Collette Dinnigan is an Australian based fashion designer. The five-bedroom 1880’s terrace features a large garden with established magnolias and frangipanis, large entertaining areas and heated pool. 1860 brick and cedar two storey house with original brick separate kitchen. Four fireplaces, well two in the main rooms, one in the kitchen with a wood burning stove and a tiny one in the tiny stables at the back. She was chosen the 1998 Designer of the Year in Australia and won the 1997 Louis Vuitton Business Award. Collette Dinnigan was born in South Africa on the 24th September 1965 and her family  moved to New ZealandRead More →

A new idea in hospitality and tourism is taking shape in the remote wilderness of Harads, Sweden. Treehotel  offers guests a unique experience: accommodations in one-of-a-kind tree-house rooms, designed to exist in harmony with the pristine natural environment around them. Here is a new hotel concept, quite strange but fanciful and exotic. Initiated by Swedish achitects, this extravagant project is in fact a child’s dream. Undoubtedly, as the models suggest, the architects and designers have put a lot of fun in the project. And the result is astonishing: a UFO-like tree house, inspired by bird nests, also similar to a cloud, made out of textile,Read More →

Castillo Caribe – a luxurious house on the coast in the south of the Cayman Islands. The lucky owner of this paradise on earth is to Jerry Beck. The home is so grand and even extremely tall!  The rear of the home makes such a statement with it’s soaring covered Patio  with balcony on top and rock formed swimming pool below that looks as if there is a secret cave under the house!  The enormous Great Room resembles something you might find in a $5,000/Night Hotel – but better.  So much dark wood and beautiful natural stone floors and not to mention the walls ofRead More →

This house is  draft a large modern house, area of 1600 sq.m. The developer of this project is the company A-Cero. The Concrete House II is a family project located in Madrid  The first impression when seeing its unusual architecture with gray concrete and vegetation ramps is that you are looking at an bunker interior. The facade reveals large windows and uncommon shapes. The roof ensures this home’s ecological features as it contains solar tubular collectors, making this residence a sustainable project.  The site also includes a beautiful garden and a picturesque lake which complete the “dreamy” image that this home inspires. A military bunkerRead More →

Who do you think lives in this gorgeous house? You’ll find the answer inside this post.This mansion is located in Harare.The most unusual thing is that Zimbabwe is a poor country. Women here live for about 34 years!!! Almost 2 million people have HIV, but they cannot receive any medical treatment because Zimbabwe’s health system has collapsed. This country is famous for its inflation and its corruption. It is the highest standing in the world at over 200,000,000 percents. About 80 percent of population is unemployed, but the prices rise every day. The saddest thing is that the government doesn’t care about its people andRead More →

The very name ‘V8 Hotel’ is enough to give any auto freak goose bumps and to make him instantly think of being couched in one of his favorite car. This hotel in Meilenwerk Stuttgart interior has some crazy car-themed rooms just for the auto enthusiasts. The luxurious 4-star hotel incorporates 34 rooms each of which is decorated with different theme related to cars and travel. Out of 34 rooms on the offer, there are four single rooms, 19 double rooms, tower suit and 10 theme-based rooms designed especially for auto nerds. Apart from the trendy details and high quality material used to decorate the rooms,Read More →

In the town of Merano Alto Adige, in Italy, the mountainous terrain. In cases where the terrain does not allow to build a Updated Home – “A typical box, passes to seek the help of designers, architects. Austrian  found very interesting but above all, stylish solution to this problem, he simply twisted the house, skirting the hump! The result was a futuristic structure with a very attractive appearance. In the town of Merano Alto Adige, in Italy, the mountainous terrain. In cases where the terrain does not allow to build a house- “A typical box, passes to seek the help of designers, architects. Austrian architectRead More →

More and more people are working from their homes, both as self-employed small business people and as employees. There are a lot of advantages to working at home–including the fact that the dress code is generally more casual–but there are also a number of important things you’ll need to consider before setting up a home office. The most basic consideration is local zoning ordinances. If your home business consists of no more than a desk and a computer in a back bedroom, chances are no one will even know you’re operating. But if, for example, your office is open to the public (say you’re aRead More →

Ever wondered how a torch made of 500 diodes will look like? Well these pictures are your answer. Here you have pictures where the normal torch is compared with the one with 500 diodes and the difference is staggering. It is almost like a spotlight. When used indoors, the light is blinding and you can compare this to the normal one used indoors and see the difference for yourself. This is a great way to find things in the dark and you will not even notice the difference between the day and night. It is hard to believe that tiny diodes when put together canRead More →

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