A Apartment That Has Everything by Steve Sauer

This 182 square foot apartment belongs to airplane interior designer Steve Sauer. Steve obviously likes everything in its place and a place for everything. It is 11’ 3” wide, by 16’ 2” deep, by 10’ 4’ tall and there is plenty of room for Steve and all of his living accoutrements.  Inspired by boats, Sauer’s tiny Seattle home is pretty remarkable. Style living space with full kitchen, full bathroom, soaking tub, a cafe area and a video lounge.  While the aforementioned amenities  may make the tiny condo unit sound even smaller, Sauer mentioned he’s had a party of ten over with zero issues.  With a vision of maximizing usage of all living spaces without being cluttered, I’d say Sauer has done a superb job.  We can’t wait to see his vision of an entire building filled with efficiently spaced units come to fruition.

The entire apartment has three living levels in a 11-feet-3-inches wide, by 16-feet-2-inches deep, by 10-feet-4-inches tall space. It contains two beds, a full kitchen with dishwasher, a bathroom with shower, closet space, a dining table, and storage for two bikes. One of the major design secrets was to include three living levels within the space and to fill the apartment with furniture from IKEA. I’m guessing closet space just isn’t happening though.

Updated Home
Updated Home
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