Redesigning your 19th century Rosedale home can be a lot of fun. It can also be a lot of work, if you’re doing the work yourself. When you have a beautiful house that old, you want to restore instead of renovate completely. Keeping in mind its original design while you create your own can create a wonderful new hybrid of old and new. After installing new floors and window coverings and splashing a neutral colour on your walls, it’s time to think about filling the beautiful space you’ve created. What better way to match your sophisticated restoration than with modern leather furniture? As part Toronto’sRead More →

Some car owners love their cars so that they are willing to part with them even during rest and sleep. Here’s to such enthusiastic people and create amazing options to fulfill their dream. In our review we will just tell you about the top ten solutions to keep the house a car. Indoor parking for Lamborghini Japanese architect Takuya Tsuchida  has created a house for the owner of the car Lamborghini Countach Anniversary edition. The fact that the customer really likes this your car. So the layout of the building implies the existence of the lift, which allows time to time to raise the LamborghiniRead More →

A collection of cast bronze furniture, richly decorated with gold leaf, produced by Dutch company Studio Job specifically for the famous New York store-gallery Moss. Five designer furniture, united title Robber Baron Collection, called the embodiment of wealth, corruption and “the dream of oligarchs,” and they are made in the form of world-famous attractions, except perhaps in some kind of interpretation of the designers Studio Job. Many point out an amazing harmony of all five elements of this shocking collection of furniture, as well as what they made in the best traditions of European bourgeois culture.  Read More →

Having a big house with lots of space to fill is lovely I’m sure. But if like me your funds can only stretch to a more low-key accomodation, there is plenty you can do with the space you do have in order to make the most of what you’ve got. Whilst you obviously can’t physically make a room bigger without some fairly major contruction work, if you follow a few simple tips it is possible to make even a small room seem much bigger and feel much more usable. So here are a few ideas to get you started: Pick light hues and soft colors:Read More →

This is not the furniture at all – it seems to be extraterrestrial beings who have fallen to the ground under the guise of furniture with some all-important mission. That and look what a full moon, all these tables, stools and chairs of the four “legs” stand up, stretch and trotted to his extraterrestrial affairs. And in case of danger once again to pretend boots furniture. Here Chan calls his project a non-standard furniture art, which is able to dilute the bleak interior of any room, from office space to living in an ordinary apartment building. Of course, such creative use of tables and chairsRead More →

It often happens that the expensive seats upholster leather, taken from different animals. But the company Wild Design achieves its unique furniture in another way. It creates an amazingly beautiful chairs made in the form of animals. Each person because my favorite animal, his character, his ideas about beauty. That chair should be chosen according to these factors. Kind and friendly people will approach the chair in the form of a dolphin or an elephant, people with a bad temper – in the form of a snake or a scorpion. Themselves these amazing chairs are made very carefully, by hand and only on individual orders.Read More →

The fireplace gives the room an edgy look and could probably be used in real life, but the chairs and the bed do not look so comfortable, but still it is interesting to see how you can take something old and rusty and turn it into something cool and useful.  Looking at this furniture on the pictures makes you think “unique but not so comfortable”, and that is right. They are old and rusty naval mines that are found on a previous Soviet fortress on Naissaar Island in Estonia. It was sculptor Mati Karmin’s idea to take those World War II mines and use themRead More →

If you are passionate about cars you can see automobile in everything or bring in cars in everything. Two designers who are passionate about automotive engineering and designer furniture have combined the two and come up with a collection of furniture that any car buff will fall in love with. This unique collection of furniture has been launched by the LA Design Studio, Poland and gives freaks a chance to live and breathe autos. The love for autos, particularly among the men can reach an incredible level of obsession. And these furniture designs are a dream come true for any auto nerd. The collection hasRead More →

Hendzel and Hunt-London-based design studio that specializes in cabinets and furniture to order. Jan Hendzel – designer-engineer with 7 years experience. He was educated industrial designer at Central St Martins. Hunt, Oscar – carpenter and lighting designer. He studied at 3-d design at the University of Brighton. This pair of expertly selects materials and colors of their work – proof of that.Read More →

The living room often show the best of the owners of the property. Several homes nowadays have such a good place room, which is more to be examined by hand. Living as a room belonging to the open areas should be well lit. In addition to the bright upper world, would be appropriate to use local lighting. This could be the allocation of the zone read, or just a way to create intimate corners for intimate conversations.The interior of each room unique. To achieve this not only allows competent work designer but also bright individual customer. Favorite paintings on the walls, details indicating the hobbyRead More →

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