend to last longer than clothing, where last year’s collection can become so quickly out-of-date in the eyes of fashionistas and those with a vested interest in getting us to buy new outfits each season! So here is a round-up of the trendiest ways to brighten up your lounge, living room or bedroom using cushions, throws and blankets.

A collection of cushions can quickly transform your living room from cold and dull to bright and chic instantly. By using warm, cosy materials like wool and lush fabrics like satin and velour, you will add some softness and warmth to the more hard-edged materials in your rooms like wood, leather and metal. A particular favourite that you’ll see more and more is the outrageously fluffy cushion, like the multi-coloured one here:

When it comes to throws, you want them to be practical as well as good –looking. It’s likely you’ll be brushing or washing your throw regularly due to spillages, pet hairs etc, so it’s got to be colour-fast and hard-wearing. You also want it to feel “homely” and comforting. Here’s an elegant snazzy cotton throw that comes in simple plain colours like sage and ruby, and because it’s 100-percent cotton it blanket will provide plenty of warmth. The texture is also something that you’ll want to be scrunching in your hand when watching a good film on the television! Throws like these never go out of fashion and are really timeless. But that’s not to say that they’re not fashionable!

An alternative throw is this Clerkenwell check chunky look from M&S. As long as the rest of your room isn’t too busy it will compliment almost any furnishings.  Again it’s the warmth and comfort that contrasts so well with the harsher brick wall or cold faux leather of the chair. Ethnic patterns and motifs are also in. They can be seen on the catwalks and in the latest designs for throws, making that rather lifeless lacklustre sofa into an Egyptian or Indian Odyssey!

Splashes of bright primary and rainbow colours on white are also big this year. As though someone with bright pots of paint has splashed them all through your bedroom. Take a look at the picture here to see what I mean!

You will add a touch of fun with this contemporary “painted look” Zandra Rhodes quilt and bed linen. Not sufficiently “out-there” to be uncomfortable, but a real spring/summer feel to your bedroom all year round.

 While we are in the bedroom it’s worth mentioning that sateen (as opposed to satin) is taking big strides forward in recent months. Particularly in bedding. Although both sateen and satin are made by using the similar weaving technique, Sateen is made from 100% cotton or rayon. It means it is more durable, and also machine washable, yet still feels silky and sensuous to the touch. If you want to up the wow factor in your bedroom, take a look at this sateen bedding outfit with the red rose of love: It cries armour, amour,amour! It’s available from Bedding.Ie.

So there we have a quick round-up of some of the cushions, throws and blankets that are going down big-time this year. Enjoy your searching and “throw” caution to the wind while “cushioning” yourself against dullness by “blanketing” yourself in a software home furnishing upgrade in your living room or bedroom!

The Beauty of Breakfast Bar Stools


It always baffles me when people say they don’t have breakfast or cannot stomach eating before lunchtime. I was raised on the notion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I have lived by that rule whole-heartedly my entire life.

It’s the first thing I think of as I wake up; planning what breakfast treat I shall choose that day. A considerably vital part of the waking up process, I would be lost without the time spent making my breakfast and enjoying it as I fuel up for the day’s activities that lie ahead.

When devouring my morning meal I like to be seated in the kitchen, away from the TV, so I can enjoy it as my brain slowly comes to terms with the fact that I need to be fully functioning and productive. If you have the luxury of a breakfast bar then you should be the envy of all your friends. Giving the feeling of a being in a 1950’s diner, the breakfast bar stools from Lakeland Furniture elevate this daily ritual to a different level.

Perched on a stool, you can tuck into your bowl of cereal, bacon sandwich or scrambled egg on toast as you read the paper or simply take in the quiet before the hustle and bustle of your day begins.

Not only a kitchen feature that is handy for breakfast, bar stools also fit the bill for entertaining. Whether your best friend is having man trouble and needs a cuppa and a chinwag, or you fancy eating in a more casual manner, the bar stool is the perfect level of informal and not too comfy. By this I mean that the stool is not so fancy as to give the feeling of a dinner party, and does not go to the comfy extreme of a sofa where you may run the risk of falling asleep.

From the extra height the bar stool gives you while sitting, you can also avoid the pleading eyes of your greedy pets as they scamper about your feet wanting some of your tasty food. It is common knowledge that you can be stronger willed the further you are from puppy dog eyes.

So take that extra fifteen minutes in the morning to make sure you have a hearty breakfast and enjoy the quiet of your kitchen. It is definitely all worth it when you arrive at work without the grumbles of a hungry stomach and still attempting to find the on switch for your brain.

If, like me, you like to scour the web for style tips and pictures of gorgeous interiors, then you should definitely check out the Channel 4 kitchen design ideas page. There are just so many pretty things!

