How To Have a Home Improvement on a Budget – 6 Best Ideas

Wondering If there is any way to make changes to your home but not spend a ton of money? We got you! Here are some ideas to get that home improvement on a budget!

Paint it Away


You will be surprised how much difference a coat of paint can make. And no, we are not talking about just your walls. Painting your kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen feel new and improved without doing much.

You can add a pop of colour or just repaint them over to make them feel fresh. However, it is important to note that before you paint your cabinets, you need to prep them. You can do this by sanding them down. Make sure your cabinets are clean of any dust and stains before you sand them. Alternatively, you can also use stain to give them a natural wooden look.

You can also use paint on the floorboards to make your whole space look new. Painted floorboards are not only easy and affordable, but they are also a great way to experiment. Do you go with white, or do you want to add a pop of colour somewhere? It’s all up to you. While lighter floorboards can make your space look bigger and brighter, darker floorboards can make it look cosy and comfortable.

Upcycle Your Vintage Furniture

The easiest way is by changing the fabric or adding a new fabric covering. This works especially well on sofas and armchairs. The good thing about this is that you can change the fabric covering every few years and keep updating them as per your style and aesthetic. You can experiment with a pop of colour in velvet or go for more classical styles.

For your bed, upcycling the bed frame is the easiest way to go about it. Once again, you can just wrap it in a piece of fabric that you like or if you are willing, make your headboard. You can do this by tying a bunch of pool noodles in any shape you prefer (we suggest an upturned U shape) and wrapping them with a luxurious fabric.

Another way of doing this home improvement on a budget project is to use lightwood to make a custom headboard design and then wrap it up in some fabric.

Add a Frame Around Your Electronics

frame around your electronics

Adding an antique frame around your technology can change the way your place looks. The best way to do this is by wall mounting your television and adding a frame around it. Wall mounting your television will also give you a lot of extra space that you can utilise by adding new or upcycled furniture. If you are worried about wall mounting, you can talk to professional services and get all the information you require click here

Use Vinyl

vinyl flooring

Easy and cheap, vinyl not only changes everything but also protects your original furniture. We suggest using vinyl on cabinets, doors, or floors to give your space an instantly renovated look.

You can experiment with vinyl looks and keep updating your space repeatedly because of how easy they are to remove and install. All you need to do is measure the said furniture/space and cut the vinyl to those measurements.

You can also use vinyl’s to give your kitchen countertops a marble look. Just make sure that the vinyl used in the kitchen are not inflammable and that you do not put hot utensils directly on them (as they can burn down the paper).

Be Artistic

home improvement on a budget

If you believe your art skills are good enough, you can paint a custom mural or a custom design on your walls. It does not need to be perfect, and the good thing is you can get all the paint for very cheap. Just ask for sample paint when buying from the hardware store and you may get some colours for free.

If you are apprehensive about painting the walls but still want to be artistic, you can paint the kitchen cabinets or even the desks and tabletops to give them your artistic touch. You can also paint the outside of your house in things you may feel inspired by (example: nature, flowers, vines) and make your home stand out.

Add Colour To Your Ceiling

home improvement on a budget

The easiest home improvement on a budget hack is to paint your ceilings. By adding colour to your ceilings and matching some elements of your home décor to that colour, you will create an updated and fresh space. The best way to do this is by making sure that there is enough contrast. If your walls are a neutral/light colour, you can make your ceiling a darker colour. If your walls are a darker shade, make your ceiling light or maybe just follow the colour scheme throughout the room and match your walls to your ceilings.
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