Bermuda Grass: Quick Ways To Grow in Your Lawn

We all want the best for our houses. From the interior to the exterior design, we want our homes to be appealing. And not only do we want the glass panels clean, we also like to see our lawns blooming with green. And one of the things that commonly give lawns a green pasture is Bermuda Grass.

If you are looking for solutions for bermuda grass and found yourself wandering at, you should try reconsidering your decision and read this article as you might be making a wrong decision.

What is Bermuda Grass?


To give you a short overview of why you should reconsider your choice, let us know the basic knowledge about them.

Bermuda Grass is a type of tropical grass that commonly grows in warm or hot areas of the globe. It is widely used as turfgrass in lawns and pastures due to its effectiveness against heat. This grass is known for its high-tolerance to heat, drought, and foot traffic. And it has the ability to recover any damages quickly.

It’s color and texture is good enough to make your lawn green and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, the grass can also tolerate cold temperatures, but not that extreme. The grass also has the ability to go dormant once the temperature drops below 15 Celsius.

How To Plant Bermuda Grass?

Unlike other grass and plants, this grass is not picky in terms of soil type, even if it’s salty, and the environment. If you would like to grow this in your lawn, you should consider the number of trees you have. Majority of these grass cannot tolerate shade, but you do not have to worry if you will be growing this in direct sunlight.

The ideal season to grow these grass is during late spring after the threat of cold brought by the winter is dispersed already. The most cost-effective way of growing Bermuda Grass is by using seeds. Here’s the guide in planting it:

  1. By using a rake, loosen up the soil to put your seeds with a good contact directly to the soil.
  2. Optionally apply mild fertilizers as it can boost the growth of the seeds and allow them to have a good start in the ground.
  3. Put the seeds to the loosened soil and by using a rake, tamper the soil back into its place and firm it to make an ideal surrounding for the seed.
  4. Water the seeds 3 to 4 times daily for the soil to keep it moist.
  5. Do not use any straws to keep it safe from erosions, use farmer-recommended protection to ensure the safety and quality of the seed.

How To Take Care of It?

Taking care of bermuda is not that difficult in comparison to the other turfgrass. It is recommended to lightly water them with enough water, not too little and not too much, as the grass starts to establish in your lawn.

It is also recommended to mow it as soon as it grows to about 2 inches or 5 centimeters in length. Mowing it will make the grass stronger and well-spread. And once the spreading of this grass becomes out of control for instance, then there are certain measures to execute.

Once this grass escapes your lawn, it becomes a weed that can be troublesome. To be able to prevent this, it is imperative to avoid discharging near the landscape beds or crossroads. These grass can easily grow roots and become new plants wherever they land.

And in some circumstances, when it goes out of your hand, you should consider reading the article mentioned at the start.


In growing Bermuda Grass, there are things that we should consider. Both the location and season should be taken into account to avoid failing in growing it. And if ever, there are other grasses that can be used for your lawn.

Furthemore, we should always take care of our plants. And as Bermuda Grass is usually perceived as a weed rather than a turfgrass, but as long as you have control over this grass, you have nothing to worry about.

So if you want to have a cost-effective green lawn, you should consider growing bermuda grass.
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