Home Gardening Beginner Tips


When a person finds himself in search of home horticulture ideas, it is essential to take into account the sorts of gardening like vegetable, organic and indoor gardening. These distinct “styles” of home horticulture ideas will simply guide you into frustration so it’s extremely important to take recognize that basic gardening ideas which are adaptable and so are appropriate for the common gardener. Ahead of everything else, one must understand regarding how to start horticulture at home so one could fully understand the notion of standard house horticulture guidelines.

What’s home horticulture about? It’s a form of gardening in which house farmers may maintain themselves with wholesome tasting product and flowers which seem to bloom with the substance of splendour. To create the so-called beautiful and tasty goods of gardening, a person must obtain the proper set of horticulture guidelines offered.

With regards to horticulture at home, there are specific guidelines you have to stick to.

These types of home garden ideas are great for those people who are going to start out as being home gardeners. First of all, while intending to create a house back garden, it’s necessary to select a specific area in your yard. This is determined by the type of crop or plant you are planning to grow, but the majority of the vegetation for gardening fairly share the identical set of preferred outdoor environment that is full or almost full exposure to natural light.

It’s also essential to set up the area of vegetation close to a tap water so that it could be an easy task to sustain because you won’t have to move around so much. Out of all the home horticulture recommendations available, it is probably the most crucial that you pay attention to.

Determining which vegetable or plant to cultivate is considered the most essential procedure a gardener has to take, because understanding which kind of plant or crop you want can also give you an idea of the dimensions of a garden plot you need to have. To illustrate, veggie plants occupy small patches of terrain and so are simple to grow whilst vine crops, like watermelons or cucumbers need greater patches of terrain and are harder to handle in comparison to veggie plants.

All these house gardening suggestions are really easy to grasp however the significant element in house gardening originates from no book or from the suggestion out there. It would come from you. Every single productive gardener has his very own group of gardening ideas. These guidelines might be absolutely nothing if you would not put in time and energy to gardening. In the end the tough work, you’ll be able to see as well as actually taste the fruit of one’s labour.

Home Decoration Halloween Ideas


Halloween is the favorite holiday for most people. It’s one of those holidays where virtually anything can happen. Coming from classy autumn decoration with changing leaves and pumpkin wall decoration to original skeletons, black cats and witches, there’s a range of methods you may take when changing your house decoration from a summer to an autumn ambient. Listed here are 4 decorating suggestions that may help your house mimic the period of year.

Scarecrows. It is especially perfect for October 31. Wear a scarecrow costume and stand on the porch to frighten the willies out of youngsters trick-or-treating on your front door. Prior to actual Halloween night, you may have filled scarecrow great visitors who visit your house. Nobody will know you changed the scarecrow on Halloween till you move up and terrify them!


Spider webs. It is a traditional way of decorating for Halloween since it may give your house an old mansion sort of look. They may be used both outdoors and indoors for children to enjoy on Halloween. The best part about spider webs in the fall decoration is that you could add a real spider in the centre to scare unsuspicious victims. In the end, where’s the fun of Halloween if you aren’t a bit scared! Put spider webs on lamps, mantles, ceiling and sconces and picture frames.


Artwork. As you certainly aren’t going to repaint the walls for a month of Halloween decorating, you can include a touch of the holiday for the wall decoration as framed artwork. For those who have children, frame a few of their Halloween artwork from school and show their creative skills. You could also decide to buy scary framed pictures of ghosts, haunted houses, witches, or other monsters. Unique pictures with bright orange, purple and green are fantastic decor when you have a more light hearted perception towards Halloween.


Autumn colours. In case you need a more delicate method to decorate your house for Halloween, you can just decide to include autumn colours to your decorating. It is a preferred method since you can keep nearly all of what you put up as suitable Thanksgiving decoration also. Ideas include table decorations, mantle furnishings, wall decoration, table linens and drapes. Make your house decorations stick out so visitors will have a feeling of welcome in this joyful period.

Renovating your garden on a budget


In the winter, many of us are guilty of neglecting our gardens in favour of staying in our warm, cosy homes. However, when the summer rolls around, we all look for an idyllic outdoor space to relax in on a sunny afternoon or two.

If your garden is looking a little unloved, here’s everything you need to know to get your space summer-ready – without breaking the bank!

Patio perfection

Over time, our patios can start to look a little tired and dirty. If yours is looking past its best, an easy way to restore it is to give it a good clean. A pressure washer and a specialist cleaning solution, like this one from Homebase, is usually all it takes to lift the dirt away.

However, if you have cracked or broken tiles, you may need to replace your patio. Paving stones can be costly, but there are alternative options available. Take a look at the selection of patio tiles available from TactTiles: their durable selection can be laid over the top of your existing patio, instantly refreshing your space.

