Tropically Hip Backyard Tiki Bar Ideas

To many people, the picture that comes to mind at the mention of summer is sipping a drink under bamboo structures often found in tropical tourist getaway destinations. Unfortunately, you may not always have the money to travel to a tourist destination.
Building a tiki bar can bring almost the same experience to your backyard. If you are unsure where to start building a tiki bar, this guide offers Backyard tiki bar ideas that may be worth considering when designing your bar, so you may want to keep reading.

Backyard Tiki Bar Ideas

Use the Right Material to Build

You can use modern materials to create your backyard bar. However, modern building materials may not exude the same vibe as using materials used in the traditional Polynesia culture, just as you would find somewhere at a beach in the Polynesian regions.

Materials to use include bamboo for the walls and thatch for the roofing. You do not have to be limited in your design. You can put your creative mind to work to give your structure the custom look you have in mind. The only requirement is to ensure you don’t lose the tiki vibe.


If you already have a backyard bar but do not want to rebuild from scratch, you can give it a Polynesian-themed decoration to give it the summer feel you desire to achieve. For example, you could use bamboo and thatch to decorate your existing space rather than use them as the primary building material for your structure.

Bright colors go well with a tiki bar, so go for more brilliant colors such as green, green, orange, red, and a bit of yellow. The bright colors help bring the atmosphere of your tiki bar to as close to the vibrance of a tropical environment as possible. Also, make sure you spice up your space with items synonymous with the Phoenician cultures, such as tiki masks, statues, and other artifacts.

Perfect Lighting

Perfect Lighting

The best time to unwind with friends or family at your tiki bar will be in the evening. If you are hoping to get the feel of a paradise in your home, you should ensure that your lighting has a different ambiance from the rest of the house.

To create the perfect ambiance, go for an electric lantern, tiki torches, and string lights for decoration. The best approach to lighting is to use all lighting options at the same time without overdoing it. When done right, lighting helps create a warm and inviting space perfect for relaxing and entertaining.


 tiki bar furniture

Once you have the perfect space, you want the right furniture. There are many options when choosing furniture for your tiki bar, but your choice should be based on the look you hope to achieve. High tables and bar stools are the best options if you want a more traditional tiki feel.

If you spend a lot of time at the bar or want a more relaxed feel, go for outdoor sofas or, even better, have the two options at different sections of your bar.

Financing Your Tiki Bar

Creating a perfect tiki bar can be expensive but a worthy investment since it can help add value to your home. So you will need to get a source of financing for your project, especially if you are short on cash.

Not many people have enough money for major house improvement projects, so a loan is the other most common option. And since building a tiki bar is an addition to your home, it may be a good idea to use your home’s equity to get financing for your project.

If you are unsure how to use your home’s equity to get financing for your project, this SoFi home loan application guide can be a good read.

Final Words

Having a tiki bar in your backyard is like getting access to a slice of paradise every day you wish. The ideas highlighted above offer an excellent starting point when seeking to build a tiki bar in your backyard. But you can always get more ideas from different sources until you get the idea that best fits you.

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