27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

Are you thinking of building an above-ground pool with a deck? Here are a few ideas to inspire you and keep you on track.

When you talk about a swimming pool in your backyard, you remember the tens of thousands of dollars this pool will cost. Sometimes, this cost is enough to prevent you from turning your idea into reality.

But you still want a pool to cool off on hot days and to relax after long workdays. And you want it right in your garden. There should be a way to get this luxury without ruining the budget – or mood.

Luckily, an above ground pool is the answer to your wish. If you have chosen the right style and have added enough accessories to make it comfortable, it will become a good alternative to your traditional pool. And you can create a lounging area with a deck.

Don’t worry, it wouldn’t take too much space in your backyard if you have a small area there.

Intrigued? Here are some above ground pools with deck ideas to inspire you even more.

1. Wooden and Small

27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

If you are looking to build a simple above ground pool deck, this is the pool you should be looking at. All the walls, stairs, and deck are made from wood. Stairs are not just stairs.

Instead, they represent one of the common pool deck ideas you can apply in modern-day pools.

You can use a single staircase to reach both deck and pool or you can build two different entrances for both. Interestingly, these stairs also act as a lounging space once you have done swimming.

2. Make it Oval

27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

The same idea can apply to an oval swimming pool. You can prefer the oval pool over a round one if you want more space to swim. So, convert your leisurely swimming activity into a sport at your home and build an oval, wooden swimming pool complete with a deck and stairs.

The added advantage is that, with an oval pool, you have more area to keep your stair levels longer making them more comfortable after baths.

3. Round and Huge

27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

Well, it’s not exactly huge but you’ve got the point, right? The pool is deep enough for you to swim and bathe. It’s round and you may have to consider the space it would take.

Unlike many other ideas in this article, you wouldn’t create an elevated deck with it. On the contrary, the sitting area is kept on the ground.

The best part is the low cost attached to this idea. You can install it out of a swimming pool kit readily available in the market.

4. Or an Easy Oval Pool

Or an Easy Oval Pool
Source: decks.com

If you are in an awe of the oval pool but don’t want to pay thousands of bucks in construction costs, you may get the kit for it too.

You can keep the deck at ground level to reduce cost.

5. And Add Lightings

27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

Are you thinking of pool lightings from this mention? You can also add string lights to create a beautiful ambiance at night.

6. Bohemian Style Above Ground Pool with Deck

27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

Collect different ways of entertainment in one area. Start with building a semi inground pool with a deck. Complete the pool with a lounging area, lawn, and an open kitchen. Decorate it with a mix of natural and bright colors. Add lots of plants and make sure it makes a perfect picnic area with trimmed grass that’s inviting.

7. Get an Infinity Pool

27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

You may not be satisfied with the wooden style that may give a suburban look and are looking for more modern ideas. If that’s the case, an infinity pool will never disappoint you.

The tempered glass allows you to view the water from the pool outside. This beautifully trapped water not only looks inviting but also beautifies the surrounding area.

8. Use a Patch of Glass

27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

The infinity pool is not the only way to enjoy the sleek and modern look of your backyard pool. You can also add the same twist of tempered glass to give your wooden above-ground pool. Within the pool walls, build three – or less – with wood and use glass for the last one.

9. A Supreme Infinity Pool

27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

Infinity pools can be small or large. If you want it to cover more space, add more accessories to the surroundings. Make the pool a meeting place for the family. Or maybe you want it to be your go-to party area.

Build the concrete deck and complete it with loungers, a gazebo, and an open kitchen.

10. Or Keep It Small

27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

Who said that the family’s area can only be large? You can get warmth and support from your family in a small backyard packed with a pool.

Can’t you? Focus on its night view to celebrate nighttime gatherings.

11. Pool with a Slide

27 Awe-inspiring Above Ground Pool with Deck

Got children at home? You would want additional security to bar them from accessing the pool. But you also want more traction for them here! Use water slides as a treat to their pool visits.

12. Or a Trampoline

Can a child refuse to swim? Yes, he can if he is afraid of swimming.

Can a child reject an invitation to jump? Of course not! Include these little lovelies in your outdoor gatherings by adding some fun for them also.

