64 Inspiring Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas for 2023

Styles change with time. Be it dressing style, bedroom decoration, or gardens; you can never get a theme that will last more than a decade.

Aesthetic bedroom is all the rage these days. No one can predict the time they will take before declining. But one thing is sure, they are going to persist in the lives of people who prefer coziness and want to maintain a connection with nature.

And even when they are gone, parts of their identity will remain. I can say for myself, the greenery in this theme is going to stay with me for a long time.

Whether you are planning a bedroom makeover or you are only looking for a few things to make it cozier, this article has gotten you covered. Get 64 aesthetic bedroom ideas to brighten up your room.

The Lights

Lights have a great influence on the ambiance of any room or location. If you don’t want to create a look of a garage for music creation, you should avoid stripe lights that are synced with music.

1. Get Those Fairy Lights

Get Those Fairy Lights-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: homebnc.com

Fairy lights create a warm ambiance with their pale white light. They are tiny and don’t add more light than is needed to the room.

2. Or LED Lights

Or LED Lights-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: chiangraitimes.com

Looking for other sources of tiny lights that don’t look feminine? Aesthetic rooms with LED lights are more gender-neutral. You have to stick these lights at the junction of the ceiling and walls.

3. Use String Lights

Use String Lights-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: walmart.com

They might overwhelm you with light so choose carefully and add other lights accordingly.

4. Just Lamps

Just Lamps-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: trip101.com

Use lamps with colorful lampshades to create your desired ambiance. Use them for a night light or reading lamps. Or just keep them as ornaments in corners.

5. And Bulbs

And Bulbs-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: mymove.com

You can use lights with less lumen count or warmer temperatures to get a cozy feeling.

6. Don’t forget LED Candles

Don’t forget LED Candles-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: freepik.com

They are small and promise a low lumen count. So, you can keep them to illuminate your room at night. The best thing about them is the variety of colors available. But you can also choose pale white to mimic the natural light.

Don’t Forget the Sunlight

When using light, don’t forget that artificial lights can never replace the beauty that is promised by sunlight. So, if you have the opportunity to add sunlight to your room, use it wisely.

Let the sunlight add the natural element of relaxation and ease to your room. Here are a few tips to emphasize this light.

7. Use Mirror

Use Mirror-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: pinterest.com

Mirrors are the easiest and most common methods to disperse light as wanted. You can brighten your room by placing a mirror just opposite your window. Doing so will reflect the light to most of the room.

Or you can place a mirror against the window at an angle. This practice will deflect the light towards the area where the mirror is angled.

8. Use Bright Colors

Use Bright Colors-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: mydomaine.com

As a rule of thumb, brightly-colored rooms are always well-lit as compared to those having darker themes. Bright colors are also preferred for aesthetic bedrooms so you have more reasons to pick neutral tones.

Use gray, beige, or even bronze tones for your room.

If you are adamant about using darker walls, get at least one wall – preferably against the window – painted in neutral hues to reflect light.

9. Use Windows

Use Windows-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: thearchitecturedesigns.com

Bigger windows mean more sunlight. And the more exterior windows you’ve got in your home, the brighter your home will be.

If you have limited space for windows and you want solid walls to decorate, you can also add windows at the top of doors.

10. Interior Windows

Interior Windows-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: forbes.com

We may have undermined the value of interior windows. Windows built in the interior walls of a home don’t borrow light directly from the sun. Instead, they borrow it from an adjacent room. So, if your room has no window opening outside the premises, all is not lost yet.

Bring Nature

Nature is a big part of the concept of aesthetic bedrooms. The more you include it in your bedroom décor, the more styling and streamlined the whole look will become. Let’s explore a few ideas to bring nature to your room.

11. Hang Moon Phases

Hang Moon Phases-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: etsy.com

Moon phases are in trend. Why wouldn’t they be? They look beautiful.

12. Use Pebbles

Use Pebbles-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: decoist.com

Collect pebbles of similar size and show them off in a jar.

13. Wood Slices

Wood Slices-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: pinterest.com

Hang inspirational quotes after carving them on wood slices.

14. Painted Leaves

Painted Leaves-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: posterstore.com

Collect beautiful leaves and paint them to keep as clusters or individually in jars. You can paste them on walls and doors as well.

15. Peacock Feathers

Peacock Feathers-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: aliexpress.com

Peacock feathers will look great pasted on walls.

16. Painted Pebbles

Painted Pebbles-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: pinterest.com

Create a pattern or write a word using painted pebbles.

17. Sea Shells

Sea Shells-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: homedit.com

Or just hang seashells from the ceiling to get a leisurely look.

The Greenery

Greenery makes an integral theme of an aesthetic bedroom. You don’t want to skimp on it. But you also think of your commitments. These little living beings deserve lots of attention and care. Only get as many plants as you can take care of. You can also choose to get fake plants.

