White Mountain Office by Albert France Lanord Architects  is easily one of the most amazing offices we have ever seen in the world.  White Mountain Office is home to a Swedish ISP , an internet provider and the rock shelter hosts server halls and offices, 100 feet below the surface of Stockholm.  The space was once used as an anti-atomic shelter, intended to provide an escape from atomic blasts and the resulting fallout.  In 2008, Albert France Lanord Architects rehabbed the 4,000 square foot shelter to become the home of Bahnhof AB data center and office.  The project takes place in a former anti-atomic shelter. An amazing location down under the granite rocks of the Vita Berg Park in Stockholm. The client is an internet provider and the rock shelter will host server halls and offices. The starting point of the project was to consider the rock as a living organism.

Albert France-Lanord Architects have designed stunning offices for the Swedish ISP, Bahnhof.  The Date Centre/Office location is around 30m underground and was a former anti-atomic shelter. White Mountain is easily one of the most amazing offices in the world, with a distinctly “Bondesque” feel.  As far as power supplies go, Bahnhof kept to the Cold War theme and installed diesel engines that where originally designed for submarines and, just for fun, also installed the warning system of sound-horns from an original German submarine.