How To Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Home

We all deserve a treat inside our home and to live amongst luxury in our day to day lives. Life can be stressful and tough so allowing yourself some indulgence in your home comforts is only fitting after a hard day. Give yourself the time to enjoy the finer things in life, you’ll certainly thank yourself later.

Colour Scheme

Decide on the best colour scheme for your home and carry this through the entire look, from all bathrooms to living and kitchen areas. If luxury minimalist is your thing, consider taking a neutral approach to your interior style and incorporating luxury items throughout your home. Neutral, raw, and natural materials are the perfect colour scheme for a luxurious home. A luxury colour scheme is made up of muted tones, high contrast, and neutral shades. Following this throughout your décor is the perfect style for a luxurious home. Considering chrome features in your bathroom taps are a beautiful way of incorporating high end, natural materials for the desired luxury feel. If you’re unsure where to start, head to Aqualisa.

Luxury Home Experiences

No luxurious décor is complete without a home with indulgent features. Starting with your bathroom lighting. Be sure to incorporate more than one lighting function within this space. You ideally want to illuminate the room through a main ceiling light and then lighting around any vanity mirror and or sink space. This creates the ultimate luxury bathroom in addition to your beautifully indulgent, luxurious home.

In addition to your bathroom lighting, you should ensure your home, particularly the bedroom is equipped with ambient lighting. Consider the perfect bedside table lighting, from a pendant dropped from the ceiling at either side of the bed to enhance the symmetry of the room. For the ultimate lighting experience, pair your bedroom lights with a dimmer switch so you can really set the tone.

En-Suite Treats

Suite Treats

A Power shower is the ultimate treat for your en-suite, carrying through the real luxury element of your home. Luxury doesn’t just have to be featured in the obvious décor for all to view, however it can be a part of the products you use in your day-to-day life, particularly if these products involve levels of the all-important self-care. If you’ve got a fitted shower already with low water pressure, you can consider an Aquastream, this is a powerful, invigorating, practical piece of equipment built to offer a boost in your water flow with an integrated pump.



If your home boasts smart technology then you’re already enjoying elements of luxury in your lifestyle, taking the edge off those little tasks around the home. Have you taken the plunge into the world of smart and digital showers? Offering full connectivity to the smart home, the smart shower combines the electronic control of a digital shower with the convenience of voice and app activation, to deliver you a beautiful, indulgent shower experience in your home. You can even make your own personal profile so that your shower remembers what temperature you prefer to have your shower, right down to saving water and safe temperatures. This is the ultimate experience inside your home, who said you had to travel abroad for a sensational bathroom experience and five-star luxury?

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