18. Hang Vines

Hang Vines-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: pinterest.com

This popular idea doesn’t require you to spend hours trimming and watering if you use fake vines.

19. Dried Palm Leaves

Dried Palm Leaves-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: pinterest.com

The idea is to show your connection with nature. On top of using living plants, you can use their parts to assert your alliance. Palm leaves can be large enough to decorate your walls. You may not want to add more decoration after adding a few of these leaves.

20. Preserved Plant Stems

Preserved Plant Stems-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: hunker.com

You can put these in the corner. Plant their size in advance. They can get bulky so you would want to choose what can suit your room size.

21. Pine Cones

Pine Cones-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: homeyohmy.com

It seems that the primary reason for the creation of these beauties is aesthetics. You can hang them from the roof, place them on the self, or collect them in a glass to show off.

Add Plants

You know you can exclude plants when you are planning your aesthetic bedroom.

22. Place Them at Corners

Place Them at Corners-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: jayscotts.com

These are the most attractive places to keep plants.

23. Or at Window Sills

Or at Window Sills-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: plantedwell.com

If you want to decorate your window sills with plants make sure that you aren’t blocking the sunlight – you want plenty of it. Also, take care to only place those plants here that require the amount of light passing through the glass.

24. Study Table

Study Table-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: designcafe.com

If you love mini-plants, study tables are the best places to hold them.

25. Lavender

Lavender-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
source: houzz.com

Aesthetic bedrooms are all about coziness and restfulness. Lavender adds to its peace by calming your nerves at sleep time.

Beware; if you are keeping lavender indoors, you have to be vigilant of its needs as it needs help to survive indoors.

26. Snake Plant

Snake Plant-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: blog.leonandgeorge.com

Aerate your room without having to fuss about keeping your plants alive by inviting snake plants to your room.

27. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: balconygardenweb.com

This is another plant that needs minimal maintenance. With cool aesthetics, this plant will give healthy vibes to your room.

28. Gardenia

Gardenia-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: plantedwell.com

This plant may ask a little more from you in terms of care but the effects are worth it. The plant is proven to have positive effects on anxiety.

29. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

We don’t need to elaborate its medicinal and beauty benefits, do we? As for maintenance, Aloe vera is the easiest to maintain.

30. Or Planters

Or Planters-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: blog.displate.com

You cannot keep a plant in your room without a pot unless you are creating a flowerbed indoors. Flowerbeds may not match well with a bedroom environment but you can increase the area covered by these plants by using planters.

31. Succulent Planters

Succulent Planters-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: thespruce.com

If you are a fan of succulent plants, shallow and wide planters are what you should get to hold more of them. Keep them on a plant stand and arrange a variety of succulent plants on them.

32. Animal Shaped Planters

Animal Shaped Planters-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Use tiny or large animal-shaped planters for tables or corners of your room.

33. DIY Planters

DIY Planters-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: homedesignlover.com

DIY ideas is a great opportunity to personalize your planters. Luckily, most planters are easy to make.

34. Hanging Planters

Hanging Planters-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: balconygardenweb.com

Hanging planters are counted among great bedroom wall décor ideas. Get many hanging planters and hang them across the wall.

35. Mini Planters

Mini Planters-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: countryliving.com

Planters are known for their aesthetic sense and their size which is larger than pots. But these mini planters are enough to host mini plants and you can keep them at elevated places to highlight them. Heck, you can also place them over painted books that will act as a plant stand.

Choose Colors

Aesthetic bedrooms use certain colors to add warmth to the room. These colors usually had warm temperatures and neutrality to them. Here are a few colors you can choose from for an aesthetic room.

36. Rose Pink

Rose Pink-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

This feminine color is common among the coziest rooms. Usually, these rooms come with a large window and are further decorated by hanging lights.

37. Light Gray

Light Gray-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: pinterest.com

Gray is the color of modern day. It is used in most interior design projects as background. It has a cooling effect soothing the nerves.

38. Creamy Apricot

Creamy Apricot-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: homedit.com

If you are looking for room decoration ideas for girls, you shouldn’t miss this color. It’s warmer than rose pink and is more soothing.

39. Sea Blue

Creamy Apricot-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: asianpaints.com

Just like light gray, sea blue looks more masculine. When you use it, complete the theme with a matching comforter, curtains, and sheets. White and green pops will be appreciated.

Include Vintage

Take your room décor ideas to the next level by including vintage items to it. You can include reminders of the past centuries or items that are dated back.

40. Music Record

Music Record-Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas
Source: Pinterest.com

Display phonograph records to show your appreciation of the music of those times.

41. A Telephone

A Telephone
Source: dreamstime.com

Don’t use modern telephones. Instead, place a telephone with a rotary dial on your shelf.

