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Creating a New York style office


New York is one of the most thriving cities in the world and is a central hub of business. Recreating the sleek design of a Wall Street office in your home can create a really workable and usable space in your home. Here’s how to do it:

The chair

The imposing office chair is a regular feature in movies set in New York and is key to the design of your office. However, you’re not just looking for style; you’ll need practicality too.

Sitting for a long period of time on an uncomfortable chair can cause aches and pains. To avoid this, you should always select a supportive, well-padded and adjustable chair.

Take a look at the selection of Eames office chairs available from Vita Interiors. The leather lobby executive chair is fit for any high-flying business person and would be an ideal choice for any New York style office.

The skyline

Okay, so you may not be able to open your window and look out on the magnificent New York skyline, but that doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to it forever. This fantastic Times Square wall mural from eBay will make a bold statement in your office, giving you a slice of the Big Apple in your own home.

If you would prefer something that’s more modest, why not pick up some black and white prints of New York? These would look great when framed and dotted around your room.

The storage

Storage is another important factor to consider when designing any office. A large bookshelf will look great in your New York themed office, creating an authentic look that’s also practical. Stock it full of your favourite books to achieve a professional look.

If you’re not an avid reader, why not create the illusion of a booming book collection with this bookcase effect wallpaper? Paste this onto the doors of your bookcase and fool your visitors with your refined taste in literature.

Planning for a big move to Denver


Denver, the Mile High City, is the largest city in Colorado as well as the state capital.  It is frequently rated as one of America’s top ten most friendly places, with a diverse night life, exotic restaurants and plenty of music venues playing everything from jazz to dance music.  Maybe best of all, it is not difficult to leave the urban sprawl behind and get back to nature.  Just take an easy half hour drive and head for the mountains.

On the move

Planning is essential when preparing to move out of one home and into another, and it is never too soon to start making a strategy.  At least two months before the move, make a list of all main possessions and check off those items that will be making the move.  For those items that need to be disposed of, list them for sale on auction sites such as eBay.  Do not bother with a garage sale; they are a poor use of time and the rewards can be very low.  Also, consider donating items to charity shops.

Check out the area that will be near the new home.  For instance, does the street have parking restrictions that will affect the unloading of moving trucks?  Is there a lot of traffic at certain times of the day that would be best to avoid?  Certain states, including Denver, may require the registration of some pets, such as dogs.  Also, the elevation of Denver may cause breathing difficulties for those unused to the high altitude.  Consider whether it is a good idea to carry out a DIY move; in some cases it may be wiser to hire a local removal company.

How to carry out an accident-free move

Although a DIY move can be appealing, not least because it seems a good way to save money, it may be more trouble than it is worth to try to move bulkier items of furniture, such as beds, wardrobes and dressers.  A removal company should be experienced enough to secure furniture properly inside the truck so that damage caused en route will be minimal, or preferably, zero.  If moving in Denver, the workmen will be used to lifting heavy pieces at high altitudes and will not struggle as a non-native might.

For smaller items, do not waste money on buying new packing boxes.  Start collecting boxes early and keep an eye out for spare boxes available in supermarkets.  Number each box and stick a list of the contents on the outside so that it is easy to see at a glance where the coffeemaker is, so owners will be able to easily make that first cup of Joe when finally settled into the new home .

Often, a move reveals just how much stuff has accumulated in a household over the years.  Consider putting items that the new home has no room for into storage if the owner cannot bear to part with them.  There are many different types of storage spaces available, and they need not cost a lot of money.  Simply enter cheap storage Denver into an internet search engine to find plenty of storage options for Denver.


IRWIN Tools Supporting Well-Deserved Tradesmen in America


Irwin Tools, the world leader of tool manufacturing, is making a contribution for tradesmen such as electricians, welders, and other manual laborers who have made contributions for communities nationwide. We celebrate tradesmen on Friday, September 20; it is a day known as National Tradesmen Day.

National Tradesmen Day celebrated the dedicated hard workers in the industry. For every three tradesmen who retire, there’s only one trained person to fill his or her work boots. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one-third of tradesmen are over age 50. A tradesman’s average age is 55. With this in mind, this shows the disinterest in skill trades in the younger generations. This is a major problem because we are continuously in need of new homes, buildings, and other structures for families, especially school age children. Education is needed to ensure that tomorrow, we will still have these types of tradesmen in the industry. Learn more by visiting the National Tradesmen Day website, www.nationaltradesmenday.com. Inform yourself, your family, friends, and co-workers about the importance of recognizing the hard work these tradesmen and tradeswomen put into things we take for granted each day.

