Floral motifs, usually inspired by the creative achievements of women designers. It happened this time: the competition “Rodchenko-2011” Young Moscow designer Albina Basharova submitted a draft transforming floral sofa Fiori Divano, with whom he won first prize. Attractive appearance, exactly repeating the shape of the plant, sofa Fiori Divano like women and children, and will smile at men. Oh very nice and naive as a child is a project of modern furniture. However, this does not reduce all of its advantages: recline sofa converts into a comfortable couch “boat”, and the petals give additional support to the back and serve as a kind of armsRead More →

French architect Patrick Partouche created a house built of 8 shipping containers. Now it’s a home for a family in Lille, France. This spacious house with a total area of 208 sq. m  has floor-to-ceiling windows with enormous metal blinds that may easily turn the building into a fortress when shut, making the place safe to leave. However, the owners use blinds only for protection against sun heat.  It took 3 days to assemble the house. Special trucks brought shipping containers which then were placed on a basement of reinforced concrete and joined together. The visitors especially enjoy the large bay windows. Even though theRead More →

Author of the project, the designer Judson Beaumont , a seat designed so that the form is no different from the usual, classic chairs, but also served as a secluded storage for a variety of things. The fact that the “bottom” of this chair is absolutely hollow, and is a sort of shelf that can be completed in its sole discretion. So, at this makeshift shelf can arrange toys or books, crafts, or magazines, store in slippers, chargers and remote controls on household appliances In addition, given that the “store” in the chair does not close the door, the cavity can be filled and decorativeRead More →

Schonberg Residence – a unique structure of the architectural studio of American Dialect Design Architects, has long been suspended over the existing garage is quite a traditional home. The unusual house designed for the life of one family, located in Charlotte, NC and breaks all the conventions and architectural “convention” of the area. An ingenious use of simple, complementary shapes and bright colors is rather complex and creates a fresh look at the living space. The integration of built-in furniture and the library is so harmonious, that is by forming a non-trivial boundaries of the suspended home.Read More →

At this time we have gathered a collection of interiors, executed in black and white, diluted with a small vivid detail – accents, privnosyaschimi in the thin atmosphere, sensual and life-affirming tone. It’s no secret that in order to visually “push” the wall of space, enough to make his base of white, transforming walls, ceilings or floors, in the air. Yes, it is in the air, which seemed to hover in black and gray pieces of furniture and decor. In order to revive a little cold, but always perfect and stylish black and white palette, it is enough to hang a picture with an unusualRead More →

Now look at the ceiling only if the person so there is nothing to do, so that even the boring pastime somehow dilutes the depression. But thanks to the device Rooftop ceiling lights that phrase will gain a new, much more positive and full of meaning! Designers now, probably, than ever before have begun to pay attention to the ceiling.  This device is a board thickness of 44 mm, which is attached to the ceiling, as well as device, projecting a different image on it, mostly, different types of ceilings. That is, sitting at home and looking at the ceiling, you may well experience theRead More →

This extravagant apartment interpreting the allusion to the theme of famous literary works, covers an area about 167 square meters, which by the standards of our latitude, is quite a spacious living space in which there is an opportunity to turn creative ideas, and plan an effective ergonomics and create maximum comfort. A unique apartment located in Chelsea, contains a common space, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Home is decorated in an eclectic style with surreal retro, industrial, allusions, and steampunk elements. Upon entering the apartment you are greeted by a fragment of a submarine, and many other non-trivial elements of decor, suggestive of theRead More →

This stunning contemporary architecture and interior let in bright, spacious house, situated on a beautiful green area, the diversity of the surrounding housing and the nature of the nearby urban environment. Light, airy building – the result of a collaboration of experts from the architectural studio Xoio – professional supplier of creative visualization and animation. A small selection of images of interiors, designed studio offers many creative ideas and effective solutions to the organization of living space – both urban and suburban. Huge windows, curved walls, alternating with more functionality straight clean lines and colors that give the interior fine lines and smooth transitions fromRead More →

Times have gotten worse and there are not a lot of consumers or buyers in the market today; however, still with the right approach you can sell your home pretty easily. Many people just think that because real estate is going down and there are not many buyers out there, there home will not get sold or not for the right price; such people end up selling their homes quickly and well below the market price. This approach and thinking should be avoided. Here are the necessary steps that you should take for home selling. Something like a home cannot be sold out without properRead More →

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