42. Shelf

Source: shegaveitago.com

Speaking of the shelf, you can also choose it to look vintage. Buy a new wooden one or get one prepared for you in vintage style and scrap its paint.

43. Use a Trunk

Use a Trunk
Source: decorpad.com

Again, the devil is in the details. This trunk should mimic the style of trunks from the 1900s.

44. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Source: accentmirror.com

But this mirror is placed on shelves, not on the wall. Use an oval mirror with a wood frame to get a vintage look.

Be Green

Use recycled materials to minimize your environmental footprint.

45. Use Pallet Bed

Use Pallet Bed
Source: decoist.com

Recycle the pallets to make a bed. It looks both rustic and stylish.

46. Drawers and Shelves

Drawers and Shelves
Source: shelterness.com

Just like beds, drawers and shelves can also take the pallet as raw material. Don’t overdo the polish and it will look appealing.

47. Crate Shelves

Crate Shelves
Source: mydomaine.com

Align different crates and, after adding some wood boards, make a shelf out of them. Prime the wood to finish it, preserve it, and enhance its colors.

48. Mason Jars

Mason Jars
Source: jennifermaker.com

Every household has a few of these jars lying around. They are pretty and simple. If you have some spare mason jars, use them as plant pots or storage containers.

Add Shelves

Shelves allow you to present an organized view of your room – or any room. You can use the shelves pre-built within the walls to express your passions or you can get standalone pieces to integrate into your room décor plan.

We have discussed vintage shelves as well as recycled ones. But you can use any that matches your taste and the ambiance of your room.

49. Build Them over the Bed

Build Them over the Bed
Source: pinterest.com

This way, they will catch your attention as soon as you enter the room.

50. Or Keep Them Adjacent to Wall

Or Keep Them Adjacent to Wall
Source: housebeautiful.com

The wall that holds your door should make a perfect choice. But you can use other walls as well.

51. Put Lots of Books

Put Lots of Books
Source: onekindesign.com

Books add a feeling of sophistication to the room. They look even more valuable when covered. Stack them together to let their number highlight their presence.

52. Marble Jar

Marble Jar
Source: eye-swoon.com

Other than books, you would want to keep showpieces on these shelves. A jar full of marbles will make a good choice.

53. Use a DIY Vase

Use a DIY Vase
Source: shelterness.com

Or use multiples of it. You would want to show a crowded space on your shelf.

54. Get It Crowded

Get It Crowded
Source: Reddit.com

Mix up different items and give the feeling of pampered and looked after shelf. Note that if you are keeping lots of things on your shelf, you will have to spend more time organizing or it will feel cluttered instead of well-nourished.

55. And Plants

And Plants
Source: trees.com

When it comes to aesthetic room ideas, adding more plants is always an option.


What’s the most prominent feature of aesthetic homes? It’s their personality. These rooms are notorious for giving you a homely feeling. And what home is it if it doesn’t feel like you?

Add your personality to the room.

One way to give it your personality is by pasting your photos or the photos of your loved ones.

56. Paste Them Individually

Paste Them Individually
Source: architecturaldigest.in

Use them randomly on your walls and doors.

57. Or Keep Them at Shelve

Or Keep Them at Shelve
Source: homedit.com

Put your framed photos on the shelf. Select those photos that remind you of your achievements and your friends.

58. Add Light to Them

Add Light to Them
Source: pinterest.com

You can paste them on walls in a pattern and further decorate them with lights.

59. Collect Them in Collage

Collect Them in Collage
Source: beyumishop.com

If you can’t decide which photo to display and which one to keep in the album, you should create a collage of these photos. Period.

Other Ideas

60. Use Flowers

Use Flowers
Source: balconygardenweb.com

It doesn’t matter if you are using real ones or fake ones as long as you are placing lots of them.

61. Add Bed Canopy

Add Bed Canopy
Source: thespruce.com

Because nothing is cozier than a canopy!

You can hang vines on top of it. Or use fake leaves to hang from the corners.

62. Use Polaroid Photos

Use Polaroid Photos
Source: 8interiors.com

When we talk about keepsakes, nothing can be a better keepsake than a Polaroid photo. Collect lots of these photos of your loved ones and the happy times together and fill the whole wall with them.

Or use these aesthetic images behind your bed.

63. Lots of Pillows

Lots of Pillows
Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Use neutral tones with one or two pillows as pops of bright colors.

64. And Rugs

And Rugs
Source: housebeautiful.com

Layer the rugs on top of each other to get a feeling of softness.

Take Away

Are you looking for cute room décor ideas for your bedroom makeover project? This post shares 64 aesthetic bedroom ideas for your inspiration. Choose those that match your style. And incorporate as many as you can in your style to build a theme.

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