Amazing Architecture-Palais Bulles

Palais Bulles is a home to famous French stylist Pierre Cardin. Amazing architecture and its size is stunning.
The house is facing the bay of Cannes and has a territory of 1,200m² and gardens, and swimming pools spread on 8,500m ² territory. It is something out of this world, maybe not the most beautiful but I wouldn’t mind to spend there some time. This masterpiece of modern architecture is located 10 km away from Cannes and was built in 1989. Occupies the territory of 1200 square meters. In addition to the villa in the surrounding area are situated amphitheater with 500 seats, a garden with various water  round pools. The house has 28 round bedrooms similar to soap bubbles, beds are also round. Living room with couches of coral color also has spherical shape. There is no pictures at the walls, but floors from wall to wall covered with thick, fluffy carpets. Specially designed illuminators change the light depending on time of the day. As for materials, then, at the insistence of Cardin, instead of traditional wood and metal, it was decided to experiment with plastic, foam, polyester.

The wide panoramic main room opens to the outside with large windows and several openings in the ceiling and walls.  It can accommodate up to 350 people. The furniture is composed of parts of the collection of Pierre Cardin. Everything, from floor to ceiling, from outside to inside, consists of space age spherical forms. The light penetrates the Mediterranean generously by countless windows: a working artist where the shadows play with curves to draw pictures of real light.

Tapestry and chairs, for example, are designed by Pierre Cardin. On the left is the original television from 1971 which is shaped like an eye and can move in all directions. On the right, the oval door opens directly to the swimming pool, offering a magnificent view.

The interior of the Palais Bulles is a maze of corridors, rooms and round prospects. Pierre Carding likes to compare it with the sensual shapes of the body of a woman. Besides a 500-seat amphitheater which hosts various cultural events and parties, the house itself has a reception room, a panoramic lounge and 10 bedroom suites, all designed by contemporary artists.  Outside, a pool, ponds and garden form an area of 8 500 m².

Overlooking the sea, a cascade of soft curves in the colors of the rocks appear in the corners of Théoule-sur-Mer: the Palais Bulles, with its windows glittering in the sun, this architectural masterpiece seems to belong to another world. Located in the town of Théoule-sur-Mer, the house overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the red cliffs of the Esterel, with a panorama stretching to the bay of Cannes. Antti Lovag has radically changed the vision of architecture and design of living space. By eliminating the right lines, he has adapted the life of human morphology, returning to traditional ways of living.

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