Choose The Best Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles are one of the best and most essential features of your bathroom. You can see it in the powder area, floors, walls, and backsplash of your bathroom. It has different designs, layouts, and sizes according to your bathroom’s motif and to your preference.


Tiles are not only installed to add aesthetic value to your bathroom, but it is also an excellent covering for your floors and walls. It helps you get rid of dirt accumulation and moisture that causes germs and bacteria buildup in your bathroom, creating a yellowish to brown stain on the floors, walls, and other corners.

Whether installing tiles for the first time or changing for a new layer of tiles, choosing suitable tiles for your bathroom is a crucial process. You need to consider safety, durability, and style in selecting the best tiles for your bathroom.

You and your family spend intimate time in the bathroom, and it is where you do personal care for your body. It is essential to put the suitable tiles that match your lifestyle and serve comfort for you. You have to choose the best one among various designs, cuts, sizes, and layouts.

Suppose that you do not have enough knowledge about choosing suitable tiles for your bathroom. Worry no more because a tiler can help you choose the best tiles for your bathroom. A tiler is not just knowledgeable about installing tiles, and he can also help you select and buy tiles that are suitable for your bathroom and your budget.

You can get tiler quotes to know the approximate cost of a tiler’s service. Getting quotes will help you get the best and nearest deal in your area. How much does a tiler cost? A tile is paid $45 to $100 per hour, depending on the job’s complexity.

Consider The Location

Your bathroom has many surfaces where you need to put tiles. You must consider the surface where you will need to place tiles to be able to choose the best tiles. You cannot just put one type and measurement of tiles in the same place. It is wiser to know specific types of tiles appropriate to particular surfaces of your bathroom.

For instance, you need larger tiles for the flooring. You need medium tiles for the wall, and if you wish to put a backsplash on the powder area of your bathroom, you must have small tiles for that. There are also bathroom surfaces that need different tile textures, such as the floor. The floor needs tiles with texture to avoid an accident when it gets wet. On the other hand, the walls and backsplash require a smoother tile surface to make it easier to clean and maintain.

In considering the surfaces where you want to install tiles, you also need to be familiar with the different types of tiles. Here is a list –

1. Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Ceramic Bathroom tiles are smooth and have a glass-like surface that reflects light, creating a brighter bathroom space for you. It is one of the most affordable tiles in the market, and it is widely known as one of the easiest to install. Its colour ranges from white to marble to different colours and designs. Its colours and designs consist of different glazes and painted figures and abstracts.

2. Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Porcelain Bathroom tiles are denser and more durable than ceramic tiles. It is a little bit more expensive than ceramic tiles because it has better impermeability and slips resistance. You can buy porcelain tiles in a wide range of colours and designs, from plans to those with different colours. Because porcelain is a denser type of tile, it is harder to cut, and you definitely need the help of a tiler to install it in your bathroom.

3. Glass Bathroom Tiles

Glass Bathroom tiles have a pear-like and glossy surface. It is perfect if you want to add a value of luxury to your bathroom. It is one of the most stylish and elegant types of tiles. But if you do not want a too grand-looking bathroom, you can still use glass tiles even on a minimalist-designed bathroom. Glass bathroom tiles are versatile and fit almost all bathroom styles.

4. Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Stone Bathroom tiles are made from natural materials, which gives it an organic look and earthy tone. Natural are for bathrooms that try to achieve a country-style ambience and avoid polished finish tiles. Natural stone tiles are made from various natural stones, such as limestone, travertine, slate, marble, and granite. Among all types of bathroom tiles, natural stone tiles are the most slip-resistant.

Best Tile Types For Particular Surfaces

Considering the location where you will put tiles, it is essential to have prior knowledge about the best type of tiles for the three main surfaces in your bathroom, such as the wall and the floor.

1. For Bathroom and Shower Floor

Your bathroom and shower floor should not be slippery to avoid bathroom accidents. The best tile for the bathroom and shower floors is porcelain and natural stone. These tiles are textured and firm. They can handle the friction and impact of human weight, and it lasts for a long time. Remember that your flooring will go through wear and tear through time, and durability and safety should be our priority.

2. For Bathroom and Shower Walls and Backsplash

Bathroom and shower walls and backsplash are prone to stain and dirt accumulation. It is important to use smooth tiles for these parts. Ceramic tiles are your best choice because it is easy to clean and to maintain. You can just brush it up with bleach and quickly get rid of germs and bacteria on the surface.

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