How to Prepare Your Garden for the Autumn

As we slowly transition from summer to autumn, now is the time to prepare your garden and ensure it’s ready for everything the upcoming months may have in store.

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The weather is going to become colder, with a change in conditions that will have an impact on the way your garden grows, looks and behaves. From decluttering the gutters to power washing the decking, there are a few things that you should do to ensure your garden is ready and prepared for autumn.

Analyse the Garden

Before you make a start on your garden its beneficial to analyse the space and work out what needs to be done. As Peter from Two Wests says, “Split your gardening tasks into lists and focus on which tasks can be done during certain weather conditions. This way you’ll always have something to be working on.”. So, figure out what you want to do in the garden, from cutting the grass one last time this summer, to pruning hedges, and work out what can be done on the drier days and which tasks are achievable when the weather isn’t as good. Santa Ana tree and garden care services provides the best services in town and makes your garden look a lot better than before.

Sprinkle Weed Killer

You’ll find that most gardeners like to apply weed killer to their lawns twice a year. During the summer, seeds are constantly falling onto the lawn and settling into the soil, which will encourage the growth of weeds during the springtime. If you tackle your lawn during the autumn with some weed killer, you can get on top of the unwanted seeds and prevent them from growing properly, filling your lawn with unwanted weeds. One thing that is really important to remember, however, is that if you have pets then you need to be conscious of where you’re distributing the weed killer, as its effectively a poison. Try to keep your pet away from the sprayed areas, as you don’t want them to digest any of the weed killer at any time.

Check for Damage

Just like the winter, summer can result in wear and tear in the garden too. From fading your favourite wooden bench, to drying out tree branches and causing them to break. One of the most dangerous things within the garden can be broken branches that haven’t quite snapped off. If you come across a tree within your garden that seems to have broken branches, be sure to remove them safely before the autumn wind and rain sets in or get a local tree surgeon company to help you with the problem. Similarly, if you notice any additional damage in areas such as the fencing, gate or even decking, now is the time to fix it before the cold weather arrives.

Clear the Gutters

One of the most common problems for homeowners during the autumn winter is blocked guttering. The gutters that surround your home are exposed to falling leaves and general debris every day of the year and if they aren’t cared for or maintained then they will eventually clog up to the point that they overflow and cause drainage issues. With this in mind, it’s worth checking your gutters before the autumn arrives to ensure they are clear and working properly, with no cracks or damage that could be an issue when heavy rain arrives.

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