Whistler Blackcomb is a popular ski resort among tourists. It was the site for various 2010 Winter Olympic events.Heated floors, hot tub, spa, indoor waterfall, fireplaces, guest house and guest suites, and lakeside are among Whistler Blackcomb’s notable amenities.This place is located about 125 km  north of Vancouver.This incredible property on Crabapple drive is situated on five beautiful acres, offering maximum luxury and privacy. Built in 2004, it has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.  Read More →

Some car owners love their cars so that they are willing to part with them even during rest and sleep. Here’s to such enthusiastic people and create amazing options to fulfill their dream. In our review we will just tell you about the top ten solutions to keep the house a car. Indoor parking for Lamborghini Japanese architect Takuya Tsuchida  has created a house for the owner of the car Lamborghini Countach Anniversary edition. The fact that the customer really likes this your car. So the layout of the building implies the existence of the lift, which allows time to time to raise the LamborghiniRead More →

Airbus A380 aircraft is so great and universal that the designers and business people have in their face inexhaustible space for experiments. Korean Air Company and Absolut, for instance, created in these airplanes mono-brand bars, and the Australian flag carrier Qantas has turned one of its Airbus in the spaceship USS Enterprise from the television show Star Trek. The designer of this miracle was Max Newson. He carefully preserved the style of Star Trek and moved it to his existing material – an Airbus plane. Shop Airbus A380 from Star Trek is designed for fourteen passengers, who can fly it at the same time. EachRead More →

In the modern interior living room, bedroom or office,there is always room for a small piece,and even for a few pieces of sweet pastry.So, probably,have decided in the Japanese studio Mizmiz Design,and hence showcased Tokyo design week 2011 a draft of the original table on Cake Table.The triangular shape of the table design alludes to a piece of cake,cut a huge knife from a large,whole dessert.Each piece of “cake” can be used independently or as a seat,or in combination with other triangular modules.And the more such pieces meet,the more beautiful will dessert.It does not matter in which he will form a round table or aRead More →

A collection of cast bronze furniture, richly decorated with gold leaf, produced by Dutch company Studio Job specifically for the famous New York store-gallery Moss. Five designer furniture, united title Robber Baron Collection, called the embodiment of wealth, corruption and “the dream of oligarchs,” and they are made in the form of world-famous attractions, except perhaps in some kind of interpretation of the designers Studio Job. Many point out an amazing harmony of all five elements of this shocking collection of furniture, as well as what they made in the best traditions of European bourgeois culture.  Read More →

Hobbit House- guest house in Trout Creek, Montana – absolutely unique.There really is a house, as if intended for visitors from the Shire.Creators of the guesthouse, Steve and Christine Michaels, spent on its construction 410 000 dollars.They themselves live in a two-story house, located across the street from pansiona.Stiv and Christine Michaels near another “hobbitskogo home” – a copy of the house Torbinsa Bilbo, the hero of the book JRR Tolkien’s “Hobbit.”One night spent in a hostel will cost $ 245.There are two bedrooms and detskaya.Syuda got into the habit to come to sleep moose – because the land, even in winter warm. The totalRead More →

Idaho will be a godsend for fans to travel to America.Among the amazing flora and fauna you can enjoy visiting national parks.The hotel, known as the Dog Bark Park Inn, which means “barking dog hotel” will give fans of unusual excitement interior and exterior hotel.Otel located in north central Idaho in Cottonwood. The famous symbol of the state – hound – has found its reflection in the construction of amenities in the form of the building looks like a great monument gonchey.Denis Sullivan – owner of the hotel, self-taught artist.To create his works “My dear Willie,” as the locals call Dennis uses an ordinary saw.TheRead More →

Japanese architectural studio Apollo Architects and Associates, we know of his creative project Flow, undertook the construction of “origamnogo” minmalistskogo housing White Home. The home interior of this private home designed for a young family living with the child, seeks to continue the original tradition, and to provide its residents privacy and comfort, while maintaining the species in the surrounding urban landscape and the picturesque cliffs of the plateau. A three-storey house built on one of the densely populated streets of Tokyo, combines both traditional and quite unusual details and fragments that make up its unique architecture.  Read More →

Very infamous HGTV will offer splendid and valued giveaway to their worldwide fans- top three giveaways that worth more than two billions include custom-built home in Utah, a 2010 GMC Terrain, and $500k cash. It’s not the first that this company is offering such a big gift to their viewers but this New Year Showcase Planned for HGTV Dream Home 2012 is more attractive with respect to the giveaways which are being offered in the 2012 package. Users can take part in the program online and enter only once in the day; they can watch virtual 3D tour online as well as photo gallery toRead More →

Fisher’s house  a country house on the shore of Lake Clear in Canada, designed for an active young family. The project provides a nontrivial solution to the country house of rest and communion with nature. Autonomy, environmental protection, rational and logical layout of morphogenesis – the basic principles of the project. Planning solution involves placing the main functional areas and premises along the main motion vector whose axis is the north wall of the house. The internal volume of the residential part represented a spacious room with panoramic window at the lake. The project applied the principle of interpenetrating spaces. The bedroom is designed onRead More →

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