A Step-by-Step Guide to Air Conditioner Installation

When you have chosen the right air conditioner for you it is also necessary to choose the right location. You can have an air conditioner installed by a professional team that will be able to do everything correctly and with high quality. But in any case, you need to know the basic principles of air conditioner installation. Air conditioners come in several types, let us consider the factors of interest with the example of the most popular split-systems.

Process of Installation of Split-System Air Conditioners

Relying on a quality air conditioning installation from H-Town is of course possible, but you also need to be knowledgeable in how to properly install an air conditioner yourself.
To do this, you need to follow some important rules:

  • Install the air conditioner at least 7-10 cm to the ceiling. It is important for the free circulation of air and proper work of the air conditioner;
  • It is necessary to agree with a customer in advance whether to hide all the wires in a box or to make a chink in a wall;
  • A fastening plank of both the indoor and outdoor unit is fixed on dowels and nails strictly on the level;

Urgent Installation of Air Conditioners

When there are no repair and finishing work in the building, and you need to solve the climate problem as soon as possible, you can install the conditioner at once with the purchase, without two-stage installation. All you need to do is to conclude a deal on the site of our online store, and in the near future, you will receive your purchase and install the selected split system.

Professional installers will work maximally clean, making all possible to install conditioner not only qualitatively, but also with the minimum disturbance of the inner space. The only thing you should take into account during the urgent installation of an air conditioner is the fact that the communications will be visible on the wall of the room. Certainly, it is possible to close them with a special box, but aesthetics will be far from being ideal all the same.

Rules of Installation of Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit

It is important to remember and follow the basic rules for installing an outdoor air conditioner unit:

  • When installing the outdoor unit, make sure that the wall or partition of the balcony/loft is made of a material strong enough to support the weight of the equipment. The wall and mounting kit (brackets, screws, wall plugs) must have twice the strength of the wall.
  • Brackets should be attached directly to the wall, not to the insulation. Exterior walls in new houses are often made of aerated concrete. This material is well suited as insulation, but it is very fragile and installation of the outer unit on it is not recommended. In these cases, it is necessary to use special damping gaskets.
  • The outdoor unit must be installed strictly horizontally – even small misalignments are not allowed. This negatively affects the circulation of freon (refrigerant). It is recommended that the outdoor unit be exposed to the wind. The most suitable place for installation of the outdoor unit of a split system is a balcony or a place under a roof. If the apartment is on the top floor it is allowed to install on the roof, but in this case, it is important not to exceed the 10-15m in length of the duct, otherwise, you will lose the cold in the system.

It is important to arrange the removal of condensate so it will not get on the heads of passers-by, at least because it is not correct when water drips on the head of people passing by. Installation of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner should be made no closer than 10 cm to the wall because in hot weather the compressor will be poorly blown around, which can cause overheating and damage to the equipment.


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