Build A BBQ From Scratch This Summer

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The temperature is finally rising to a balmy level, and with it, many of us are enjoying the summer in our gardens. Part of the joy of living more of our lives al fresco is the joy of cracking out the barbecue, slapping some delicious meats and marinated vegetables on the grill, and basking in the sun with a supremely satisfying meal. It’s a popular pastime – in 2020, we barbecued 44% more than 2019, according to AHDB!

That’s not enough though. Take your summer satisfaction that one step further by building your own brick barbecue – one that has everything you need to cook fine foods for all your friends and family. Here’s how.

Design your barbecue

Typically, brick-built barbeques feature an inner firebox (where the coals or wood live), a grill, a solid foundation, brick walls, and a removable ash pan that makes cleaning out the firebox easy.

Now, your design will depend hugely on what you want from your grill. Are you happy with a classic design that features a single firebox, one grill, and some counters on either side, or would you like to include a Ooni Pizza Ovens at Botanex compartment, tandoor, or multiple grills – say, one for meat and one for vegetables?

Sketch out your design and make some blueprints based on the size of the area in your garden you plan on building your barbecue. Make sure it’s away from windows and flammable objects like wooden fences and trees. Also make sure the airflow to the firebox can be easily controlled so you can moderate your cooking.

Choose your materials

Next, bring together your materials

You’ll need enough concrete to set a three to four-inch-deep base layer that will stop the heat from affecting the ground and create a solid base.

Then, get hold of enough bricks for the design, that will go with the rest of your garden décor. Fireproof bricks for the firebox are also key. These special blocks will help retain the heat within the barbecue itself, making it much more efficient than if you were to use normal bricks. Mortar is also a must if you want to boost efficiency and make your barbecue one that’ll surely last.

Lastly, get hold of a stainless steel grill, plus any extra items within your design – wooden counters and shelving, pizza stones, and so forth.

Build you BBQ!

Finally, get building!

Start by putting on safety glasses to protect your vision from brick dust and concrete, then don a pair of work gloves to protect your hands. Mixing and lay the concrete within a pre-dug hole, then set a layer of bricks within the foundation. From here, you can start building your barbecue according to your specifications.

If you get confused at any part of the process, make sure to consult YouTube, and if in further doubt, get a professional!

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