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As an investor, you want to make sure your real estate is being managed properly. If you have purchased rental properties in different states, you might be finding it difficult to manage your real estate yourself. This is why you should consider hiring a responsible and trustworthy property manager to oversee your real estate and collect rents, handle day-to-day maintenance, and respond to tenant’s needs.

Maintenance and day-to-day operations of managing rental real estate can take up a lot of time for you as a landlord, and leave less time for buying up rental properties. Whether you decide to hire a local independent company, or a more regional management company, it’s essential to make sure you are choosing a property manager that you feel is a good fit for managing your real estate.

So, how do you find a qualified property manager for your real estate? Follow these tips below on how to find a property manager for your rental investments.

Word of Mouth

The best way to start looking for a qualified property manager for your real estate is by asking around. Get referrals from people you know, word of mouth can be the best way to find and get a personal accounting of the work a property manager could do. It’s essential to ask for references from a few different acquaintances to find a company that would be the right fit for rental properties.


When you’ve narrowed down some names of property management companies that have piqued your interest, do your research online. View the companies website and social media to get an impression of what they offer and what people are saying.

Set-up Interviews

As you finished up on your research and picked companies that you feel are a great fit, you need to begin setting up interviews with the property managers of each company. Meetings in person are the best, because it helps you form a better first impression. In the interview, you need to discuss management styles and what is important to you as the real estate investor.

Handling of Vacancies

As a rental investor, you never want to see your investments being vacant for long. It’s good to know what a property management companies policy is on handling the vacancies. Some companies charge a fee based on the total number of units, and others do not charge a fee for vacant units. It’s essential to know how well a property manager will advertise your vacant units before signing any contract or agreement.

Excellent Customer Service

You want to make sure that the property manager you hire to oversee your rental real estate provides excellent customer service. Your property manager must be friends and easily accessible. They need to get back to tenants, maintenance, and you on time.

Tenant & Rent Collection Methods

Before signing a contract or agreement, you need to make sure that you agree with the property manager’s policy on tenant screening and collecting rent. To make money in your rental real estate, you need to have quality tenants and your monthly rents collected on time. You want to make sure that the property manager is capable of handling these issues and making you money.

Review Lease Agreement

Before signing a contract or agreement, make sure you carefully review the manager’s tenant lease agreement to determine what they require for a security deposit, monthly rental rates, and how long are the lease terms. You want to know how the manager decided on these fees and rates. Determine the property manager’s contacts and policy for handling any maintenance issues and what they charge.

Final Thoughts

Finding a quality property manager for your real estate is no easy task. However, by doing your research, asking around, and interviewing, you can get a feel for the best property manager for your rental investments. Having a quality property manager is essential to the day to day management of your real estate properties.

Brightening a dark room can be difficult if you don’t know where to start, but there are some great ways to lift the atmosphere and brighten the room without having to break your budget. Spending time in a dark room can result in you feeling low and flat, whereas bright rooms are known for lifting your mood, making you feel relaxed and motivated, so it’s always beneficial to add as much light to a room as possible. The following decor tips have been gathered to help you brighten your room and create a space that feels warm and welcoming.

If you’re planning the renovations you want to complete on your property in 2019, to either get a higher price when you sell or to make your home look as stylish and modern as possible, it’s necessary to be strategic and practical when preparing for the work. After all, renovations can costs many thousands of dollars and easily go over budget — plus create a lot of stress if you don’t take the time to think through each stage carefully and make wise decisions. Before you start pulling up carpets, knocking down walls or hiring trades people, there are tasks you should complete to give your project the best possible chance of going smoothly. Read on for five top remodel work to do ASAP.

Consider Finances

One of the most important things to do before you start work on your home is consider the finances involved. To avoid blowing too much money because you over-extend yourself as the remodel work progresses, set yourself a budget.

Start by deciding what final amount you feel comfortable putting into the project, and then work back from there to determine how much you can spend on each part of the remodel and what can and can’t be included to make that budget stay on track. When doing your budgeting, make sure you think about various expenses, such as labor, materials, insurance, council permits, legal fees, accountancy costs and the like.

Think about Potential Hidden Costs

When you’re getting ready to renovate, think about the types of potential costs that could cause problems for you if you haven’t allocated a decent buffer into your budget. Projects always go over on time and money to a certain degree, but sometimes it’s the unexpected problems that really make remodeling work a nightmare.

For example, once demolition work begins, you could find termites have been causing structural damage or that a leaking pipe or faulty wiring needs to be addressed ASAP. You might need to have specialists on hand who can help with fire and smoke damage, such as Service Master Restore, or you could need asbestos removed or an additional structural support beam put in the roof. Investigate the real condition of your home before remodel work start, and you’ll be better able to plan, budget and cope with the project as a whole.

Learn What Adds Value in Your Area another key step is learning what sdds value in your area. To avoid overcapitalizing on your home, understand what target buyers typically look for when they compare properties. This can vary from suburb to suburb and sometimes even from street to street within a suburb.

Even if you are just doing the remodeling for yourself at this stage, it helps to keep other people in mind, so if and when you do decide to sell, you will be able to get a return on the investment you put in. Check out online listings of properties in your area, and attend a variety of open homes and auctions. Also, speak with local real estate agents to find out what they find are the most requested features in homes in your area.

Develop a Plan of Attack for the Remodels

Once you have your budget in place, to stick with it, it helps to develop a plan of attack for your remodels. Schedule the work project, as best you can, by talking with your builder or other tradespeople about how long different tasks will take.

This time frame may change as work progresses, but thinking through a plan of what needs to be done in what order will help you combat stress, feel more in-control and even save time and money. By understanding which workers need to finish their jobs for new people to come and do the next task, you will be better able to coordinate staff and ensure you have all the necessary materials on site when required.

Find the Right Contractors for Your Needs unless you or close friends are builders, tradespeople or otherwise experienced and licensed renovators, you’ll likely have to hire outside help to complete the work on your home. It is important, therefore, that you get the right person or team for the job.

Research those who are experienced, licensed, insured and work in your area regularly. Look for people with excellent social media reviews and who have done the exact type of design and features you want to update your home with. Make sure you get quotes in writing, too, so whoever you end up choosing can’t suddenly increase the price as the project progresses.

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