At What Time are Hotel Rates the Lowest ?

The golden rule to getting the lowest rates on hotel bookings is to plan your trip ahead of time. No doubt, you might read about tips like comparing rates, changing neighborhoods, etc., but the best way remains to plan and book on time. This may be the only helpful way to get lower rates from hotels because of the rising inflation.

As summer approaches, you must start looking forward to your next vacation. Remember that most of the traveling is done during this period. You have months and months of planning and replanning. Experts agree that booking a trip 15 days in advance is the best option, except if it is a sudden trip.

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2 Reasons you don’t to Wait till the Last Minute to Book a Hotel

Even though you may save money by waiting until the last minute to make your bookings, it is not recommended. To learn, read these tips below:

The Saving is Negligible

Depending on your destination, you are likely to save more on hotel bills if you book a few months ahead. If you want to keep an average of 13 percent on the hotel rates, then book 15 days before you arrive. Waiting for last-minute bookings is hectic because the hotel may be sold out. Besides, the headaches you will encounter from procrastinating are tormenting. In most cases, hoteliers who wait for last-minute bookings end up paying more if they are not lucky.

Rebooking and Cancelation

Even though some are generous with their cancellation policies, it is not common to allow cancellations made less than 48 or 72 hours. In other words, waiting for last-minute bookings may not afford you the luxury of rebooking or canceling. You may have to pay a fee if you want to cancel your booking when it is less than 48 hours. Therefore, when you make your hotel booking on time, you can cancel without incurring any fees. Nevertheless, the only possible way to cancel without losing so much is if the rates of the hotel drop lower than what you paid.

International vs. Domestic Hotel Bookings

The golden rule of booking your hotel on time applies to whether it is an international or domestic trip. No other rule or tip can easily take off the fact that you will save more if you book your hotel accommodation on time. Hotels operate almost in the same fashion across the world. Not to mention, the earlier you make your booking, the more likely you will save.


Getting a cheap hotel room is almost impossible waiting until the last minute to book. As said earlier, hotel rates are 13 percent more affordable when booked at least 15 days before your trip. However, make sure you book with a reputable hotel, so you don’t get to your destination and get disappointed. Therefore, you need to keep all the details of your bookings intact. Finally, last-minute bookings are often expensive for hotels or transportation.


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