5 Superb Benefits of Narrow Lot Homes

Living in narrow lot homes is the future. Building one is faster, easier, greener, and allows for more savings. This is why more and more houses in Australia are now built on narrow lots. They are supremely practical and environment-friendly.

If you’re planning to build a house of your own and you’re still on the fence when it comes to narrow lot homes, this post is perfect for you. It will enlist five superb benefits that you and your family will highly enjoy if you’d opt for a narrow lot home.

Five Superb Benefits That You Will Highly Enjoy If You’d Build a Narrow Lot Home

1-) Narrow lot homes are greener and better for the environment

You will love living in a narrow lot home if you’re after living a green lifestyle. Narrow lot homes are great for the environment because they significantly consume fewer resources across all endpoints. The fewer resources you consume, the more green and environmentally friendly your lifestyle will be.

Narrow lot homes also use fewer materials. This significantly translates to lesser fuel use for supply transport and the decreased need for newly cut trees.

As you will have a narrow space to work with, you will also have lower ‘life cycle’ costs. You won’t need to replace so much through the years if you’d only have a limited number of rooms and furniture. You’d get to live guilt-free and fully green if you’d live in a narrow lot home.

2-) Narrow lot homes have innovative designs

You’d get to be creative and innovative if you’d opt for a narrow lot home. You will get to work closely with your builder and designer to come up with a solid house design and floor plan that allows for more space and convenience for you and your family. Look up designs of narrow lot 2 storey homes in Perth to see just how innovative today’s designs can be.

With a narrow lot home, you can easily have high ceilings. High ceilings allow for more space and more natural light to come in. You’d have more liberty (and fun) when coming up with decors for your home. You can even have floor to ceiling windows. Such a feature will significantly increase the value of your house if you’d consider selling it in the future.

Narrow lot homes have innovative designs

3-) Narrow lot homes are designed to give you more space

The most common misconception with narrow lot homes is that you will have lesser living spaces. This is exactly the opposite. Today’s narrow lot homes are so intelligently designed that they can actually give you more living space and storage. You can even easily design a lot with an indoor/outdoor connection. Such a design is all the rage these days as the pandemic got people craving more and more for outdoor activities. A narrow lot home can be easily landscaped and designed to accommodate outdoor activities.

You get to have more space with narrow lot homes because you get to design intentionally and meaningfully. Since you’d have limited space to work with, you’d truly get to endeavor to maximize and utilize every square foot by integrating strategic designs that allow for expansive living spaces. You can also have a house with multiple stories for more rooms.

4-) Narrow lot homes allow for more savings

This is one of the best perks of narrow lot homes: more savings!

You’d get to have more savings because a narrow lot costs less. Naturally, it also follows that building a narrow lot home will cost you less. It will be more financially sound on your end because you will need significantly fewer supplies and labor. You also won’t need to cover a big area.

As building a narrow lot home will cost you less, you’d have more options on how you want to spend your money. You can even opt to use your savings by building an ultra-luxurious narrow lot home. Since you’d have less to spend on, you can put more budget on buying luxurious fixtures and materials.

You can also simply opt to put your extra money in your savings account. Regardless of your choice, one thing is for sure. You will have more money at your disposal if you’d opt to build a narrow lot home.

5-) Narrow lot homes are easy to maintain

It’s hassle-free to maintain a narrow lot home. With one, you can have full control of your entire space with no fuss. As you don’t have massive areas to cover, cleaning will always be swift and hassle-free.

You will also spend less on utilities because narrow lots use less energy and resources. You’d save so much money for years of living green and environmentally sound on a narrow lot home.

Landscaping will also be manageable and not time-consuming.

Go Narrow

Going small is the way of the future. It is the most environmentally sound and financially sound option for new and old homeowners that want to build sustainable homes. It will give you more liberty to design a space that truly reflects your lifestyle without leaving a dent in your wallet. With a narrow lot home, everything can be customized to your specific liking. Every single design aspect will be meaningful. If you’re after living a green lifestyle and big on saving money and coming up with innovative designs, you should definitely opt for a narrow lot home.


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