Best Road Trips in Wales

Best Road Trips

Have you ever heard the saying “the best things in life are free”? It’s quite difficult to believe sometimes, isn’t it? Although, if you could see some of the most breathtaking scenes, or visit some of the most spectacular places that Wales has to offer, you might change your mind. Take a look at some of the best road trips in the country and prepare yourself for a journey that you will never forget!

Brecon Beacons

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The Brecon Beacons is classed as one of the most popular places for tourists in Wales, offering stunning views from the highest peaks and natural low-level features too. For those who are planning a road trip in Wales, you might want to consider parking up and putting your hiking boots on to explore this magnificent area. With streams, falls and surrounding woodland area, the Beacons make the most ideal family day out – you can even make a day out of discovering the depths of the hidden caves and go for a relaxing beverage afterwards. The Brecon Beacons offers a generous number of family-friendly and fun-filled activities for all to enjoy, making it the number one road trip in Wales!

Snowdonia Circle

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The Snowdonia circle is considered to be one of many renowned road trips in Wales, yet most people are put-off as soon as they hear the word “mountain” as they assume they will have to climb to the top and back again. There really is more to Snowdonia than what meets the eye! Apart from being classified as the highest mountainous area in Wales, there are other elements that make Snowdonia such a spectacular place to spend your time. Of course, there’s the choice of either climbing to the top yourself – what an incredible achievement! Or, you can simply enjoy a peaceful and mesmerising train ride all the way to the highest peak of mount Snowdon. Unlike many other mountainous areas, Snowdonia offers breath-taking views of the calm water lakes between each of its peaks, as well as the snow-covered summits too – and is mostly cost-free of course!

Devil’s Bridge Falls

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The Devil’s Bridge Falls in Wales is an ultimate must-see for those who really appreciate nature at its finest form and don’t mind the travelling. Here you can explore the surrounding woodland area, and become more familiar with what nature is really capable of. The Devil’s Bridge Falls is a rather peculiar, but beautiful place to visit on your road trip in Wales and is much better than that gloomy-looking beachfront picnic afternoon you probably had planned – there are plenty of places to stay and have some lunch at Devils Bridge Falls, sheltered by the overlaying woodland area, you’ll find it rather relaxing to say the least!

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