AC Emergencies: What To Do When Your AC Goes Out

Extreme heat is difficult to withstand. If you’re outside, you can help yourself by staying in the shade and staying hydrated.

When the temperature inside your home suddenly rises because your air conditioner unexpectedly stops working, the actions you should take may not be as clear as you may think.

After all, houses are supposed to protect you from storms, extreme heat, and anything else that may occur outside at any given time.

If it’s particularly hot where you are, here are some ways to stay cool while waiting for the rescue service.

Seek Help From The Expert

You should call an AC service as soon as possible to book an appointment, regardless of whether you want to plan an emergency visit or not.

You’ll be better able to deal with the circumstance if you’re aware of when you can expect some relief.

You should explain to them the problems you’ve been having with your AC. Give them all the pertinent information, such as what you might have done to fix the issue and any problems that have occurred with your AC in the past.

If you provide these details at the beginning of the process, your repairman will arrive prepared with all of the tools needed to tackle the issues.

Look For Signs Of A Broken Air Conditioner


Usually, your HVAC system will produce warning signals before it completely breaks down, allowing you time to get AC repair service.

Catching these problems before they develop is easier, safer, and less costly than waiting until it stops operating completely. The following are a few signs that your air conditioner is broken:

Rooms Aren’t Cooling. Warm air from the vents is a sign of a broken air conditioner.

If the unit is operating and the thermostat is on, but you don’t feel cool air indoors, this is a reason for concern.

When this happens, your air conditioner may need repair work or new parts.

Odd Smell. While checking your AC unit for problems, smell the air around it. Your AC shouldn’t produce any odors. Sometimes you may smell a problem. If your AC smells strange, call a pro.

Strange Sounds. Squealing, scraping, or crunching sounds could mean you need a new AC. These sounds indicate a malfunction.

A costly breakdown could come from insufficient maintenance. Squealing indicates a loose belt.

It may also mean a metal AC component needs lubricating. Crushing sounds may indicate faulty motor bearings.

Check The Breaker

Sometimes a circuit breaker trips. When your AC suddenly stops, check the electrical panel. Reset any tripped breakers and restart.

If your AC keeps tripping the breaker, you have a bigger issue. The problem could be faulty wiring or faulty AC.

If you discover that your air conditioner is tripping the breaker, get an AC repair service as soon as possible to diagnose and solve problems before they become chronic.

Replace Thermostat Batteries

Change the batteries in your thermostat. Despite this, people frequently fail to recognize the most obvious answers to our questions.

If your AC suddenly goes out, check to see if the batteries in the thermostat are still in good condition.

How Can I Keep My Home Cool If the Air Conditioner Fails?

Check out this list of activities that can keep you nice and cool in the case that your air conditioner goes out.

Boost Your Fan

This DIY is one of the oldest for a reason. To increase your fan’s cooling power, place a huge container of ice in front of it.

Ceiling and portable fans reduce skin moisture and cool you down. Ceiling fans usually rotate clockwise, pulling air down towards individuals underneath.

This is great for giving cool air when your air conditioner isn’t running, but it does little to keep you cool when only bringing down hot air.

A counterclockwise fan will pull cool air from the bottom and circulate it. Look at the blades’ mounting fixture to modify the fan’s rotation. There should be a rotation switch.

Use Cool Towels

Cold-water-wash some towels from the closet. Wear one while the others freeze. The big vein in your neck that travels to your brain will feel the coldness and signal your brain.

This practice instantly helps to cool your body. As the towels lose their coldness, replace them with new cold ones.

Go Outside

If your AC is off for many days and you have kids at home, visit indoor attractions to cool off. You may go to a library, museums, shopping mall, or watch movies.

You may also find swimming pools and aquatic centers near the area where you may enjoy the summer sunshine.


There are many factors to consider when it comes to AC problems. If you don’t know how to fix them, you can hire a professional.

Handling air conditioners can be dangerous, so put them in their hands. When they fix the problems, you’ll be glad you paid for it.

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