Isn’t it about time your lawn looked its most beautiful without the hassle and guesswork of traditional lawn care systems?  Scotts thinks so, which is why it has developed the Snap Spreader System for beautiful lawns.

The Scotts Snap Spreader is the perfect solution for any homeowner who is frustrated with the old way of doing lawn care.  Custom-designed to go with the Scotts Snap Pac lawn care products, the Snap Spreader will make you wonder how you ever put up with the wasteful system you are using now.

The Snap Spreader is easy for anyone to use.  Simply snap the Scotts Snap Pac into the Spreader and lock in place with the lever.  The innovative Snap Spreader design automatically sets the flow so you do not have to guess about how much product your lawn needs.  After treating your lawn, the Snap Pac will automatically seal itself, eliminating the wasteful spillage from old systems.

Scotts designed the Snap Spreader System to minimize waste at every stage of lawn care.  No hassle or waste loading the feeder.  No hassle or waste guessing how much product your lawn needs.  No hassle or waste storing the product.

So … are you ready for a lawn care revolution?  Experience the Scotts Snap Spreader System and see what the buzz is about.

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