The Best Scents For A Relaxing Evening At Home

More than ever before it’s important to relax at home. We live in a world full of stress and anxiety, and over the last few years more and more of us have suffered because of that.

It’s driven more people onto medication to try and improve their mental health, while more and more people are battling the likes of addiction, seeking out private alcohol or drug rehab treatment in order to go sober and get their life back on track.

As any private rehab center will tell you though, the key to positive mental health, the key to recovery in all forms of mental health condition, is to reduce stress, increase calm, and create a relaxing environment where you can.

That, of course, all starts at home.

There are many ways you can improve relaxation in the home, but one of the best ways is through the senses, and smell is a great one for that. We all know how candles, diffusers and other smellies can heighten calm in our living rooms and relaxation spaces, but what are the best scents to do that?

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The smell of rosemary wafting out of the kitchen always provides a calm and pleasant aroma, and it’s also a great scent to purchase in a candle too. You’ll find many rosemary-scented candles available and it offers both relaxing and energizing effects, perfect for reducing stress while working from home or beginning some form of project.


It’s the classic. Lavender is perhaps the most popular scent when it comes to relaxing, and it’s a great scent to drift off and fall asleep to. It’s ideal for releasing tension and reducing the number of thoughts rattling around your mind.

Release some lavender into the room after a hard day at work, and you’ll be forgetting about what’s gone before in no time at all.


Jasmine offers a rich floral scent that is well known for its calming atmosphere. Perfect for when tired and stressed, it’s great in bath products, or dotting some candles around the bathroom and enjoying a nice, hot bath with.

It’ll quickly ease any tension you have, and is so, so relaxing.

Sea Breeze

There are few things as calming as the ocean and the natural tranquility of the seaside is captured in many sea breeze-scented products. It’s incredibly calming and the smell of a sea breeze candle drifting across a room can almost transport you to being sat on a pebbly beach with the sound of the ocean rolling in. Perfection.

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