This house sits on the banks of the river Loddon, near Wargrave. We based our concept on three elements; living, guest and bedroom spaces, to create ‘wings’ that adopt a pinwheel form, raised up on columns to deal with flooding from the river. A dark, zinc-clad wing is pushed forward to receive an entrance staircase that slices up into an open timber lined hood, with a glazed room to the side containing a guest suite and gym. The stair arrives onto a balcony and entrance – a central hall space – this is the day room, dedicated to outdoor living that leads out onto aRead More →

This Halloween Pumpkin Modern Decorating, illuminate your evil jack-o-lantern in different colors and without an open flame, using this cool new Color Changing Pumpkin Lights. These are fun for Halloween party drinks or just as little glowing pumpkin decorations around the house. These little pumpkin candles are made with soft wax that can actually be carved, molded and shaped into any ghoulish expression you can think up. Each pumpkin includes a carving tool and a votive candle and holder that sits inside the hollowed gourd to complete the effect. Halloween themed decor in the home garden will create a Halloween atmosphere increasingly experiencing life atRead More →

Artistic Luxury Villas Colani designed in luxury areas inspired by the legendary designer Luigi Colani. Designed using circular structure, which connects the terrace, water features and wrapped in a package with a bright orange exterior. Eclectic mix statues, marble columns blue with gilded plinths, native gold mosaics in the bathrooms, and swimming pool directly adjacent to the outdoors makes this villa the more artistic. More than 1230 square feet of 24-karat gold, gold weighed 60 pounds and at a cost of more than $ 1 million, which is used in swimming pools and homes. Artistic luxury Villas Colani also found in the draft five entranceRead More →

Decorating your child’s room can be fun and easy, especially when it comes to Disney themes. Kids are obsessed with most Disney characters. Colorful and friendly, these characters prove to be a perfect theme for your kids’ room décor. The advantage of using Disney as a bedroom theme is that there is so much stuff to choose from that it actually makes it difficult to pick the best ones. The characters can transform your kid’s space into an expression of their fantasies and interests. Be it Mickey Mouse or Uncle Scrooge, the children would love to have their favorite characters as their companions. So, bringRead More →

One of the most important things to do while furnishing your living room is to get good sofa sets. World of modern furniture is quite diverse and can offer you furniture that will fully and totally meet your expectation. But it’s hard to choose the proper one amoung such big variety. Today we want to represent you collection of beautiful  sofa designs. Created by various designers from various countries all around the world they look stunning and extremely stylish. We hope that this collection will help you to choose the ideal  sofa designs for your home.  In today article we will present 10 of theRead More →

As most of us would anticipate, the biggest house in the world in not owned by any common billionaire; rather it is inhabited by some of England’s elite. The Windsor Palace- the biggest house in the world- is one of the main residences of The British Monarch. The Queen reportedly spends a good number of her weekends here. The Windsor Palace stands as the largest palace inhabited by human beings and it covers an area of 45,000 square meters. It is also the oldest Palace or house, for some, in continuous occupation since the time of William the Conqueror. The palace has been restructured timeRead More →

Truly outstanding designer elements for your home – the Tekno sliding glass doors are from Foaporte. These unusual laminated, frosted glass doors are functional and fabulous! Attached to an external runner, they glide along glazed stainless steel poles. Tekno doors are sure to get noticed… guests will love their stylish, contemporary look. Your family will also appreciate them for their practicality… their glass construction allows light to stream through and keep your home bright. There are various decoration options – with a range of gorgeous sandblasted patterns. Or, if you prefer privacy, choose laminated colored glass or a two-sided mirror! You can choose from doubleRead More →

This timber home design in Skjaermveien Barnehage, Trondheim is a social hotspot, designed by Norwegian architecture firm, Oslo-based Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter. Made for gathering, storytelling and laughing before an open hearth, this fireplace house is inspired by traditional Norwegi an turf huts and old log construction. The compact 5.2-by-4.5-meter home design features 80 layers of loosely piled pine blocks – a configuration that allows for ventilation of the space. The wood walls taper toward the top to form the chimney. Inside, the main feature of this fireplace home is the open hearth, and the only opening apart from the chimney, is the entrance, complete with aRead More →

With their soft outdoor furnishings and cozy seating arrangements, Paola Lenti is creating a more modern, more luxurious, a different kind of interior. These outdoor interior designs have evolved beyond boundaries, part indoors and out. Their casual and comfortable, yet contemporary aesthetic is complemented by architectural elements like gazebos, sails and screens which belong in the outdoors, yet have made their way in. The versatile, modular furnishings in the Cabanne collection include benches, sectionals and unusual low-lying coffee tables that might be mistaken for minimalist wood platforms used in meditation or yoga! The whole atmosphere of these outdoor interiors is Zen to the nth degree.Read More →

Villa Vals is designed by Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller, respectively of the architectural offices SeARCH and CMA. Their design plan was to completely integrate the villa into the landscape to avoid disturbing the unspoiled nature. That is why access to the villa is only possible via the nearby wooden Graubünder shed, through an underground tunnel which runs straight through the mountainside. The façade of the house is slightly slanted, adding to the view of the mountain scenery across the valley opposite of the house. The house, which was completed in 2009, was built and furnished in cooperation with a large number of Dutch designersRead More →

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