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Who Will You Vote For: Team Drew or Team Jonathan?


This summer, two brothers will lead their teams made up of experts to add value to two homes. Brother Vs. Brother is a six-episode show starring identical twins Jonathan and Drew Scott, who will both compete against each other with their own teams for a chance to win $50,000. The show’s judges will be real estate agent and host of HGTV’s Power Broker Mike Aubrey, Kennon Earl (HGTV’s Selling LA), and co-host of HGTV’s Love It or List It Hilary Farr. Brother vs. Brother premieres Sunday, July 21, at 10PM ET/PT.

Many of the experts have strengths in various forms of art and home renovation. Some strengths include carpentry, woodworking, and floral. These competitors come from all over the country to focus on a common goal: be the last team standing and win the cash prize.

For more information, check out the website hgtv.com/brothers. Throughout the series, visitors can enjoy a second-screen experience and play along with the show through the Into Now app, now available for download at an Apple App Store or Google Play. The app contains special behind the scenes footage, exclusive videos, polls and trivia questions. Additionally, viewers can cast their vote for their favorite group, #TeamDrew or #TeamJonathan via HGTV.com/brothers.

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Follow the Craftsman “Make a Difference” Tour Online


The Craftsman brand, Craftsman Club, a part of the SHOP YOUR WAY Network, Sears Heroes at Home and nonprofit Rebuilding Together are hitting the road this summer to inspire Americans to open their tool box and start working with their hands, all while making a difference in communities across the country. Driving a 36-ft trailer and truck filled with all the necessary tools in tow, the brand will visit dozens of local communities, restoring homes of military veterans, participate in local restoration projects, disaster relief and consumer events throughout the summer.

 The Craftsman Make A Difference tour includes the nation’s largest nonprofit organization, Rebuilding Together. With the help of everyday citizen volunteers, skilled trades people, the support of local business and major corporate partners, Rebuilding Together associates in America’s largest cities and smallest towns make life considerably better for thousands of low-income homeowners and the communities in which they live by finishing over 10,000 projects each year. Sears Heroes at Home with the support of Rebuilding Together, the nation’s leading nonprofit working to preserve affordable homeownership, has raised more than $17 million over the past six years, funding the rebuilding of more than 1,300 homes for deserving military families. To follow this tour online, go to facebook.com/craftsman or www.craftsman.com/MakeaDifference.

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DIY Network Allows Viewers to Design Beach Retreat


    Blog Cabin, a home improvement television series on The DIY Network, is letting their viewers help design a new beach retreat from a 19th century cottage.This July, DIY Network is bringing back DIY Blog Cabin, an interactive home building series, on Monday, July 29, at 9:30 ET. The “Cabin Comforts” sweepstakes focuses on the opportunity for one lucky winner to win a fully-renovated beachfront property. Until May 16th, viewers can vote up to 10 times a day for any additional home features for the three round sweepstakes.

     Tool expert and DIY host Chris Grundy presents this amazing six episode series. With DIY remodeling specialists, Grundy will take a cottage from the 1800s and turn it into a contemporary place for vacationing purposes. Blog Cabin fans now have the opportunity to vote for what special amenities they would like added to the coast retreat. The voting process is broken down into a trio of rounds. The primary round will be made up of bathroom comforts such as slippers, spa brushes, and bath mats. Second round will have relaxing accents such as blankets and storage containers. Third round includes entertainment items such as speakers, stereo system, and serving ware.

    DIY Blog Cabin devotees may visit DIYNetwork.com/BlogCabinVote for various home accents and housewarming gifts that will complete the seventh season. The refurbishment of a 1600 sq ft., 4-bedroom, 3-bath cottage will be transformed into this retreat with the viewers’ votes. To learn more, visit www.DIYNetwork.com.

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How updating windows can benefit you


Though it may have passed many people may by, windows can be one of the most important features in any home. Natural lighting has the ability to turn a dark and unloved room into somewhere with a fantastic ambiance that people want to spend much of their time in. Windows also protect against the weather and offer a connection between the home and the outside world. Simply cleaning and carrying out regular routine maintenance can have homes snapped up off the property market as soon as they are viewed.


