What Are The Best Ideas For A Small Modular Kitchen Design?

The small kitchen trend has risen in popularity recently with the advent of smaller apartments/housing. Even though the space is smaller compared to traditional kitchens, you’ll still need to find ways to fit all your equipment for a fully functional kitchen.

In this situation, the small modular kitchen is one of the options you can choose. This type of kitchen is perfect for organizing all your kitchen gadgets, ingredients, and utensils. In this article, you’ll learn more about small modular kitchens and some of the design ideas you could select.

The Small Modular Kitchen

First, let’s start with what a modular kitchen is. Simply put, it means you’re using pre-made parts that you can assemble to your liking. The modular kitchen wonders that you can add or remove modules based on the space you’re working with and the design you want.

Lastly, disassembling the modules is a breeze. So, if you’re planning to bring your kitchen with you once you move to a new place, modular kitchens are undoubtedly your prime choice.

Fully Utilizing Vertical Space

Usually, the spaces above your regular cupboards remain unused because they are hard-to-reach areas. In addition, dirt and dust start to build up in these areas. To alleviate this problem, you’ll need cabinets that reach your ceilings. You’ll be able to store more equipment and ingredients using this method and end up with a cleaner-looking space.

One disadvantage of building your cabinets this way is that your upper cabinet racks are harder to reach. You can solve this by installing a pull-down shelf system. If ever you need to store or get something, you’ll only need to open up the cabinet and pull down the shelf to make it easier to reach. You won’t need a step ladder or stool to access the top cupboard areas.

Handle-less Cabinet Doors

Try incorporating flat-panel cupboard doors to create a modern look for your kitchen. Unlike other handleless cabinets or drawers, these don’t use hidden handles or lips to open them. These doors feature a unique push-to-open mechanism in the hinges, plus a floating magnet to keep the door closed.

The main advantage of this type of cabinet door is an entirely flat kitchen without any handles sticking out, so you won’t catch your clothes or injure yourself in a small kitchen area. Additionally, cleaning these cabinet doors is easy since you won’t have to navigate around handles anymore.

Making Use of Blind Corners

Another challenging space to use in your kitchen is blind corners. These are areas in your kitchen where two cabinets meet and are harder to reach, especially if you have deep cabinets.

Several solutions are available on the market so that you can use this space. For example, you can use a D-shaped carousel. This device allows you to rotate the shelf in and out of the cabinet, storing cookware in the depths of your cupboards while still having quick access.

In addition, the D-shaped carousel won’t affect the external appearance of your cabinets, so you can still keep the main aesthetic of your kitchen intact.

Installing a Rangehood

Ventilation is a factor you shouldn’t neglect in any kitchen, especially in a small area. Heat, steam, and oil splashes are typical in the kitchen, and grime can start building up on your walls and cabinets. Furthermore, odors can accumulate in your kitchen and make cooking a dreaded affair.

Adding an overhead range to your kitchen will solve these problems and give you the benefit of direct overhead lighting on your stove. Also, be sure to install your grease duct access doors and panels in a place that’s easily accessible so you can clean out your grease ducts without too much hassle.

Adding Windows

Lighting should also be plentiful in your small kitchen. A kitchen that doesn’t have much light can make it feel cramped. By installing a window in your kitchen, you have the opportunity to introduce more natural light during the day and make your space look larger than it is. It can even help save on your electricity bill since you won’t have your lights running all day.

What’s more, you can even open up your windows or add window vent fans to increase the ventilation in your kitchen.

Small Doesn’t Mean Limited

Just because you’re working with a smaller area for your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to get rid of many amenities. It only means that you must be smart with your cabinetry and design choices to optimize your kitchen fully.

With meticulous planning and the right equipment, you can make your small modular kitchen as functional as a regular-sized one any day. 

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