Bathroom Wall Cabinets: Top 13 Creative Ideas

Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Organizing stuff is always an issue for people living in small apartments. When it comes to bathrooms, there are so many must-haves like bathrobes, razors, medicines, brushes, cotton, soap, towels, lotions etc. To organize all the stuff properly in a small restroom, bathroom wall cabinets are ideal. They not only help declutter your bathroom, but also give an aesthetic vibe to the whole place. You might not need any other storage in your bathroom other than these cabinets.

Bathroom wall cabinets are a part of contemporary interior design. It is important not to populate the space with unnecessary furniture even if you have a spacious bathroom. Throwing stuff here and there depicts your poor taste and lack of arrangement. These cabinets enhance the look of your bathroom by lending it a more compact and modern expression.

Here are 13 best ideas to get you started on your bathroom wall cabinets:

1. Stick with the Color Scheme of your Bathroom

bathroom color

As bathrooms usually do not enjoy any natural light, they are the most difficult rooms to choose colors for. Choosing contrasting colors for your restroom can be very challenging. The same color cabinets and walls can give your bathroom a traditional and sophisticated look.

2. Cabinet and a Mirror combined

bathroom mirror

Install a cabinet just above the sink to reach your stuff easily. The mirror gives a modern look to your bathroom wall cabinets eliminating the need of separately installing one. This is a more functional and wise choice of a bathroom cabinet since it combines two essential things into one.

3. Add a Color Pop

pop color bathroom

The idea is to develop a contrast in your bathroom color scheme. Bright colored bathroom wall cabinets draw attention to a dull colored restroom. They are not only pleasing to the eyes, but also show the well thought out interior design. Additionally, this color pop trend looks really smart and immediately gets attention.

4. Show off Your Creativity

bathroom wall cabinet

Some stencils and paint the exterior of your bathroom wall cabinets. You can have two cabinets on either side of the mirror with contrasting colors. A more functional way is to label all the cabinets with the things they store. For example, one cabinet for cosmetics, one for medicines, one for towels, one for soaps and perfumes etc.

5. A Large Cabinet for Your Whole Stuff

large cabinet for your whole stuff

Your lavatory must have enough space to accommodate these kind of bathroom wall cabinets. The inner side of the cabinet door can be used to hold lightweight toiletries. Just install an extra rack inside for this hidden storage hack.

6. Take Inspiration from Contemporary Designs

modern looking bathroom

Image Despite their small size, these modern looking bathroom wall cabinets offer plenty of space for towels and other stuff. Place vases and indoor plants on top of the cabinets. On top of their efficient storage capacity, this cabinet design looks very unique and adds class to your interior design as well.

7. All of Your Makeup in One Cabinet

makeup in one cabinet

Most women find it difficult to store their whole makeup in a single cabinet or drawer. The hassle of getting ready in time is made easy with the help of these cabinets. A cabinet solely dedicated to accommodate makeup products can save you a lot of trouble. You can also customize these bathroom wall in cabinet pullout shelves sacremento to suit your needs.

8. DIY your Bathroom Wall Cabinets

bathroom cabinet

Follow an online tutorial and finalize the design of your cabinets. The next step is to buy the wood or any other required material for your bathroom wall cabinets. Woodworking is a technical job, so make sure you act carefully and ask help from a friend or family member, especially if you are doing such a project for the first time. The final step is to paint the cupboard sand your very own bathroom cabinets are ready!

Other than the cabinets, you can also reuse your home goods to decorate your bathroom.

9. Make use of Hidden Storage

hidden bathroom wall cabinets

Hide away all your toiletries in hidden bathroom wall cabinets. Instead of a complete wooden door, use a mirror front. It provides enough space to store almost all the stuff you would normally keep in a bathroom. This modern cabinet conveniently stashes all your things away and out of sight.

10. Hidden Pull-Out Cabinet Drawer

hidden cabinet drawer

This cupboard like cabinet lets you store as many things as you want in a limited space. Furthermore, you can add a number of shelves in this pull out drawer. Use this design to keep all your stuff stashed away and out of sight for good. These bathroom wall cabinets lend your bathroom a chic look that adds to the oomph of your lavatory décor.

11. Wall Cabinets With Drawers

wall cabinets with drawers

This design will give you a lot of space for storing many different things in one place. Multiple drawers will help you keep things in a more organized manner as well as would give your bathroom a very sophisticated and innovative look. A mirror incorporated inside the cabinet or in front of one of the doors is a cherry on top with this idea.

12. Hang Crates On Bathroom Wall

hang crates on bathroom wall

This is another affordable DIY design which can give your bathroom a modern and chic look without breaking your bank. These crates are cheap and easily available. This design is ideal to store shampoos bottles, soaps or the things that you want easy and quick access to. In addition, you can paint these crates to whatever color you desire. To add more of a color pop to your bathroom walls, paint the crates in contrasting colors against the walls.

13. Sliding Cabinet Door

sliding cabinet door

Cabinet doors that open outwards are often a safety hazard. A cabinet with a sliding front eliminates the possibility of striking your head in the cabinet door. Sliding doors focus on the safety and convenience of the end-user.

Bathrooms are an important part of the house and radiate a tasteful vibe if properly furnished. When you add these cabinets in your restrooms, go a step further and add some sophisticated furniture as well.

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