13. How About A Bridge


Let your child’s creativity go wild by adding a bridge to the deck. Make it wooden and keep it rustic.

Complete it with lots of plants and trees, a sand area for kids, and a gazebo. The natural look will also keep you grounded as well as satiating the naturalist inside you.

14. Guard It with a Fence


You can add a fence around your pool to add safety. But that’s not the only reason that can prompt you to commission a fence. You can also get a fence around the pool to add beauty to it. Use a wooden fence to give a natural look.

15. Glass Fence for Pool


For modern, futuristic pools, you can use a glass fence. Use acrylic or tempered glass. It will not only act as a partition but also minimize the distinction between the two sides.

16. Or Mix the Two Material

Mix the Two Material
Source: pinterest.com.au

Get a mid-century look by adding glass to a wood fence. Of course, the glass that will go on top of the wood will be like and etched to add beauty. But you can also use frosted glass to add a layer of privacy.

17. Swimming Pool between the Woods


Are you a fan of natural scenes? Or have you got lots of trees in your backyard and are wary of building a pool between them? Fret not. The finished look will be both refreshing and calming. I would go with a wooden deck with this style. What would you choose?

18. Mix It Up


Now, don’t think that a swimming pool has to follow a predefined structure or shape. It’s not limited to circular, rectangular, or oval shapes. Make it clear.

You are allowed to experiment with the shapes. For example, try a pentagon. Or make it even better. Try an 8-like shape with the middle not completely meeting.

19. Another Party Space


Complete your futuristic pool, with a large deck. Make it wooden or use concrete but keep the space clear for the most part. Add a partition and add another living space next to this partition. It can be a sitting area, a dining room, or an open kitchen.

20. Make It Tropical


Another way to incorporate natural vibes into your home exterior is by developing a tropical living area. A swimming pool is a great area to implement this style. Use rustic boundaries and floorings, add plants – with large foliage, of course, and add some animal marks or statues.

21. Simple, Guarded Deck


You don’t have to be extravagant while developing your in-home swimming pool. Even when you don’t have a large area, a pool is still makes a possibility for you. Build a small oval or round pool and build an elevated deck on only one side of it.

22. A Long Rectangle


Why are rectangular pools better? It’s because they offer large areas to flex your swimming muscles. But you want a complete track, right? Make it extra- long. In fact, build it along the entire wall and then add some space for the deck. You may want it to touch the outer wall of your backyard to get extra space. But it’s worth it.

23. Infinity Pool in Mediterranean Style


Make it classic and sophisticated and design it in Mediterranean style. Amidst stone walls and unrestricted sunlight, you decorate the pool with a pergola. Interestingly, this shade for your exterior living will not eliminate the light your pool is getting. Instead, it will only make it cooler and pleasant.

24. In the Natural Landscape


Without worrying too much about the style and structure, focus on ease and comfort. Keep it simplistic and blend it within the vibe you have already created in your backyard. A small frame for a wooden, rectangular pool looks cool by adding bright colored pops against the lush green lawn.

25. Keep Nature a Focal Point


If you happen to enjoy a backyard that’s close to the woods, you are in luck. Your backyard doesn’t need another element of decoration. Just build an oval, rectangular, or round pool; accessorize with simple chairs or sofas; and complete with a few plants.

Keep the space empty to add a picnic blanket when needed.

26. Grow Some Vines


The best thing about developing an outdoor space is that you don’t need to worry about falling leaves there. So, use this opportunity to decorate the place so it looks cozy and inviting. On a pergola installed over the infinity pool, grow vines.

Sunset is the best time to enjoy this view.

27. Decorate It with Desert Plants


Do you love the beauty offered by deserts? If yes, then this above ground pool with the deck will be your topmost choice. You can use the infinity pool or choose the wooden one and add succulent plants on its sandy, beachy deck.

Complete the look by adding desert rocks in the area.

Take Away

Above ground pool with deck is a novel way to enjoy the luxury of a pool without spending tens of thousands of dollars on remodeling costs. So, if building a pool is on your bucket list, don’t let cost deter you from the idea.

A well-thought-out pool with relevant accessories will make life beautiful for your family. Use these pool house ideas on a budget to get inspired.

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