Appealing pots

The classic terracotta pot has been something of a garden staple for quite a while now, but it can look a little bland.

If you have an array of these pots already, you can easily update them by simply painting some jazzy designs on them. Or, how about stencilling a pattern instead? You can download free stencils from Spray Paint Stencils, so you can really get creative with your pots – regardless of your artistic ability!

Remember to apply a clear varnish afterwards, to protect your handiwork from the weather.

Weeds be gone

You can have some of the most beautiful flowers in your garden, but their appeal will be ruined by the intrusion of weeds. Remove all of these unsightly plants from your garden by using a weed killer.

If you have pets, or inquisitive children, it’s always best to use one that is chemical-free to ensure their safety. You don’t even have to head to the store for this: there are some great recipes for homemade weed killers available online. Check out these suggestions from Little House Living.

Finding Cheap Mortgages 101: The Best Deals on Mortgages Are Where You Least Expect Them


Getting a good deal on mortgages is not based on luck, as most people are wont to believe, but on research and hard work. You can end up saving loads of precious pounds by getting a cheap mortgage with terms that suit you perfectly. If you ask your building society or your bank for a cheap mortgage or re-mortgage deal, their limited range would act as a constraint for you. The following are the two options you have.

Option I – The Option That Costs Money – In this option, you can go for a broker who would cost around £400/$600. However, for that charge, the broker would comb through every possible and practical deal for you. You should know that there are certain mortgage deals which cannot be accessed through brokers but if you hire the right broker service, they would go through those as well.

However, the downside to this option is that it costs money but overall, on an annual scale, hiring such a broker would save you money. Also, there might be some deals of which the broker cannot handle the paperwork, in which case, if you decide to go ahead with the deal, you’ll be operating alone and still be charged a service charge for finding the deal for you.

Option II – The Free Option That Costs Time and Energy – This route has two parts. One, you hire a free broker and two, you additionally comb through the deals that might have been missed by the broker. This route requires hard work, time and energy but it is pocket friendly.

For hiring a free broker, you have many options. L&C (London & County Mortgages) have won many awards for their free mortgage services. They are specialist phone brokers and will check a wide variety of lenders for you. The biggest advantage is that L&C will help you with the entire process – form filing, support and information. They might inform you about the deals that they can’t seek for you, but there is no guarantee to that.

If you hire the free brokers, you will have to invest some legwork for finding the deals missed by the brokers. For this, you can explore the following options –

  • Lenders Not Operating Through Brokers – These include Barclays Direct, Post Office, Tesco Bank, HSBC, Britannia, Yorkshire Building Society and First Direct.
  • Lenders Not Wholly Operating Through Brokers – These lenders offer some deals through brokers and some directly, like Halifax and Nationwide. You can make use of Moneyfacts and Money Advice Service.
  • Other Brokers’ Exclusive Deals – There are certain deals which are exclusively available from other brokers because there are times when these brokers might negotiate individual deals with the lenders.

You can check out this explanation of best mortgage deals by The Telegraph for some help as well.

Creating a bedroom fit for a princess


Girls love fairy tales, but how many have you heard that start with ‘Once upon a time, there was a little girl with a dated, tired-looking bedroom’? We’re predicting not a lot! That’s because all little princesses deserve perfect boudoirs that are fit for royalty! Here’s how to do it:

The bed

A bed is central to any bedroom, but it is even more important in a fairy-tale room, so it is vital that you get it right.

When it comes to selecting a bed frame, the more extravagant the better. What better way to cement your little one’s princess status than with this carriage bed frame from Bedroom World? Your child will feel like royalty as they doze in this fancy frame. If you are looking for something a little more understated, this five poster bed from Very will look just as good.

To avoid recreating The Princess and the Pea, you should ensure that your little one has a comfortable mattress. Take a look at the range of kid’s mattresses available from Cosy Mattress. The company stocks memory foam mattresses that will mould to your child’s body, ensuring that they sleep soundly.

The bedding

Most children love the magic of Disney. If your child is a super fan, why not include some of the Disney princesses in their boudoir? There are a range of bedroom accessories available, but we love this ultimate makeover kit from Price Right Home. The kit includes a duvet set, curtains, lamp and even a sleeved fleece blanket for those extra cold nights, all with the iconic Disney princesses on.

The little touches

Often, it’s the little things that really bring a room together, and a princess boudoir is no exception to this. These door knobs from Not on the High Street are sweet little accessories that have crowns hand painted on them. Replace the existing door handles on your daughter’s wardrobe and chest of drawers with these and your royal room will be complete. Bedtime has never been so easy!