Most of us see our homes as our own personal sanctuaries. Home is a place where you can let loose, be yourself, and walk around in your underwear whenever you please. But for people who live in glass houses, home is more like a fish tank. While some of these glass houses seem impractical for everyday living, others serve a very real purpose. Greenhouses are constructed of glass to harness the power of the sun for growing plants. Whether they are meant for people or for plants, these houses made of glass are visually stunning. Arguably the most famous glass house is the Glass HouseRead More →

A house with a water view is a dream come true for house hunters and vacationers alike. The tranquil sound of lapping waves, the beauty of sunsets over the water, and the feeling of being in one’s own paradise retreat make beach houses and lake houses perennial favorites for everyday living and relaxing getaways. Sometimes, the proximity to the water inspires owners or architects to create homes that are truly unique masterpieces. Whether you will ever find any of these beach houses or lake houses for sale is another question entirely!  Read More →

If you are planning to go for complete home update, then don’t forget to give a face-lift to your backyard. A beautifully decorated garden can help to enhance the outward show of your house. There are lots of different ways of enhancing the look of your garden. The use of right type of odd garden sculptures can significantly boost the look of your garden. However, often, people are found to make bad choices when selecting sculptures for their garden. With the intention of giving their backyard a unique and striking look, most people often end up choosing weird statues and figurines, for their garden. SomeRead More →

Recently, the inauguration of the Unusual Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona took place recently. The entire hotel has been designed by the extremely gifted designer Patricia Urquiola, who has managed to create a masterpiece. He has designed a home interior, which very few people have actually seen. This classy and stylish hotel is predominantly meant for the elite class and is situated on Passeig de Gracia, which is located at the center of the city of Barcelona. The property includes 98 guest rooms, several upscale restaurants, ? 1,000 square meters of spa, a rooftop terrace with the never ending pool. The bar of Unusual HotelRead More →

Project of modern Swedish apartment, designed by Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör Company acts as a rare work of art, where the simple things are made to look attractive and pretty. The company normally makes use of easily available objects, which are not only inexpensive but offers their surroundings a unique look. The furniture normally used in project of modern Swedish apartment, when designing the home interior are sleek and tend to occupy less space. They are light weighted and have a stylish look. The rooms are mostly painted in white, which makes them appear more illuminated and less cluttered. The white walls and the flooringsRead More →

Interesting and unusual picture wallpapers can significantly help to enhance ones home interior and give the rooms a complete makeover. The right kind of wallpaper can make a room look more dramatic. Nowadays, wall papers are available in wide varieties of designs, sizes and textures and finding the suitable one won’t be a difficult task at all. Even though painting the walls with different colors can improve your home interior considerably, but if you apply unusual picture wallpapers to your walls, then you can change the entire ambience of the room. If you are thinking that wall papers are extremely costly then you are completelyRead More →

Very few people can actually think of turning an old water tower into a luxurious apartment. Even though it might sound quite ridiculous, but in reality, such an Incredible House Inside a Water Tower does exist. It is one of a kind house, which has a beautifully done home décor. The Incredible House Inside a Water Tower has been divided into various floors and each floor is dedicated to a particular room. Such as, one floor is used for kitchen and dinning room, one for bedroom and the topmost floor for sitting area. Each floor has been designed uniquely, based on the purpose it serves.Read More →

You can break home insurance coverage into couple of parts. One of them includes the insurance involved in the construction of your home, whereas the other is targeted towards the coverage of moveable objects. These objects may include valuables or personal belongings. You will come across a number of coverage plans suiting different houses as well as homeowners. One of the only concerns, which homeowners have, while taking a home insurance, is the amount of premiums involved in the insurance. Some policies with good coverage come with high premiums. This is where you need to think one step ahead and make different moves, which willRead More →

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