2022 Guide On The Best Cars For Tradies

It’s no newsflash that tradies need the best cars to accommodate their equipment and professional lifestyle. Be it a ute or any other alternative, the vehicle must be safe, reliable, and, more importantly: comfortable for long drives. In addition, it must have enough space to house and handle the weight of everything you may store inside.

2022 has got several new models lined up to cater to the best of the tradies and offer them vehicles that match their requirements. If you’re a tradie looking for the ideal vehicle that suits your profession, you’re in the perfect spot. Welcome to a quick guide discussing five of the most optimal cars tradies can buy in 2022. Buckle up, and let’s start the journey!

1. Isuzu D-Max


Isuzu D-Max is a sensational ute and the most loyal companion for tradies who prefer tough vehicles with a rugged appearance. It has a bold design with some of the most convenient specs to help professionals drive around easily. While the vehicle might not be the best in looks, it makes up for the appearance with its powerful four-cylinder engine, economic mileage, and bulletproof exterior.

D-Max is available in three categories: single-cab, extra cab, and dual cab in 4×2 and 4×4. The classic ute provides super roomy cabin space with exceptionally comfortable front seats. This feature comes in handy when tradies set out for long highway drives across the towns. The best part, the commercial ute offers an ANCAP rating of five stars, signalling its guaranteed safety due to ultra-advanced safety features.

2. Ford Ranger


Ford never disappoints with its practicality and durability. And same’s the case for its 2022 ranger ute. The model is much more advanced than its previous models and comes with a legitimate engine and a wide touchscreen inside. Most tradies prioritize safety ratings for the utmost safety, and it’s relieving that Ford didn’t let out ute enthusiasts in this department either. With an ANCAP rating of five stars, the commercial vehicle promises incredible security and ease for the drivers and other inhabitants.


The best cars ensure versatile use- and you’d be pleased to know that Ford Ranger is as much of a tradie’s devoted ute as it can be a family car. It has comfortable seats and a roomy interior and can carry 6000 kgs (including its own weight and the limit it can tow). That way, you can use the vehicle for commercial and personal purposes both.

3. Toyota Hiace


Hiace by Toyota is an impressive van that offers space, functionality, and robustness. The model is long and wide, offers plenty of room for cargo and people, and has optimal mileage compared to other vans. In addition, Hiace can also work as a family car with its comfortable seating, making it suitable for road trips with family and friends.

The van also has a turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine, promising a sleek ride over several terrains and surfaces. Hiace is available in four and five-door variants and has a five-star ANCAP safety rating with specialized security features. An ideal benefit is its wallet-friendly maintenance, where you need to get it serviced every five or six months.

4. Volkswagen Amarok


The 4×4 legend may seem slightly simplistic at first glance. But make no mistakes, the vehicle is the epitome of reliability, safety, and practicality. The pickup truck has been in the market for more than 60 years, and each new model is a better version equipped with even more appealing specs to attract tradies.


The ute comes with a heavy-duty rail diesel engine, ergonomic space, and sleek speed to breeze past the rockiest of the terrains without much hassle. The bi-turbo engine makes the ute one of the fastest ones among its competitors. Add in the five-star safety rating, and you’ve got a vehicle that’s an intriguing option for tradies with the need for safe speed.

5. Toyota Hilux


As soon as you read “Hilux,” you know it will be one of the top-selling hits because of its signature exterior, deluxe interior, and utmost functionality. The model is available in single and dual cab variants in 4×2 and 4×4. You can also select between petrol and turbo-diesel engines.

Previously, a few tradies might have worried about the underwhelming suspension. However, 2022 offers an excellent upgrade in the department, making the commercial ute carry its prescribed load capacity with much implacable ease.

Final Thoughts

Above we offered five suggestions for tradies. But your task doesn’t end here. Now you need to assess the specs and benefits of every model to check which one seems the best for you. You can read reviews, go for test drives, and study the features each vehicle offers. That’s how you’ll get the vehicle that will ensure the most optimal benefits for your nature of work.

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