Blinds vs. Curtains: Which Style Should You Choose?

Having old windows can cause you to lose heat and increase your heating bill over time. Many are choosing energy-efficient windows, curtains, or blinds to reduce this effect.

If you’re someone who is considering upgrading your windows with blinds or curtains instead, you might wonder which to choose. While the age-old debate of blinds vs. curtains can seem tough, there’s hope.

This article will go over different tips and actions that you can follow to have the most stylish look for your home. Read on to explore these tips and tricks in order to find the perfect look for your windows.

What’s Less Expensive?

When you’re looking into interior window treatments, you might come across the fact that most blinds are less expensive than curtains.

Blinds also take less time to install and manufacture. Consider plastic blinds for an even more cost-effective option. If you choose vinyl blinds, that’ll increase the price.

Curtains cost more since they take more time to make, and they require more material. In order to reduce the cost of curtains, consider cotton curtains instead of silk or linen.

Curtains vs. Blinds

When comparing curtain vs blinds, you’ll notice that blinds are made from solid materials such as plastic, vinyl, metal, and wood. You can also lower or raise them to let in or block light.

Curtains can provide some light-blocking options. They’re more for a decorative look due to their fabric.

More About Blinds

Another benefit of blinds is that they’re easy to repair. Aluminum and faux wood blinds can be maintained and cleaned. They’re less likely to become faded or stained compared to other options.

You can also choose to replace or glue broken slats. This is due to blinds being individual slats.

More About Curtains

Whether you have blinds or not, you can add curtains to the overall look. Choosing curtains over your shades or blinds will help protect and make them last longer.

You’ll find that you need to clean your shades or blinds less often. This is because curtains attract dust. If you need to clean them, you can slide them off the rod and shake them off outside.

Many also choose them as an accent or complement to their shades or blinds. They’re a great way to add an extra layer of color to a room or create color contrasts.

The Advantages of Curtains

You can use your curtains for privacy in the different areas of your home. You have the option to draw the curtains without allowing people outside to take a look.

You also have plenty of options when it comes to different styles of curtains. The options can include different colors, patterns, fabrics, etc.

Consider layering curtains with a sheer option underneath. You can also find an option for every type of window, unlike some window treatment options.

Curtains can do a better job at retaining heat than blinds which means a lower heating bill. Curtains can also decrease noise, unlike blinds.

If you’re looking for curtains with the best heat retention, choose a heavier fabric option. This makes it harder for air to pass through.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to close your curtains to receive this benefit. It also works for reducing the heat in the summer as well.

The Advantages of Blinds

One of the main benefits of blinds is that they’re easy to clean. In order to clean blinds, use a duster to get between each section. Hunter Douglas makes a vertical blinds too. Those are even easier to clean because you can move each piece individually.

Curtains can move and settle over time, whereas blinds don’t. They can cover your entire window.

You can also choose how much natural light to let in by choosing how much to open or close them. Blinds offer a variety of patterns and colors as well.

Which Should I Choose?

Choose curtains when you’re looking to add a softer look to a room. Blinds have more of a rigid look.

Blinds are also a good option for smaller rooms that don’t have much space. This is because they take up less space than curtains do.

For more privacy during the day, choose blinds. Venetian blinds are a great option for daytime privacy. They can also be adjusted where you can still have light coming into the room.

In order to have a dark room, you can choose either blinds or curtains. Blackout options are a way to achieve this look.

For unobstructed views, choose blinds. They can be rolled all the way up in order to enjoy the view. Whereas, curtains can only be pushed to the side.

Hanging Curtains and Blinds

Whether you’re hanging blinds or curtains, you want to hang your blinds or current rod 6 inches higher than the window frame.

This will give the look of a tall window. For the width, consider having them about 6-12 inches out on both sides.

Choose curtains that hang an inch above the ground. For your blinds, you can choose an outside mount.

This is where the blinds cover the mounts and window trim. Consider custom-made blinds for the perfect fit. You can choose blinds to go underneath your curtains for extra light and privacy control.

Choosing Between Blinds vs. Curtains

If you’re choosing between blinds and curtains, you might also want to consider installing plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are a mid-range window treatment option that combines the functionality of blinds with the sophistication of curtains for a more luxurious look. You can get a sneak peak on luxury designs on My Direct Blinds.

Now that you’ve explored more about whether to choose between blinds vs. curtains, you should have a better idea of which is right for you.

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