Finishing a Window In The Bathroom With Glass Blocks

It is believed that the introduction of glass blocks in the bathroom is a relic of the past. But now these elements are often used in the design of the bathroom, giving this room an aesthetic. This is especially true for bathroom windows, which will be covered in our material.

Why it is Worth Introducing Glass Block in the Bathroom: The Main Advantages

There are enough varieties of glass blocks on the market, which differ from each other in characteristics. But as a construction or finishing material, they have the following advantages:

  1. Resistance to moisture. This is an extremely important property for the use of glass block in the bathroom.
  2. Fire and frost resistance. This makes it possible to apply this material for finishing facades and as a window opening.
  3. Soundproofing and energy conservation. Using glass helps to keep heat and does not let outside sounds into the room, which is very important for comfort.
  4. Light transmission. Glass blocks can solve the problem of lighting in the bathroom.
  5. Eco-friendliness. Glass is safe for life and health of people, does not emit harmful substances.
  6. Decorativeness. Glass blocks give aesthetic appearance to the general design of the room.

The easy care of the glass should be added to all of these advantages. It is enough to regularly wipe the glass with a rag with an ordinary detergent used to clean glass.

Bathroom Window of Glass Blocks

Bathroom Window of Glass Blocks

As already mentioned, glass blocks are used in the bathroom in many aspects – walls, inserts, the floor. But the bathroom window installation immediately comes to mind, so that the interior immediately changes dramatically for the better, and the problem of lightness in the bathrooms is quickly solved.

The glass block insert also makes sense when the bathroom window faces the street.

This solution will help to bring light into the room. Bathroom windows can be made in various shapes, with the emphasis on the fact that it is the main decorative detail.

How to Make a Window of Glass Blocks in the Bathroom with Your Own Hands?

The unusual appearance of the bathroom, achieved through the introduction of a window of glass blocks, will impress guests and please the owners of the apartment. Moreover, decorative glass block will provide quality thermal insulation and limit visibility, which is also essential in this type of room.

To begin with, it is necessary to have the following materials:

  • plywood with a thickness of 20 mm
  • wooden platbands
  • wooden strips
  • wooden screws
  • construction adhesive
  • acrylic latex
  • sanitary sealant
  • installation boxes

Of course, glass block itself will be the main material. Its introduction will be made with the help of such tools:

  • construction level
  • plummet
  • 50-millimeter nails
  • mitre saw
  • spacers for decorative glass blocks;
  • screwdriver
  • tape measure

Before starting the work, you should immediately determine the dimensions of the opening, where the required number of decorative glass blocks should fit. It is necessary to cut out a preparation from a plywood sheet corresponding to the window opening dimensions. This piece will be the frame of the future window.

Then, the boxes necessary for the installation of decorative glass blocks are cut with a saw. The boxes are attached to each wall of the plywood frame with screws, and the heads themselves are painted so that they are not visible. At the bottom of the frame near the edge of the frame, the first glass block is placed, and then the remaining glass blocks are installed one by one. Other procedures are carried out in exactly the same way.

You can check the positioning of the glass blocks with a construction level. It is convenient to do this with the help of slats placed along the perimeter. Frames in the opening are fixed with nails and screws. Trims are also cut according to the markings, processed by glue and attached to the wall with nails and screws.

The arisen gaps between a frame and trim are covered with sealant. The gaps are eliminated with sanitary transparent sealant between the glass blocks. Next, the only thing left is to paint the trim in the color of the frame.

But there is one “but”. You should not start to do such operations if you do not have enough experience or skills. It is worth entrusting such work exclusively to professionals with many years of experience in this area.

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