3 Simple Tips To Modernise Your Garden

Looking to create a more modern look for your garden? Here are some simple tips you can follow to give your outdoor space a contemporary and stylish feel.

Create a Living Area

Create a Living Area
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Creating a seating zone in your garden is a great way to modernize your outdoor space and add some character. Why not go further and install some quirky décor to really make the space feel like an outside living room? Items such as mirrors, water features, garden decor art, and sculptures, will create a contemporary and eclectic vibe. Section your outdoor living area into its own separate zone on a flat surface, like a patio or paved area. You can use bamboo dividers and hanging canopies to separate the area and make it feel cozier. Also think about shelter, like creating a canopy or using trees as shade. For a really ultra-modern twist, consider adding a sleek and stylish pizza oven, like the Outdoor Pizza Oven, Ooni Koda 16. With its modern design, coupled with the convenience of gas, this is a great addition to your garden during those cozy summer evenings.

Update Your Furniture

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Swap tired outdated tables and chairs for something much more contemporary. Hanging chair pods work well in outdoor spaces and look really stylish. They’re also super comfy. Adding blankets and cushions to a garden decor pod will create the coziest of hiding places, where you can relax and enjoy a good summer book in peace.

Another good idea, which will really add a modern and unique twist to your garden, is to repurpose your old existing furniture. Why not paint your tables and chairs in funky, fresh colors that contrast with the greenery? You can also upcycle items, such as ladders, barrels, or wooden pallets, into ultra-stylish garden decor seating and tables. For a more sophisticated and streamlined look, consider matching your furniture to your planters and pots.


Re Plant
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When trying to modernize your garden, it can be easy to forget about the plants, but that would be unwise. It’s extremely important to retain greenery in your garden to attract essential pollinators. But not only do plants encourage pollinators, but they can also help you to relax and boost your mood. When it comes to modernizing your outdoor space, there are lots you can do with plants. Cacti, for instance, always look stylish and will give your space a contemporary feel. Swapping ordinary, bland plant pots for planters in vibrant colors is a really simple way to update a tired-looking garden. Another good idea is to create a green wall, which is really easy to do on a budget. Liven up the side of your home or shed by installing some vertical panels. Modernise by painting in a bold, statement color, then fix with string hooks to hang bucket planters on. You can fill these with pretty hanging or trailing plants.


Your garden is where you relax and so it’s important to put the effort in to make it nice. If you’re looking to modernize your garden, then utilizing the space to create a living area where you can relax and entertain is a great start. You can update your garden decor further by installing items like mirrors or garden art. Other features which give a contemporary vibe include adding certain plants and upgrading your garden furniture.

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