Benefits of Installing Glass Doors On Your Fireplace?

The addition of a Designer glass door not only adds charm and aesthetics to your fireplace, but it also makes it burn more productive, minimizes heating & cooling expenses besides protecting your house and family against unforeseen fire hazards too.

Gorgeous glass doors add a signature style to your mantle. If you are thinking of redesigning an old hearth or going for a full-fledged restructuring, an appropriate door is all that you need to add an element of style that can infuse a fresh lease of life into otherwise drab settings. Apart from improving the aesthetics, here’s all a beautiful door can do to your fireplace.

Provide efficient heatingefficient heating

An exposed fireplace is more of an open window only. If you don’t have it secured and covered through appropriate doors, during wintertime, warmer air will be forever escaping leaving the place ice cold in no time. Conversely, in the summers, your fireplace will serve as a perfect exit point through which the cool and conditioned air from your house will be slowly slipping away through the chimney.

Glass based fireplace gates are confirmed to multiply the net heat three times inside your house when shut at the time of combustion. However, you are free to keep these glass doors open, especially when you are burning gas logs or huge timber fire-blocks. You may also want to keep them open while starting the fire to establish the proper ventilation.

All in all, the doors made of glass can certainly help the fire burn better and brighter. Simply insulating the combustion zone can help the fuelwood burn entirely and generate more heat and energy. Also, the glass fireplace doors retain and diffuse light better into the hall than a door-less furnace.

Provides safety for pets and kids

safety for pets and kids

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recently shared that thousands of property owners suffer fire-related damages to their residences and estates every year, and these can be easily avoided, only if they care to put doors against their firepits.

Glass fireplace doors are the easiest means of protecting your family and house, especially the toddlers and pets— In fact, not installing them has been cited as the predominant cause of millions of household fires, injuries, and fatalities reported worldwide. So, how precisely do these doors minimize the possibility of fire? Firstly, having interior glass doors installed in the front of your furnace takes away the risk of sparks or logs falling out of the hearth as the fire slowly begins to die down. Sudden falling of hot burning logs may not only lead to flooring damage, rug destruction, or linoleum melting, but they also pose a serious risk to your pets or children sitting nearby completely oblivious of the danger.

Having a door certainly spares you of stress about sparks and embers flying out of the fireplace and falling on apparel, furnishings, and other household articles that could easily ignite a catastrophic fire in your home. Kids and pets are an inquisitive lot; having a closed fireplace would also deter them from coming in the proximity of fire and suffer injuries.

Significantly reduce the cost of heating

reduce the cost of heating

Nothing can quite induce a feeling of being warm, fuzzy, and comfortable like an open fireplace in the hearth. The sound of a crackling fire burning from wood is a perfect way to build a soothing atmosphere and make any space appear cozier.

Regrettably, furnaces with open-hearth are notorious for their energy inefficiency too, which leads to the fair amounts of heat getting dissipated during the log burning process. And, if there’s one thing that can help arrest this problem, then that has to be the fireplace doors!

Installing Glass Doors can help bring down you’re heating and air conditioning expenses significantly. Although, having a damper does partially shield your chimney from the rest of the home, however, it cannot prevent the hot or cold air from exiting the place. Similarly, it also lets in warm or cold air from all around, which causes your HVAC system to function further hard to maintain the balance. By installing fireplace doors, you create an additional protective cover between your temperature-controlled air and the outdoor climate. This helps to maintain your house temperature at a steady level, which eventually contributes to energy efficiency, and that ultimately reflects in your electricity bills.

Serves as a home décor element


An out-of-date hearth can be nothing more than an eyesore, particularly if it doesn’t gel well with the rest of your home decor.

Besides, adding fireplace doors also happens to be the easiest means to improve your furnace appearance without investing a fortune to rebuild the whole thing. From futuristic patterns to conventional ones, Glass Doors for the fireplace are nowadays designed in varying styles enabling you to choose one that goes well with your interiors.

You may go for the plain transparent glass, etched, patterned, or even a frosted option to create a distinct look. The fireplace doors are specially built out of tempered glass, primarily because of the unparalleled material strength of the material, which is requisite to withstand high furnace temperatures. In fact, Tempered glass is known to be at least 5 – 7 times sturdier than the conventional options available; It’s 400 degrees F thermic shock rating is powerful enough for its application in glass fireplace shields and doors.

Much easy to keep clean and maintain

Just like any other glass object, the glass doors for fireplaces are super easy to maintain and clean during day-to-day use. Here are a few things that you can do to keep them spick and span.

  • Regular dusting with a soft and clean cloth is enough to remove dirt, soot, and other debris sitting on the door surface.
  • For stubborn stains, you can make use of ‘rubbing alcohol.’ Do not spray it directly on the surface, though. First, apply it on a clean and soft cloth and then use this cloth to remove the blemishes from the affected glass areas.
  • Vinegar and water solution in the ratio of 1:4 is also another powerful cleansing agent to treat the staining issues of fireplace glass doors.
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