With this in mind, it is important to think of windows as key features of the property that need a little care to keep them well maintained and looking their best. Simply cleaning the glass and adding new furnishings can complete the entire style of a room, drawing together all aspects to create a lavish and homely environment. In addition to style concerns, updating windows can have other beneficial effects too. This is especially true in the winter, when double glazing and seamlessly integrated windows can prevent the loss of heat, keeping the home warm and fuel costs low. In the summer, special glass can be used to reflect heat, ensuring that, even if temperatures are soaring outside, the interior remains cool and inviting.

Another important aspect of updating windows is to add a little character and appeal to a property. Homes, especially those that are newly built, are often fitted with industry standard window frames, making all properties on the road look exactly the same. Taking some time to update windows not only offers an opportunity to increase their efficiency and improve home safety, but provides the ideal chance to add a quirky element to the property and make the home stand out against its neighbours.


When it comes to decorating windows, the sky really is the limit. Whilst curtains remain a traditional form of window furnishing, offering the chance to add sumptuous materials to a room’s colour scheme, another popular option are shutters. These provide just as many style and colour options as traditional curtains, but have the added bonus of being able to filter the light that comes into a room. They are also easy to clean and look after and can be a welcome addition to any room. There are many companies that provide an online gallery showing their different wooden shutters, so it is easy to check out all the options before buying. Galleries offer the ideal opportunity to see just how great shutters can look, providing both style and privacy to homeowners.

For people who are looking to carry out a little makeover work on their homes, paying attention to windows is important. There are a huge number of advantages to updating them, including better security, improving efficiency and ensuring that the home is guarded against all that the weather has to throw at it. Equally important are the style options that windows provide and by fitting new curtains or shutters, homeowners can create an enthralling new space to enjoy.

Affordable Home Furnishing Tips


Home decorating and furnishing are an important part of  any home decoration. People invest lots of time and their hard earned cash on the furniture and decoration. Furniture in every room  and even outside,  furnishing has a large impact over the attractiveness of each and every house.

A couple of hot ideas for greatest inexpensive home decoration might help them a lot to make their home look gorgeous. Probably the most essential and useful furnishing suggestions which could turn the general look of the home, are listed below:

The Most Recent The Most Impressive – The idea of “The most recent and the most stunning” holds true regarding furnishing. There are a number of latest furnishings styles that many of us can select to supply a brand new and rejuvenating look to their house. These days, furnishings made from fabric or leather, both are just as popular. Nevertheless to make your choices of furniture assortment less expensive, you can go for most recent types of fabric furniture for living room furnishing. They’re stunning, economical and simple to keep up.

Choose Pleasant Colours – Choice of colours is important when getting furniture. It is best to pick pleasant colours that calm the eyes of guests along with people residing at home. Here people should think about the individual tastes. This means they need to give concern for their favourite colour segment.

Give Choice To Versatile Home furniture – These days, home furniture manufacturers are creating home furniture versatile use in thoughts. Beds with storage space, sofa beds, and recliners are probably the most widely used versatile furniture. Sofa beds get rid of the need of a bed and supply a cushy setting to rest. So, such steps can help to save cash while getting furniture.

Enhance Home Furnishing with Imagination – Creative people can supply a famous look to their house by enhancing the decorating with imaginative ideas. Making use of handmade draperies, cushions covers,  sofa covers, paintings or  potteries  in complementing colour distinction will give you a creative look to current house furnishing design.

These days, both modern manufacturers and furnishing specialists give force on utilizing a constant furnishing concept through the home. As a result, people may also select from various famous furnishing themes such as Ethnic, Mediterranean, Greek or Victorian to give a fresh look to their house. As well as that, adopting previously mentioned furnishing ideas can do miracles in giving the most breath taking look to contemporary houses.

Should You Choose A Wooden, Leather Or Metal Bed?


 Choosing a bed for your room is an important investment, not least because it can be one of the more expensive home purchases. Most people spend more of their time in the bedroom than in other rooms in the house and it needs to be an environment which is both comfortable and personal to you. Bed frames are generally made of one of three materials – wood, leather or metal – and there are unique advantages to all. Depending on what suits you, here are the main reasons for buying each type.

Wooden Frames

Wooden beds are an attractive choice and one which remains popular due to relatively lower costs and the range of options available. There are obviously those in the higher price range such as antique mahogany beds and carved ornamental frames. So although wood is not as resistant to damage as metal, at the top end it can be long-lasting and a satisfying investment which you could pass on to your family. Nevertheless, there are plenty of choices in pine or cherry for budget buyers and beds such as this can be easily treated or painted to go with changes in your interior decor. Wooden frames are generally favoured by those who like the natural, organic look they provide and they will go with most warm tones and rustic-style furnishings such as beams or vintage one-offs.


Metal Options

Metal beds were once solely a practical choice, bringing to mind factory-made hospital beds. Nowadays there are many attractive options which still offer a competitive price compared to some wooden models. Minimalist homes with bold crisp decoration are the perfect environment for the cool style of the metal bed and their often monochromatic colours. If you’re buying a metal bed and a single mattress for the cost advantages, you can choose one in a muted colour and use more feminine or decorative bed linen to make it look more welcoming. The other benefits to metal are the ease of transportation   most can be dismantled   and the durability. Out of all the options, metal is the material which is likely to prove the most long-lasting and these beds are recyclable too.

Luxury Leather

Leather can be one of most luxurious options, creating a statement in the bedroom and instantly lending a touch of quality to an interior. Because of this, real leather beds tend to be more expensive but recent years have seen high-quality faux-leather frames being produced at a lower cost. They can need a little more maintenance than other kinds but this may only mean you need to rub them with leather oil once a year. They can be subject to scratches and cannot be repainted or treated like metal and wooden beds, but they do have a certain appeal to those who want a stylish bedroom as they make a punchy first impression and can work with most colour schemes.

Finding the right bed is normally only a case of matching it with your existing tastes and interiors as well as a few practical considerations. If you’re thinking of redecorating, moving home or are likely to change your interiors fairly regularly, these are all factors to take into account before buying. Whether it’s price, longevity or appearance that matters, work out your main priority and you’ll end up with the best option.

You May Be Living in Aladdin’s Cave & Not Even Know It


With the Christmas period rapidly approaching, many of you will be delving into your attics to fetch your Christmas trees and decorations.  Whilst you are up there, it may be worth having a look around for any antiques or sports memorabilia, as the market is currently doing very well. If you find anything old and dusty and you’d like more info about it, there is a plethora of useful websites about antiques. This seems to be one of the better ones: http://www.antiques-info.co.uk/

Recently, a tiny, damaged bowl that was bought for only £65 was sold at auction for well over £1.6 million pounds.  The 10 inch diameter dice bowl was crafted from porcelain, and was an antique piece from the 15th century Ming dynasty, which made it exceptionally rare.  It was first bought just after World War II for £65, which would have been worth around £1,600 in today’s money.

The antique dice bowl was expected to sell for around £20,000 but it eventually went for 84 times that amount at £1.68 million, after Chinese bidders went into a bidding-frenzy.  Even more startlingly, according to experts, it would have sold for an even higher amount if it had been in better condition.  The company that sold the antique, Bainbridge’s auction house in Middlesex, previously sold an antique Chinese vase in 2010 for the eye-watering price of £59 million.

Another slightly more modern antique that is destined to see its value skyrocket is Michael Jackson’s jacket from the ‘Thriller’ video.    The famous jacket worn by King of Pop Michael Jackson has been a much sought-after item since the video was released in 1983.  The legendary red and black calf-leather jacket was estimated to fetch between £100,000 and £250,000 at auction, but it eventually sold for £1.1 million in 2011.  It would be interesting to see how much this future antique will sell for if it ever makes it to auction in the future.

If you prefer a bit of sporting memorabilia, they are also worth rooting around in the attic for, as the right pieces are selling for huge profits.  An antique match-day programme from the 1938 World Cup Final in France featuring Hungary versus Italy, recently sold for £2,500.  Another piece of sporting memorabilia, a Manchester United match-day programme from 1958 (the year of the Munich air crash) also sold for £4,700 at a sporting memorabilia auction.

If you are unsure of whether anything you find up in the attic is of worth, there is a range of expert online valuation websites, such as Value My Stuff, who will provide an expert valuation of your antiques or sporting memorabilia for a small fee.  This will save you the embarrassment of turning up at the antiques road show with something that cam free in a box of cereal.